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off road driving
12 hours ago

The scenery was very good and it’s always fun to be on the divide. The drive from Breckenridge was quick and the road is well maintained. Went up in in the Land Rover but could have made it with the Subaru. It was 90 degrees in Denver and a nice cool 65 degrees at the pass. If you’re looking for an off-road adventure this is not it, but if you want some spectacular views then do it. Will go again.

Attempted, but got blocked by Snow about 3/4 of a mile up. Saving for later in the season. Cool abandoned cabins along the stretch.

off road driving
1 day ago

Took the ATV to this area over the weekend. It was the perfect area for any offroad vehicle! However, there were 2 areas shortly after the gate where large rocks (about 1.5-2 ft in diameter fell on the center of the trail. We were able to sneak by on the ATV, but a regular sized vehicle would not be able to get past due to the narrowness around the rocks. Lots of trails in the area that we were able to explore. Wearymann Trail (which we orginally came to do) was completely overrun with a downhill stream. We took the ATV through the water (which was about 4 inches deep) to the first stream crossing (which was about 6-8 inches deep). We turned around because the water that overran the trail only looked to be getting deeper. Most of the trails in the area had snow remaining on them (between 30% coverage to 100% covered in snow). Will wait a little longer for the stream to die down and more snow to melt and then come back. :)

2 days ago

The trail started just outside of our resort in Breckenridge. Great trail in mid-Spring with some snow and great views. Hopped the free bus back to Breck and the hotel. Looking forward to the next trip!

If you take the Ten Mile Peak trail towards town (just past Rainbow Lake), it will cut off a little time.

2 days ago

23rd May - quite busy at the bottom half of the trail, no one to be seen after Ute Rock Overlook. There is still a fair amount of ice at the top of the mountain but I managed with hiking boots. Check to see if the Gondolas are running if that’s how you plan to get back down, they weren’t today ;)

This is a Very Hard, Very Rewarding hike-climb-scramble.

Be prepared for a very long day and a pre-dawn start if the weather is risky—-which it always is in the Rockies, right.

You will definitely want a walking stick or two mainly to help your knees on the return. A whole lot of descending and this can play havoc on the knees-quads-patellofemoral joint.

It is definitely one that I’d repeat.

7 days ago

Went up on a Mother's Day hike to the Crystal Mill taking the low road in. I let the ladies return the same way, but I completed the Lead King Loop which goes up this road. Above 10,500ft things were still pretty snow-covered. Not impossible without, but wished I had brought my snowshoes. Feet got really wet, glad I brought extra pairs of socks.

The road was completely obscured by snow near the top, so I got a little lost and followed the Silver Creek watershed too far up, had to backtrack. Wasn't too hard.

Many creek crossings, maybe 6-7. I did see fresh bear tracks in the snow and mud about 1.5 miles up into Lead King Basin from the town of Crystal.

All in all, a beautiful hike despite the challenges and discomforts of the early springtime.

7 days ago

Favorite of all time!!

Awesome hike to the old mining camp! Snow past there is very deep so we stoped at the buildings. By far my favorite hike. Awesome picture opportunities at the camp! Did it with just hiking boots

Trail is hard packed until the cluster of mining buildings. With an 8am start, we made it to a mile past the mining buildings through the open field before the snow started to melt and we had persistent problems with postholing without snowshoes. The snow is still waist-deep in that field. Get an earlier start if possible if you want to descend before the snow changes. Lots of backcountry skiers on the trail.

road to the trailhead was closed on May 12, 2018

13 days ago

It’s a beautiful trail. We did not make it to the end because there was a lot of snow. Thigh high in places. The runoff was strong and the creek was flowing full force. Made for interesting and wet crossings. We will be back in September.

Great views, but a bit too snowy still too go much farther than 2.5 mile mark. We spent the better part of 90 min post holing. I'll definitely go back in a few weeks to complete this trip!

15 days ago

Really fun, moderate trail. I went Frisco to Breck. It was a modest gain and definitely doable. As of today, the trail is 80% snow covered. The snow is packed pretty good through the center of the trail, so no snowshoes or yak tracks needed. I brought both with me and didn’t end up using them. You can definitely knock it out with a set of hiking sticks. You’re gonna post hole a couple dozen times, so expect your shoes to get wet. From TH to TH, just under 8 Miles. The snow is gonna slow you down a bit, so plan accordingly. Overall, it was a great hike!! Definitely will do again.

