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With 12 ski areas, 10 mountain peaks over 14,000 feet, 2,500 miles of trails, eight Wilderness areas, 1,900 miles of forest roads, and 2.3 million acres of nature, it is easy to see why White River National Forest is the most visited forest in the United States. Visitors to these Colorado public lands can see Dillon, Ruedi, Homestake, and Green Mountain reservoirs, check out the ski resorts, hit up the hiking trails up one of the 14ers (Castle Peak, Grays Peak, Torreys Peak, Capitol Peak, Maroon Peak, Snowmass Mountain, Pyramid Pea, Mount of the Holy Cross) many of which are in the famous Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness, check out the White River, and look out for elk, mountain goats, bobcat, and lots of other wildlife in the Rocky Mountains. Hanging Lake is another enormously popular attraction in the forest. This forest makes a great trip from Central Colorado cities like Vail, Aspen, or Glenwood Springs.

The popularity of this trail has completely destroyed the area, there's poop everywhere along the trail & around the campsites. This place has transformed into a rocky mountain national park or emerald bay of tahoe lake situation. Aholes that don't respect anything go & pollute so the forest service now requires reservations to camp in the middle of the wilderness. Thanks people!! Crappy fake casual outdoors people ruined it for absolutely everyone, great job!!!!

15 hours ago

I loved this trail and the brutal parts are well worth the view.

16 hours ago

we went here oct 21. the hanging lake itself is absolutely gorgeous! unfortunately you have to climb for over a mile almost the entire way. it definitely took the wind out of us being from GA and all :P I was a little disappointed because the waterfall was pretty dried up at this time of the season. it would have been nicer in the spring or summer when the waterfall is a constant companion. all in all quiet nice. definitely take your time as some of the rocks are extremely slippy! I lost count of how many people I saw slip on the rocks both on the way up and down.

20 hours ago

This is one of my favorite hikes, but the beetles have devastated the pine trees so it has lost a lot of its beauty, but... baby pines are rising up! We couldn't make the final descent down to the lake today because there was too much snow and our hiking boots just didn't have the best traction.

I loved this trail! We hiked it in late September and it was gorgeous. The second lake is magnificent - a beautiful blue and rimmed with rocks. We didn’t make it to the third lake but I will next time.

Hiked this trail this past Friday morning with my kids, aged 11 and 14. Remember when these smokejumpers lost their lives on this mountain and think of that every time I drive through here and look up the mountain, which is still dotted with charred trees. Wanted to share this with my kids. Perfect fall day. Bright blue skies against the red of the mountains and the muted copper and gold of scrub oaks lining the trail.We were one of two cars in the lot. The other reviews are accurate— there is a fair amount of climbing, but the overall elevation gain is only 1830 feet and relative to 14er hikes, there is plenty of oxygen. That said, my son complained a lot until we reached the memorials. Amazing 360 views! And the interpretive signs along the way explain the logistics of that fateful day. As you descend into the gulch floor and back up to the high point, there are charred trees to remind you of the power of fire. My only complaint is that the memorial trees and the individual stone crosses are overwhelmed with mementos— some appropriate (fire axes, helmets, gloves) and some that are just clutter (empty liquor bottles?). The memorial trees are covered with t-shirts that have disintegrated over time, so this particular spot is quite haunting. Overall it is a great and somber hiking experience— and a nice way to pay respects to those people who came here from other states to fight fires in Colorado.

Awesome hike.

What an adventure! This trail was 9.6 miles to and from the hot springs so 19.2 miles round trip according to my iPhone health app. It was very muddy and there was lots of snow especially the higher up you go so make sure to bring reliable warming and waterproof gear. The trail was really easy to follow and the bridges were fun to cross (3 bridges total) but the altitude is something to watch out for going up. It’s true what everyone say the hike down is a cake walk. It took us 6-7 hours to get up and 4 hours to get down.

Hiked storm king today. Started at 8:30am a nice 49 crisp morning. Perfect. The trail is rated extremely difficult. I hike every week and I would absolutely rate this the same. The trail has a short cut way up and down once you go up the stairs to the other side of Canyon stay to the right. The trail looks like it goes of to left. It does if you want to add distance to your hike. Which we did. Only because the short cut trail was very over grown sage brush. The trail was covered in fall leaves so we didn’t know it was a trail. We were ok with going the extra distance. But coming down we found the coming down from the memorial sight if you see the post with #3 that’s your short cut down just past it. Marked only with ribbons tied to the sage brush. Very heart breaking to see the crosses. Very breathtaking to see the view. I would do this trail again.

I ended hooking up with the Mineral Hill trail which was pretty flat and wrapped around the hill, going through several boulder fields. It would be very pretty when the aspens were changing.

Trail is 4.2 miles. Mountain bikes are not allowed and dogs must be on leash. But of course the dog owners we met while going up the steep , narrow first part of the trail didn’t think that applied to them. The two large labs came running towards us and luckily we were ready for them so they weren’t able to push us off trail and down the steep embankment. They also left a large pile of poop in the middle of the trail. That being said the trail is very nice with only the first mile or so steep. We would rate it as moderate. Worth doing again but so disappointed that dog owners are so disrespectful of the beautiful place this is for all to enjoy.

