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off road driving
4 days ago

Amazing views! First time driving this road. Made the whole trek from Breck to Como. Was a bit worried at first as my SUV is only front wheel drive but it handled the snow (couple of inches) and mud without a problem. Next time I make the trip, I think I’ll start the trip at Como to be able to take in the sunset behind Breck and have dinner and drinks in town when it’s over.

4 days ago

The beginning of this trail was heavily logged, very few trees standing. There were a couple scenic segments and good views of the Breckenridge Ski area much of the way. This was a day hike for us. Only moderately enjoyable.

Excellent hike with the dogs and amazing colors late september/early october. The trail is actually 4.2 miles (one way). Not sure why AllTrails says it it so much less. Definitely at least continue hiking out of the creek canyon of the first 2.5miles to the top of the saddle. Excellent views. It is a steep continuous climb for the first 2 1/4 miles. probably not a good trail for beginner hikers or tourists not accustomed to the altitude.

great trail. went in October. there was snow but it was well packed down by hikers. not to hard be ready to climb up hill.

Went leaf peeping with my fiancée and 2 year old son, we did the 3.5 mile hike down from the lake. Perfect day to see the top of the Bells from where the shuttle drops you off. We were maybe a week too late for the best leaf colors but the aspens were still a stunning golden color. First part of the hike had a lot of rock slides so it took our kiddo forever to navigate but we were in no rush and enjoyed the different scenery along the way. (He finally had enough scrambling and let us pack him in the Kelty, we made great time from there...) Muddy from moisture that morning and horse droppings along the way but no complaints here. You can choose to turn around to hike back up or just meet up with the road at the end of the 3.5 miles and the shuttle will stop for you and take you back to the parking lot. We will be doing the more difficult hikes next year when our son can handle it better. Five stars no doubt.

Breck trailhead just past peak 7 base. Easy hike with little elevation through beautiful forests

Great trail, but our tracker came up with 13 miles. probably better to go from copper to gold Hill. Slightly less strainuous.

12 days ago

For a guy from Kansas this was a great first trail.

off road driving
14 days ago

This was a great trail overall. We took it from Crested Butte over to Aspen. It had just rained and had mud puddles everywhere. The SW side of the pass on the CB side is beautiful with lots of wildlife. At the summit coming down towards Aspen, it gets rocky. There are a few obstacles, but it was easy. It took a while to do the whole trail. I will go back.

2015 JKUR lifted and with the right stuff

on Thomas Lakes Trail

15 days ago

Nice drive to the trail head, great scenery all the way through.
trail is nice but gets a lil difficult in certain areas...(inclines) but if u tread through and make it to the top it is exactly what u expect pure awesomeness.... Enjoyed every min of the 2.5 hr trex up.

Cool trail, was a nice little getaway off the road. Not too rocky, and goes up but we had to stop due to signs saying private property. Would’ve loved to keep going. We had a stock Jeep Wrangler and made it up pretty far.

Nice trail. Active service road. A bit of a nuisance to have pickups coming by while on the trail.

20 days ago

It was a very pretty trail, great views of Sopris and the surrounding mountains! It was also very steep, and much longer than 2.9 miles. My dad had a hard time keeping up! We also didn't quite find the end, but it was very beautiful! We also brought the dog, he loved the creek!

20 days ago

Amazing views

The ride up was spectacular!

Wanted to see some Aspens. There were none.

Easy hike close to Breckinridge. Great view of the ski area in the distance. The abandoned mines along the trail make it more interesting than just a regular hillside hike. There are additional trails branching off if you want to go longer.

25 days ago

About a mile in, we chose the right hand trail that is closer to the stream. This portion of the trail is not maintained at all and is barely visible. We had at least 30 downed trees to climb over or under. My only real complain was getting shredded by raspberry bushes. Thankfully we had our trusty all trail map to make sure we were still on the trail or so we would have been very confused. The family ahead of us took same route and were very unhappy.

26 days ago

Great hike! Thought it was rated easy though. Whew!

road biking
26 days ago

Great ride with beautiful views! Went clockwise on trail which has you coming down the long hill on highway instead of going up. Free parking at Marina or a trailhead behind Holiday Inn.

27 days ago

What a pleasant surprise. This trail begins as a rocky road with mtn bikers. It wasn't terribly exciting and the fall colors were limited. Then at the junction, the aspens improved. Many people were confused by the number of lakes, first lake on right is more like a large pond, then second lake on right is nice by the best views are at the third lake where no one went!! We had it to ourselves except for the SALAMANDERS. So Cool! Pics and details here: https://etbtravelphotography.com/2018/09/20/road-trip-to-the-rockies-a-weekend-in-aspen/

29 days ago

Pretty fun! Ride it up the road first so you can coast all the way across! Really quick ride!

on Bald Mountain Trail

30 days ago

I drove my rental AWD about 0.8 miles up the dirt road, until it got steep and I saw a place to park off-road. Most AWD should be able to reach the third hairpin curve (goes left) counting the first at the mill. There's room for a few cars there, and some deep ruts after that. Being a road, the hiking is never really steep. As a 69-yr-old flatlander, I only reached the gate at 12,752 and returned, but the trail continues much higher up the significant mountain. Saw 1 other hiker, 5 bikers, and 6 vehicles on the road. Good views, but not super.

Excellent trail. Hiked from Breckenridge to Frisco, had lunch on Main Street in Frisco and took the free shuttle back to Breckenridge. We did need to keep an eye out for bikers - many out on the trail. Some confusion about the distance. Alltrails notes 7.8 miles, trail head signs post as 8 miles, signs on the trail indicate 10 miles, and we measured 10 miles TH to TH.

Easy drive and beautiful views. I haven't seen any reviews mentioning the NARROW ROAD. So be aware the road is very narrow in some areas with room for only one vehicle at a time and not a lot of space to pull off. Because we were unaware of the narrowness of it we drove up in our Raptor which is WIDE. Not very many courteous people drive through there and most don't have road etiquette and didn't even attempt to make room even though WE were on the cliff side. Other than that the ride was beautiful and we saw the beautiful Fall Aspens.

1 month ago

This was a lovely hike with gorgeous fall colors, relatively mellow slope with gorgeous views.

From Breckenridge to Frisco this is an easy trail, very little uphill, about 1/2 downhill. Streams and aqueduct along 1/2 of the hike in different spots, so excellent for dogs. Footing can be dicey, many rocks, short stumps and exposed roots to bang up toes or trip. Trail is used a lot by Mountain bikers who fly down the downhill portion where possible. Hike is shaded much of the time, scenic and not at all strenuous, would consider it a moderate hike from Frisco to Breckenridge due to the climb.

on Boreas Pass Road

scenic driving
1 month ago

I usually drive this road several times a year, but Autumn eye-candy is always the best. Heads-up folks - the conditions in the high country are soo dry that with everyone on the road, kicking up dust, visibility was extremely poor. There were many sections were I couldn't even take a pic because of how thick the dust was. My advice, go really early in the morning. Even later in the evening is busy.

Great peaceful trail. Good cool down trail after Mt. Elbert.

Beautiful trail with breath taking views. Lots of color. The views from the meadow at the top were spectacular. Not very difficult at all. Nice, well marked trail. One of our favorites because of the views at the top.

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