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White River National Forest is the most visited national forest in the nation encompassing 2.3 million acres of opportunities. With 11 ski resorts, eight Wilderness areas, 10 mountain peaks over 14,000 feet and 2,500 miles of trails.

5 stars for sure!

Lots of traffic, parking at the park is rough... we got there at 7:30 and waited 35min to park.

However... way worth the wait. The hike is challenging, but not impossible - the melt run-off right now makes the river, lake, and waterfall amazing.

Wear good boots or shoes, plenty of rocks - and many uneven surfaces and potential slippery surfaces with all the water.

I chose to use my walking sticks and was pleased with using them here.

The lake at the top is truly amazing. Breathtaking, really.

A certain recommend to go while you can, and a plug for the Forest Service; follow the posted rules in the park!!

13 hours ago

Steady incline up to the falls with beautiful aspens

14 hours ago

Great hike, the upper two lakes are still almost entirely covered with ice and snow. Took a bit longer because the trail was seldom visible under the snow once you get a little past beaver lake. I plan to do the trip again after the snow melt.

14 hours ago

Great for an easy day, would be great for beginning mountain bikers also!

14 hours ago

Beautiful trail! Lots of snow as you keep following the river, but a fun trail.

15 hours ago

Great Memorial Day hike with the family. Our three year old made it with no problem to the ponds. There were a ton of downed trees across the trail. We did run into quite a few people that had lost the trail though due to the downed trees.

19 hours ago

5/28/17 -- Road was still closed so we hiked from the parking lot to the trail. As soon as you get to the trail it is all packed snow. Made it about 1.5 miles in to the second boulder overlook before we had to turn around. The snow was too high and not packed enough to walk on. Overall a nice starter hike close to breckenridge.

22 hours ago

Great little hike. Beginning is the hardest part but the views are worth it.

1 day ago

Great trail - first 3miles of ~3.7 in are solid, last stretch is tough and at a steep grade. Narrow trail at times, awesome challenges along the way!

Really impressive photo ops most of the trail -at about 2pm, got marginally busy.

Will go again, about 2.5hr in at moderate pace and 95min out for the ~4 miles out and back.

Beautiful year round.

What a cool area. This is the time of year to come. Heavy parking, be gentle. A bit busy, but enough area to go get away from everyone.