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With 12 ski areas, 10 mountain peaks over 14,000 feet, 2,500 miles of trails, eight Wilderness areas, 1,900 miles of forest roads, and 2.3 million acres of nature, it is easy to see why White River National Forest is the most visited forest in the United States. Visitors to these Colorado public lands can see Dillon, Ruedi, Homestake, and Green Mountain reservoirs, check out the ski resorts, hit up the hiking trails up one of the 14ers (Castle Peak, Grays Peak, Torreys Peak, Capitol Peak, Maroon Peak, Snowmass Mountain, Pyramid Pea, Mount of the Holy Cross) many of which are in the famous Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness, check out the White River, and look out for elk, mountain goats, bobcat, and lots of other wildlife in the Rocky Mountains. Hanging Lake is another enormously popular attraction in the forest. This forest makes a great trip from Central Colorado cities like Vail, Aspen, or Glenwood Springs.

Easy drive and beautiful views. I haven't seen any reviews mentioning the NARROW ROAD. So be aware the road is very narrow in some areas with room for only one vehicle at a time and not a lot of space to pull off. Because we were unaware of the narrowness of it we drove up in our Raptor which is WIDE. Not very many courteous people drive through there and most don't have road etiquette and didn't even attempt to make room even though WE were on the cliff side. Other than that the ride was beautiful and we saw the beautiful Fall Aspens.

15 hours ago

Great trail. The first part was an old 4-wheel trail, so I was a little disappointed. But keep pushing on, and it's a fun hike through trees, over rocks, and just a bit challenging. We made it to the second lake, and my husband made it to the third. Didn't see any goats today, but there's always next time. Colors were beautiful today.

15 hours ago

Always a beautiful hike! The views at the top are amazing, why we love living in Colorado. Moderate climb, and worth doing many times.

off road driving
15 hours ago

We did this in a stock Rubicon. This was a very easy dirt road on the lower portion, and got a bit more challenging on the upper third of the trail, with tight switchbacks. Longer vehicles will be challenged. The views were a amazing! We will be doing this again!

17 hours ago

This was an absolutely amazing hike. The leaves are changing so beautifully which made it so much more magical! It’s labeled as difficult but I would say it’s a medium-hard hike. There are some steep parts but for the most part it’s just an uphill climb with a great reward at the end! Very clean trail, but very well trafficked. I recommend getting to the trail before 8 am (or even earlier). We arrived at 8:40 am and were really glad we came early because the hike back was pretty busy. Also, only park in designated parking spots because you WILL get a ticket if you’re parked on the side or the road. Overall, despite it being a busy trail, it’s probably one of my favorite hikes! Enjoy!

The beginning was quite steep. It did level out some. To do the 3.9 mile hike you need to turn around at the point where you hit the cross of another trail. I did not see a bench. The views were beautiful with the fall leaves.

Great trail. Excellent views. Lakes are amazing. Lots of mountain goats!

1 day ago

Great hike, highly recommend

on Mount Sopris Trail

1 day ago

Pretty challenging. Super windy and the sun was strong. Bring a wide-brim hat, sunscreen, and stuff for your lips so they don't get cracked. Beautiful!

off road driving
1 day ago

Excellent trail. A little scary going down the back of Webster pass (on your way to the start of Red Cone) as if gets a little narrow in one specific spot but other then that it was an excellent trail with some great fall colors!
We did air down which made the ride a lot smoother and a little easier in the narrower spots. Also, the water in the river was low at the beginning of the trail.
Wasn’t too crowed when we went on Saturday . I love this trail!

First fourteener! Did this a week ago on a Saturday. Got there at 7:30. Plenty of parking. Consistent people brought it the whole hike. Some brought dogs. Be smart, don’t take a dog here that can’t handle it. Same thing for kids. From the saddle up to the top we were stuck by a group with a young child who was crying that she didn’t want to go any further. The mother literally had to pick the kid up and carry her for a few sections. Be a better parent. Don’t subject your kid or others to this.

That said, the views were outstanding, and there are many places in nearby Breckenridge for the requisite beer after. I would definitely go back.

The trail is (very) narrow (in some parts), the distance hiked is 6300 feet one way. With an elevation gain of 1000 feet, it puts the average grade (incline) at 16%. Due to the volume of people (500 an hour, on the trail) You'll be pulling over a lot to give others the right of way, or they'll be doing the same.

This hike consists of a trail, with a creek rushing down the mountainside. 7 Small bridges will help you zigzag your way to the top, and although the distance is short (1.2 miles) to the top, the grade makes the hike a challenge. With large rock steps, loose dirt and pebbles. It should take about an hour or two to the top, and your descent will be twice as fast. Take time to enjoy the scenery, it's not a race. Don't kid yourself, take enough water as the natural water isn't pure, bacteria thrives in it.

Many people take an extended break at the top. The water is crystal clear, but not safe to drink. The waterfall hitting Hanging Lake makes this a National Landmark and a great place to zone out. Loved it, please don't damage it with graffiti or trash.

