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Great hike

17 hours ago

We caught the trailhead in Breckenridge and hiked in about 3.8 miles before turning around. Round trip (7.6 miles) took us 3 hours. It was not difficult and there weren’t many people which was fantastic. Most of the snow was melted - but there were a few patches here and there. Loved how the stream crossed the trail in numerous places. Only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 was because there weren’t a lot views - it was mostly forest. But still gorgeous!

Great hike! Beautiful scenery throughout the journey. Took about 2 hours to get to the falls and an hour on the return. Some steep sections which definitely justify the moderate rating. Two creek crossings which soaked some shoes but well worth it.

22 hours ago

Ran part of this trail out and back. Rocky/beautiful/steep in places....as a flat lander it was a push to get the run in...lots of huffin and puffin but very glad to have spent some time on the Peaks!

1 day ago

Great trail; challenging start and finish. Memorial Day weekend, small pockets of snow still - nothing on the trail. Fun to see the creek, river, and falls with all that run off - made them super cold and running hard. Would hike this again, would start early, exposed areas in the sun get hot at mid day/

1 day ago

Amazing hike! It is a challenge for those who are not experienced hikers or for those who are not from the area and not used to the altitude. Best advice is to pace yourself and take breaks when needed. After all, hiking is about enjoying the climb to the top as well, not a race to finish first! It does get quite crowded as the day goes on, so the earlier you arrive the better. Good hiking shoes are also recommended.

Conditions were perfect on 5/5/18. Little bit of mud about 4/5 of the way up but it was no issue. Our friend from NZ loved it!

Worth the drive and parking issue. Trail in good condition for the amount of traffic. Kid friendly. Not really a moderate hike, but still a good pump. Beautiful lake and falls!!!!

1 day ago

One of my favorite Vail hikes. Went May 20 and the snow was gone, except for a few patches very easy to get around. The water was gushing because of the snow melt, so it was gorgeous to see the falls so active. The aspens are blooming and the green is coming through. Once the remaining greenery comes through, parts of the hike make you feel like you're in the Sound of Music. :)

Gorgeous!!!! Truly amazing! Take the extra time to go to the waterfalls and get there early! I found this hike to be more easy/moderate. But I also hike a lot.

Amazing hike and well worth the view. Make sure to go to spouting rock after the lake, it’s only a few minutes farther and has a nice waterfall!

2 days ago

Nice steady elevation gain. Beautiful scenery. I would definitely hike it again.

3 days ago

The trail started just outside of our resort in Breckenridge. Great trail in mid-Spring with some snow and great views. Hopped the free bus back to Breck and the hotel. Looking forward to the next trip!

If you take the Ten Mile Peak trail towards town (just past Rainbow Lake), it will cut off a little time.

Coming from the Crested Butte side, things to know in mid-May: There is a gate three miles prior to the trailhead in which only locals can pass. The gate opens for a short 30 minute window each day if you’re lucky. Bring snow shoes, there is snow 3 miles up from the trailhead which gets as deep as five feet. If not, prepare for miles of postholing which will really slow you down. There are five water crossings. Two have downed logs to carefully walk across. The other 3 will get you wet below the knees. Once you’re above tree line, the snow covers most of the trail, making it slippery and slow moving. Don’t forget your permit, bear spray, and bear box as they are required.

5 days ago

Had a great time on this trail, totally saved our weekend! After being rained/hailed/thunderstormed out at our Plan A close to home, we decided to backpack further away where the weather would be warmer. Initially planned to backpack at the Grizzly Creek Trail but despite the 'backpacking' tag on AllTrails, the sign at the trailhead said no camping. A quick search of the forest service website listed No Name trail as a backpacking area, so we drove a couple miles down Glenwood Canyon and started hiking.

Not a lot of great flat spots for tents along this trail, but we did find a few basic campsites capable of supporting our two tent four person group. We camped about 4 miles in (after the bridge, up the hill a ways). On a beautiful 70 degree weekend, we saw less than 10 people the entire time despite being close enough to hear and see the trail. The trail is always close to the river so water filtering was always a quick walk away. Also dogs are allowed on leash which made our pup a very happy camper! Plan C worked out great!

great trail

5 days ago

Parking is a bit tight at the trailhead at the bottom of the trail. Google maps was trying to take me about 1/4 mile down the road where there is a little more parking but not a lot. The trail is well defined, smooth in some parts while rocky and steeper in others. There is one easy stream crossing. A few small snow patches were still along the way. They were small enough to go over or around without any problems. There are plenty of areas in the shade for rest stops.

