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With 12 ski areas, 10 mountain peaks over 14,000 feet, 2,500 miles of trails, eight Wilderness areas, 1,900 miles of forest roads, and 2.3 million acres of nature, it is easy to see why White River National Forest is the most visited forest in the United States. Visitors to these Colorado public lands can see Dillon, Ruedi, Homestake, and Green Mountain reservoirs, check out the ski resorts, hit up the hiking trails up one of the 14ers (Castle Peak, Grays Peak, Torreys Peak, Capitol Peak, Maroon Peak, Snowmass Mountain, Pyramid Pea, Mount of the Holy Cross) many of which are in the famous Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness, check out the White River, and look out for elk, mountain goats, bobcat, and lots of other wildlife in the Rocky Mountains. Hanging Lake is another enormously popular attraction in the forest. This forest makes a great trip from Central Colorado cities like Vail, Aspen, or Glenwood Springs.

Absolutely loved this hike!!! Our GPS said it was 8.3 miles. GREAT WORKOUT. breathtaking beauty loved hiking through several Alpine meadows dotted with wildflowers of every color, crossed a few streams. pretty steep up the final mile ... really worked to get to the top. but we zipped down. We had a very late start after 4:15 so recommend starting earlier

Basically an old mining road with majestic mountain views and cool Boston camp. Visited with marmots up higher.

18 hours ago

We went 3 days ago on a Sunday at around 4 pm and there weren’t too many people, and the wildflowers are BREATHTAKING! At their peak - we kept stopping to take pictures of the wildflowers and the great views. Awesome.

21 hours ago

Really enjoyed this hike because of the challenge, views and trail maintenance. The trail is heavily traveled and you better leave early if you want the trail to yourself. I started at 7:30 and the parking area was full, but plenty of parking along the road. I am a beginner hiker and the trail was very challenging and took me about 6 hours to complete. Views above tree line and at the summit were spectacular. Finally, the trail was mantained very well. Dress warm as it was cool and windy at the summit. Have fun.

Beautiful, fairly easy hike. The trails was pretty packed, which at times was hard cause it was so narrow, but manageable. The views were stunning and the wild flowers were amazing!

Gorgeous views. Took a 5yo and 8yo it was tough but they crushed it! Great hike

23 hours ago

We got up to the bench lookout point and figured we were almost to the top. After a little more walking we asked someone coming down how much farther we had to go and he said we still had about 4 miles left. We decided to then turn back around because we were not prepared for 12 miles of hiking. It was a beautiful hike but the description "3.9 miles out and back" is deceiving. It's 3.9 miles out and back if you stop and turn around at the bench lookout point. Having lived in Colorado for many years the lookout point wasn't too exciting. The rest of the hike was beautiful and a really easy day hike.

Long and hard, but worth it. Camped at East Cross Creek. Woke up and hit the trail at 6:30am. Took me 4.5 hours to summit and 2.5 to come back down. Bouldering at the top is exhausting for the last 1/4 mile. Would highly recommend trekking poles to save your knees. Came back down and camped another night and hiked out the last three miles on the third day. Not my favorite 14er, but not the least favorite either.

We camped at Lake Constantine and did a day hike to the lower and upper Tuhare Lakes which was well worth the effort and time. The views were outstanding. There was thirteen of us from all over the country and this was a great place to hike with a group of this size.

The trail was challenging but very scenic and clean.
The mesmerizing views will give the push to ascent 3526 ft elevation in 3.1 miles.
Hiking sticks are recommended especially for the down trek
1 complain - there should have been at least 1 trash zone on the trail (6.2 miles round trip)

lovely walk, not too strenuous for kids.

Took the ditch trail to meet this trail up to the lake on 7/14. The wildflowers were beautiful and everywhere! The lake and views are amazing. It was super hot though and there are mosquitos so bring bug spray. My Garmin clocked just over 6 miles to the lake and more like 3,000 elevation gain. The first 3 miles or so are hilly so there is some decrease in elevation in the beginning, but the last 2 miles are nothing but up.

Wildflowers are out and beautiful!

easy but nice hike did it in about 2 1/2 hours with a torn meniscus so good hike for anyone

1 day ago

Beautiful hike! Some notes for out-of-towner’s (like us) trying to gauge this hike against ability. I am 53 year old male, reasonably fit., but could lose a few. Hiked with my 24 year old daughter, who is in good shape. We started at 5:30. Up and down in 4:25. Took us 2:17 up. We didn’t stay long because of wind and cold at the top. My wife who is also here with us, opted out because of posts here on loose footing up above. But now that we’ve done it, we realize it is not as bad as many other hikes we’ve been on.

