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White River National Forest is the most visited national forest in the nation encompassing 2.3 million acres of opportunities. With 11 ski resorts, eight Wilderness areas, 10 mountain peaks over 14,000 feet and 2,500 miles of trails.

beautiful lake and scenery, worth the consistent uphill climb throughout the whole hike!

16 hours ago

It was a long hike. Not marked at all. Not difficult. Views are decent getting there but honestly I would maybe look into other lakes. It was quite a long hike for what we
Felt we got at the end

20 hours ago

Attempted Quandary today. Emphasis on attempted. Started around 7:30 am in pretty steady snow fall. Overnight snowfall made the trail a bit slick in spots. Nothing we couldn't handle. The wind...well, that was another story. Made my 170 lbs seem quite a bit like a rag doll. Called it a day about 1,000 from the summit. The views at that elevation were definitely worth the fight with old man winter. Disappointed, yes - more importantly, got back down all in one piece...despite thinking otherwise a couple of times. Quandary, we will be back for you. Probably in a bit better shape and hopefully on a much less windy day.
P.S. Posted my ninja hiking partner, while the smile was still there.

Amazing views! A must visit in Colorado!

23 hours ago

1 day ago

We actually went up Cooper Creek Road which is the left fork at the end of Castle Creek Road (Pearl Pass goes off to the right.) Beautiful Sunday afternoon stroll. The old mining road is closed to motorized vehicles but open to hikers, mountain bikers, and horseback riders. It's in good condition and takes a gradual uphill grade for 5+ miles, at which point it gets much steeper as it climbs to the mine. There used to be a gate with a no trespassing sign at the base of the steep climb to the mine but if it still exists, we didn't make it that far. It snowed yesterday so the fall colors highlighted by the snow were spectacular. Other than two other parties at the beginning of our hike who we left behind quickly, we were alone for the entire time until we got back close to the parking lot. Expansive views with tons of photo opportunities.

Great hike with great views! old mining ruins are cool too!

this is a great early morning hike because it is very shady until you reach treeline. we ran into some snow so we weren't able to reach the ridge.

on Jess Weaver Trail

1 day ago

on Boreas Pass Road

1 day ago

Beautiful. Tough at the top. View was worth it.

mountain biking
1 day ago

This was a real challenge on my bike. Rugged terrain, rocks, boulders, tree roots etc.

1 day ago

My first 14'er.

8/22/17 -Late in the season but still had Wildflowers! Don't just stop in the saddle, head off to the right until the end - you won't be disappointed.