1 day ago

This was a lovely hike with gorgeous fall colors, relatively mellow slope with gorgeous views.

Beautiful, quiet hike along a stream with old mining sites, cliffs and a lot of shade. We walked about 1/2 way and were able to overlook the small canyon with the water below. Not crowded, especially in the earlier AM.

What a great hike! Just right for all abilities.

Round trip 19 miles! If you’re very fit, this isn’t hard. The springs are amazing!! 9.4 miles ONE WAY!

1st water crossing: 2.5/3 miles
2nd water crossing: 6 miles
3rd water crossing: 6.5/7 miles.

No wading! Tevas were nice for the springs. Watched the sunrise. Started hiking at 330, made it to springs at 730 (4 hours), chilled for an hour or so. Made it back to trailhead in 3 hours. Not for faint of heart, but not impossible!

Not many aspens but very nice hike without lots of people

Hiked 9/15/18. Add this to your Fall colors to-do list! Understand, there are zero trees on this hike. But there are a bazillion willow bushes that light up, and unlike aspens, they actually get some orange too. And there are plenty of aspens along the drive in. The wide open gulch gives you expansive views above and below. The trail is well maintained and easy to follow. And the lake is very peaceful.

The trail to the top is worth it, though it’s pretty short and soooo crowd. There is a few steep climbs along the way. I would go as early as possible and certainly not on the weekend. In may 2019, hikers will need a permit $ to hike this trail and moreover, they’ll have to take a shuttle to get to the trailhead.

My partner and I did this entire hike (round trip) in a day, and it was rough. I have a Suunto trail watch and I tracked the hike closer to 13 miles one way - I’m not sure who’s numbers are more accurate but my watch uses GPS and tends to be accurate on nearly all of the hikes I track.

That being said, this hike is beautiful. The elevation gain is gradual and the most intense at the end right before the hot spring.

You cross three man made LOG bridges before getting to the hot springs. There are multiple rock and downed tree crossings - these don’t count ;)

Wear sunscreen. Bring a first aid kit for blisters. But be prepared for a stunning visit at the top.

Do us all a favor and if you see people eating in the pool or leaving trash, speak up. There’s permits in place for a reason and we want to keep this place as beautiful as it has been for centuries. Some people just don’t get it.

From Breckenridge to Frisco this is an easy trail, very little uphill, about 1/2 downhill. Streams and aqueduct along 1/2 of the hike in different spots, so excellent for dogs. Footing can be dicey, many rocks, short stumps and exposed roots to bang up toes or trip. Trail is used a lot by Mountain bikers who fly down the downhill portion where possible. Hike is shaded much of the time, scenic and not at all strenuous, would consider it a moderate hike from Frisco to Breckenridge due to the climb.

this is the best trail i've been on, beautiful creek with flushing water, not difficult, you can actually enjoy the beautiful scenery without having to watch your feet every 2 seconds... you go as far as you want, when the creek end, it start getting a little stiff and edgy so we turned around but still go further next time!

on Boreas Pass Road

scenic driving
1 day ago

I usually drive this road several times a year, but Autumn eye-candy is always the best. Heads-up folks - the conditions in the high country are soo dry that with everyone on the road, kicking up dust, visibility was extremely poor. There were many sections were I couldn't even take a pic because of how thick the dust was. My advice, go really early in the morning. Even later in the evening is busy.

This view was breath taking! My kids loved and got some great pictures! Beautiful! Only tip I have is don’t forget to cross the road after you take Moonstone Trail to get to Barney Ford had to backtrack a little to figure out that the trail continued on the other side of the road. You must see this though!

Beautiful fall colors!!

Perfect day for our 1st 14er. Not too, cold not windy, sunshine and not a cloud in the sky! Parked at 6am and summited in 3 hours! We saw Pikas and chipmunks but not mountain goat.

2 days ago

Tough trail, definitely a beautiful lake. Not sure I’d need to do it again.

Nice scenic lake. Easy trail. Hiked on 9/15/18. Aspens turning but not yet peak here at the lake (though is in nearby places). Warm week.

2 days ago

such beautiful Colorado during fall! 10/10 would do it again.

Awesome trail. Rated moderate but still a good steady climb. Great scenes, lots of running water. At about 7,000, my wife and I took a quick break a few feet apart from one another...I was up trail when I heard a rustling in the brush on the upslope side and then thumping on the trail - turned to my right and saw a black bear cub, golden brown with a darker brown ruff around his neck...we saw each other at the same moment. The "little" critter did an about face and retraced his steps back from where he/she came...there were ar least two more, probably mom and a sibling judging from the sounds we heard. My wife never saw the bear - the whole incident occurred over maybe 3-4 seconds... We made some noise, carried on up trail without further incident. My only regret is not getting a once in a lifetime photo op...
This occurred last Monday, September 10. Lots of berries along the trail. Overall I'd rate this hiking trail a 10.

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