24 days ago

I like this trail as it’s close to home and still a bit of a challenge. The first mile or so is the most difficult on the rocky hillside. I’ve never seen too many people here but it is trafficked in the summer months. Takes you through different terrain. You basically go from desert to forest to meadow. I have taken the trail to the old cabin but the trail is not well marked and it’s hard to tell if you’re on public or private property. I take my dog and she loves it. Pack a snack and have rest in the shade. Just did this hike and the snow has cleared.

27 days ago

Beautiful trail. Much less crowded than Hanging Lake.

This trail actually came out to be closer to 4ish miles and the elevation gain was really not bad! The trail to the cabins/ruins is packed, you could probably even get by without added traction but it did help me (microspikes)! After the cabins I'd recommend snowshoes/skis as it's not packed, I tried to get up to the mining stuff and post-holed the whole time so I turned around. Beautiful views of the mountains both in front and behind, a really good sized parking lot (it does come up on you kind of fast so be prepared!) with no facilities but definitely a great hike! I'd love to see it in summer with no snow too!

1 month ago

Easy to access off I70.

Snowshoed. Very different experience in summer.

The trail up Shrine Pass Road was easy to follow. There were very few hikers. Once you pass the Shrine Mountain Inn huts there is not a defined trail. There are lots of snowmobile tracks, but no defined snowshoe route. You will want your gps to follow a route. We bushwhacked as best we could through the trees and up the final slope. The final slope is very steep. I loved it, but some in our group weren't ready for anything that strenuous.

The snow is starting to crack on some slopes and may give soon. Pick your route carefully.

The snow was passable, but the hot sun made it very soupy by the end of the day. It was miserable on the way down. You will need snow shoes. One of my compatriots took his off because the snow was sticking to his snowshoes pretty badly. He couldn't make it 100 yards without severe post holing.

I think this was my last snowshoe excursion for the year. The snow is not a lot of fun to be in these days.

Great views at the top.

Absolutely beautiful trail!! It was hard packed - we did it with yak trax and had no issues. Stunning views the entire time!

Fairly moderate trail. Does get difficult at times. Stunning scenery all the way to the lake.

One of the most beautiful hikes in the Aspen area.....it’s the perfect trail that starts with a climb through the forest, than turns into a single track that slowly rises through a picture perfect meadow. A small stream crossing and a very pretty water fall. All followed up with a very steep climb through the alpine tundra.... this hike for us was both physically and mentally challenging. Pack water water water-bring salty snacks and sweets.... to keep your self fueled. We started around 10:30 and there were only 4 other cars there. We ended up being the last ones to hike out.....even though we left Grizzly Lake before some fishermen but they passed us on the way down. Kinda left me feeling weary.... I can’t recall being so isolated on a trail before... I would have felt better had I seen a trail box to sign in before the start of our hike. (Hiked mid August 2017)

1 month ago

Very difficult back quarter of the trail was hard to follow disappearing in some spots but it was still a stunning hike.

Hiked the mostly packed trail today with just boots. Was able to make it to the cabins with relative ease. The snow is less packed the farther up you go, but still a nice and easy hike with amazing views. Loved it! It says 6.1 miles but with only boots we could really only make it about 4.

What a gorgeous hike! Went up on 4/15 and the snow is well packed the whole way to the valley and did not need snowshoes. A little post-holing up by the mining cabins if you get off the path but not bad at all. Nice, easy hike with spectacular views.

Love this app!!! Just what I was looking for!

Did this 4/11 with microspikes and poles with no issue-trail was pretty packed. Saw multiple people skiing. Beautiful views, plenty of parking, fun day!

This trail was a great trail and pretty easy! Only a small incline which was nice because you were not slipping on the snow. The snow was packed down and I did not sink at all. I highly recommend if you want an easier hike and do not want to snowshoe!

1 month ago

I really enjoyed this trail! Not difficult at all and neat to see the mine and view at the top. I could be a little biased because I got engaged here :)

1 month ago

Beautiful views the entire way up. Pretty snowy starting about 1.5 miles in - got by with YakTracks but could have used snowshoes in parts.

Absolutely beautiful hike.
Gets more difficult the higher you go.
We went this weekend and had two trees crossed over the path to climb over. Stunning views and creek.

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