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White River National Forest is the most visited national forest in the nation encompassing 2.3 million acres of opportunities. With 11 ski resorts, eight Wilderness areas, 10 mountain peaks over 14,000 feet and 2,500 miles of trails.

Pretty steep hike, only about 1.2 miles each way. Very rocky in most areas but doesn't take that long to reach the top, which you will be rewarded with gorgeous lakes and views. The lake looks identical to the pictures you've seen and you won't know if your in Colorado or Thailand lol. Take your time as many beginners do this trail, mainly for the great views. Definitely worth doing this hike.

19 hours ago

20 hours ago

Beautiful hike. Moderate if you do any exercise in your weekly activity. Last 100ft is steep but there is a handrail. We are over 65 and 70 and we did this hike with ease.
It is worth the effort. Take your time and enjoy the views on the way up also.

Very strenuous, but so worth it!

23 hours ago

This was a great trail to fit in during a weekend in the mountains. The altitude made the uphill climb challenging, but we were rewarded with several beautiful views back down into the valley. The trail was quiet around 8am but started to fill up significantly around noon on our way back down. Overall, this trail took us a solid two hours on the way up. We spent around 30 minutes relaxing at the river up by the falls and made it back down the trail in about 30 minutes. Definitely worth the climb if you have the time!

1 day ago

1 day ago

Did this trail yesterday (Sunday)....great hike and stunning views on top. Was great to have a bit of early season snow on the ground and trees from the day before. A little muddy here and there as a result but no big deal.

It's already winter up there so bring your layers! Snowed 4 inches the night we camped up by the springs. Also there are free wag bags at the trailhead. Use them! You'll save the Forest Service a lot of unpleasant work.

beautiful lake and scenery, worth the consistent uphill climb throughout the whole hike!

1 day ago

It was a long hike. Not marked at all. Not difficult. Views are decent getting there but honestly I would maybe look into other lakes. It was quite a long hike for what we
Felt we got at the end

Attempted Quandary today. Emphasis on attempted. Started around 7:30 am in pretty steady snow fall. Overnight snowfall made the trail a bit slick in spots. Nothing we couldn't handle. The wind...well, that was another story. Made my 170 lbs seem quite a bit like a rag doll. Called it a day about 1,000 from the summit. The views at that elevation were definitely worth the fight with old man winter. Disappointed, yes - more importantly, got back down all in one piece...despite thinking otherwise a couple of times. Quandary, we will be back for you. Probably in a bit better shape and hopefully on a much less windy day.
P.S. Posted my ninja hiking partner, while the smile was still there.

Amazing views! A must visit in Colorado!