Hiked this today, 10.18.18. Spikes needed only to ghost town but if you want to hike to ridge line, you will need snowshoes. Snow is deep about .25 miles on the trail to the right beyond wood gate. I postholed to my knees and turned around. Beautiful though.

horseback riding
5 days ago


Absolutely incredible. Very challenging. The history behind it makes this trail that much better. Thank you to all our firefighters!

5 days ago

First hike I ever did here in CO. Amazing

5 days ago

Climbed 10/17/18 This was my first 14er so I did not know what to expect. Once above the tree line the wind was crazy, I would guess 50-60mph. At times I would have to kneel down so I didn’t get blown over. Very Icy and deep snow at summit, I was just wearing hiking boots but I managed. Was snowing on top and glad I left early because it looked like it got worse on way down. All and all a great first for me.

Good hike. Little disappointed trail went only to top of falls. Aspen leaves pretty much all gone. But interesting snow/ice in stream bed just above falls. I am 65 and over 240 lbs but in decent shape and very used to CO hiking so found it to be moderate difficulty. Went with adult niece & nephew who are not acclimated but they did fine. Took our time so spent about 4hrs altogether. Recommend this hike and if we started earlier would have definitely gone on well beyond Falls. By the way I think backpacking is allowed here.

7 days ago

Hiked 10-13-18. Hit the trailhead around 0715 with barely any cars in the upper lot we were able to find convenient parking. The trail had about six inches of hard packed snow below tree line. Once you break through tree line there was a bit more snow but still hard packed. No need for snow shoes at any point the whole ascent. We did throw on micro spikes for the last 1000 feet of ascent and they were useful but not required. Wind picked up considerably on the summit and wasn't a fun place to spend more than ten minutes. A few more snow storms and snow shoes and/or spikes would be a great idea. Plenty of people who were not prepared or dressed for the elements, this always amazes me. All told, approximately 4.5 hours to summit and return to the car.

8 days ago

Grizzly Creek is a great hike! Peaceful with the sounds of water and beautiful scenery! We didn’t walk the whole thing so I can’t say how it ends but the first 1-2 miles in was pretty easy. Not too crowded either.

9 days ago

hiked 10-13-18. started at 9:20am. trail parking was already in overflow. first part of the trail was pretty icy. I would say overall 95% of the trail was packed snow or ice. only a few sections climbing up the rocks above tree line were dry. we did not use spikes but I would say 50% of the people we saw were using them. it was possible not to use them but was slipping all the way down. we did not make it to the summit. we decided it was not worth the risk without spikes as we saw people slipping down all the way. this is also the steepest part of the trail. as we came back down the sun had turned most of the ice and snow into slush. which made the slipping and sliding even worse. we were off the trail and to the car by 2:40pm.
we saw plenty of people later in the day hiking up in tennis shoes and not prepared for a hike of this caliber. no pack, lack of water, no spikes, etc. we even gave an extra bottle of water to one who was visibly struggling about half way up the trail. also, bring sunscreen. we did not and are paying the price. face is bright red and hurting. the wind, sun and snow reflecting sunlight was brutal.
we stopped at tree line and ate lunch. it took us 1.5 hours to get there. from there to the last 1000 foot climb to the summit it took us 2 hours. if we would have done the last 1000 climb I'm guessing another hour to the summit. on the way down I was surprised at how far it really was back to tree line.
overall this is a great hike with great views but don't underestimate it either.

Possibly my favorite short hike in Colorado. Please stay on the trail and out of the water so we can keep this trail open.

off road driving
9 days ago

Amazing views! First time driving this road. Made the whole trek from Breck to Como. Was a bit worried at first as my SUV is only front wheel drive but it handled the snow (couple of inches) and mud without a problem. Next time I make the trip, I think I’ll start the trip at Como to be able to take in the sunset behind Breck and have dinner and drinks in town when it’s over.

9 days ago

Hanging Lake was stunning today! Rather steep and rocky but definitely worth the views all the way up. I am not super fit or out of shape (somewhere in the middle) and I was able to do it without too much difficulty. Bring water and snacks!
Also, be sure to see Spouting Rock! It’s a quick trail right before you reach the top of Hanging Lake. It’s a gorgeous waterfall you won’t want to miss!

on The Grottos Trail

9 days ago

Really unique area to explore! Not a real hike but definitely still worth a stop.

9 days ago

The beginning of this trail was heavily logged, very few trees standing. There were a couple scenic segments and good views of the Breckenridge Ski area much of the way. This was a day hike for us. Only moderately enjoyable.

Excellent hike with the dogs and amazing colors late september/early october. The trail is actually 4.2 miles (one way). Not sure why AllTrails says it it so much less. Definitely at least continue hiking out of the creek canyon of the first 2.5miles to the top of the saddle. Excellent views. It is a steep continuous climb for the first 2 1/4 miles. probably not a good trail for beginner hikers or tourists not accustomed to the altitude.

great trail. went in October. there was snow but it was well packed down by hikers. not to hard be ready to climb up hill.

10 days ago

Took puppy after first snow of season. He loved it and it was good trail for a young dog. Easy but lovely.

A beautiful hike. Top of the falls is a great lunch spot. We didn’t scramble around enough (in the snow) to get a good view of the falls.

Wandering through the ghost town and up to the summit was wonderful.

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