We were faster than most, but did get passed by others, including one guy who was running- yes running - UP. He must’ve been up and down in 3::00-3:15 - impressive.

Gauging by the groups we passed, which varied in age from 10-75, I’d say that’ the “average” round trip would be 6 hours, and 90% in the 4:30-7:30 range.

Have fun!

Beautiful hike

Did this hike with our 10 and 13 year old girls on a stop while biking 14 miles. It was very tough but everyone loved it and there were no complaints. Bring a lot of water. Getting there is very steep and rocky for the majority of the way.

Question for those who have done Peaks Trail from Frisco to Breckenridge: Parking in Frisco? We will be driving into Frisco and want to park and hike to Breckenridge and then take the shuttle back. Looking for a safe place to leave the car overnight that is close enough to get on the trail. We intend to hike halfway in on a Friday, camp overnight, and then finish to Breckenridge in the morning. Anyone done this before? thoughts? Thanks in advance!

One of my favorite trails! You get a lot of bang for your buck—some elevation gain to make it challenging but doable, wildflowers, waterfalls, and a lake. Go early to park!

NOTE: trail is closed July 23 and 24 for bridge maintenance.

amazing views, fairly easy hike with changing views at every turn! took a little longer than we had planned! pack plenty of water. my 4 yr old was getting tired but not to steep to ride on her dads shoulders off and on! wear sunscreen and take bug spray. only downfall were the mosquitos were pretty thick. the views were spectacular and well worth the drive off the beaten path! would definitely do it again!

This was pretty strenuous for me compared to most non-14er Colorado hikes. The final stretch up the Fancy Pass side can take it out of you, but what a reward at the top. Definitely pair it with the Missouri Lakes trail to make the 8 mile loop. You get to walk along side beautiful lakes for 2 miles and it’s not harder at all on that side, just a bit longer.

Amazing hike! Best advice I can give is to wear shoes with ankle support. I'm pretty fit, but it's super rocky terrain and rolled my ankle on this trail. I wasn't wearing proper hiking shoes (just good pair of low-top running shoes). I would say this hike is more on the strenuous side just because of the sharp inclines and rockiness of the trail.
As you walk, you'll find little air vents with cool air coming out, take advantage of them!
You'll be tired when you get to the top, but make sure you go to Sprouting Rock! It's really close and beautiful.

Beautiful views.

1 day ago

What a great hike! I love goals at the end to strive for and that view does not disappoint, so push through folks! I read many reviews before I headed up and many had said the loose rock is kinda tough, I may have underestimated those comments and felt the rock proved difficult, especially on the way down, watch those ankles!

Couldn’t actually find the trail. The trail head was easy to find but the only trail we found was the Sallie Barber mine trail. Also a nice hike but not what we were looking for so that was frustrating.

Hiked the trail this morning. The wildflowers are spectacular. The only thing that detracts from this hike is the view of I-70 and the Eisenhower Tunnel on the way back.

Easy to find, actually found it by accident. It’s really a dirt road leading up to an old mine. The mine was interesting and we actually took the Trail of Tears back towards the start. Good for families and dogs. The area around the hike is pretty wooded so the views are somewhat obstructed.

2 days ago

Take the right at the fork (towards cougar ridge)
.8 first false summit
1.6 2nd false summit
If you’re from Oklahoma, you’ll be winded. Worth it!

They have done some major work on the road to Capitol Creek Trailhead. I saw a Prius at the trailhead yesterday. We have a truck with good clearance and 4 wheel low and we were able to continue 1.2 miles past Capital Creek to the Hell Roaring Trailhead. I WOULD NOT ATTEMPT THIS WITHOUT 4 WHEEL LOW AND SOME SERIOUS TIRES! It has some incredibly steep grades and without the right gearing you could get stuck and have to back down a terrible situation. The trail to Williams lake is great and the round trip from the Hell Roaring Trailhead is 4.5 miles. When you reach the lake go left and you can get to a big rock and the deepest part of the lake. Lake is shallow and temperature is reasonable we will be back with swimsuit later.

2 days ago

Camp at Constantine and hike to the upper lakes. Beautiful scenery and amazing wild flowers.

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