6 days ago

seemed harder than moderate rating, but we're not experienced hikers. well worth the effort though.

great waterfalls, definitely go to spouting rock after the lake!!!

Steep hike but well worth the effort put in! The lake up top is stunning and peaceful. I would definitely take the extra few steps further up to see sprouting rock falls. Beautiful waterfall which you are able to walk behind. My friend and I were driving back from Moab, Utah to Denver and decided to stop and do this hike. Took us about 2.5 hours round trip. Wear good hiking shoes as you’ll be climbing over rock the majority of the time. Have fun!

Steep hike, lots of fun! Would do it again

One of my oldest friends and I did this hike last Monday (5/14). We drove all the way from Denver, leaving around 5 am and arriving at the trailhead at 8 am. It took us about two hours to complete the hike, and let me tell you, it was worth the drive!

With beautiful cascading waterfalls the entire way up to the lake, this is one of the most majestic hikes I have been on. It is pretty much straight uphill after you leave the pavement. And although it is a relatively short hike, the 1200 feet of elevation gain over 1.4 miles made me break a sweat.

The lake itself is magnificent. I wish we would have been there a few hours later when the sunlight could illuminate the brilliantly bright emerald rocks reflecting through the pool, but then the crowds would have been overwhelming.

I think we actually enjoyed Spouting Rock more than the lake itself, as you can go directly behind/beneath it with the three waterfalls cascading down upon you.

Overall this was a magnificent hike that I would love to revisit! As with all SUPER popular hikes in Colorado, it's important to start early if you want to avoid crowds and ensure a spot in the small parking lot below.


Wow - what an incredible hike! My only complaint would be that this trail gets very crowded, so if you’re in search of seclusion, you’ll want to look elsewhere. Otherwise, it’s worth the hype! The hike up to the lake is steep but manageable and follows along a stream the whole way. The trail is very well maintained and easy to follow. Once up top, you’re rewarded with a truly unique view. The water cascading into the turquoise hued lake almost makes you forget about the stunning canyon view below. Make sure to continue the short distance past the lake to check out Spouting Rock, a larger waterfall that spouts directly from a cliff face. Even better, you can walk behind the falls to cool off and enjoy the view.

12 days ago

The rushing river is nice, as are some of the mountain views on either side of the canyon. That said, be FOREWARNED, the All Trail stats are appear to only cover the distance between the trail head and the bridge. Per the US Forest Service, the trail itself is actually 7.6 miles one way with a 5,000 ft elevation gain. I, unfortunately, learned this the hard way and only looked up the US Forest Service states after being befuddled on how a 6.7 mile hike could have taken me over five hours and left me so exhausted. Here is a more accurate summary of the trail.


Finally, if you are going to go past the bridge, a pair of long pants are advisable a the path is a bit overgrown in spots

Amazing trail. Nice and steep with a lot of rocky terrain. The waterfalls and the lake were beautiful and well worth the hike. The trail is very well kept up with. I only had to carry out one piece of trash. Highly recommend this trail!!

Beautiful hike first thing in the morning, the trail gets really crowded after 8 AM. If you want a super amazing hike try and get there before sunrise. It’s a great work out first thing in the morning. You have about 1100 feet elevation gain in 1.3 miles. If you want to be one with nature, this is it. The beautiful sounds of the waterfalls throughout the entire hike and mother nature did not disappoint when she made this lake. It is absolutely stunning. Enjoy!

13 days ago

Great hike. Near the falls there is some snow to navigate through, which was the most difficult part of the hike. Our 6yo hiked with us as well.

Conditions report as of 5/13: Snowshoes highly recommended. The last 2.5 miles (starting at the pond) is waist deep snow. We did it without snowshoes, but we were post holing a whole lot. Most people without snowshoes gave up and camped in the snow, whereas most people with snowshoes made it all the way to the springs. Campsites are covered in snow, but there are plenty of grass patches if you want to set up camp wherever is convenient.

13 days ago

Great hike, saw lots of Bighorn Sheep. The trail was mostly clear of snow, a little slippery in parts.

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