steep trail with lots of loose rock, but very worth it. beautiful destination!

Really beautiful trail and not too hard to get to. Went in early June when water was running heavily through the streams and waterfalls, and it was just incredibly beautiful. Also has the opportunity to go for as short or long of a hike as you want and still see beautiful things.

Great views. Our group of ten made it to the top in 90 minutes and we had a 9 and 10 year old. Don’t let the hard rating intimidate you, take breaks bring water and you will be fine.

this was an amazing view from the top

on Mount Royal Trail

12 days ago

I accidentally deleted this review so reposting. We climbed Royal 11-16-16 and were pleasantly surprised. You start out with a nice climb right up the mountain. Prepare yourself. Nice views from the top both to the west and over lake Dillon. My GPS logged 4.18 miles.

conditions are good, very steep in some sections but trail is full of spots to stop, rest, enjoy the scenery. Once at the top there is a lot of space to explore and the views are incredible.

trail running
19 days ago

Quick and steep. Hot and dry. No snow. Made it up and down in an hour yesterday for a good lunch break workout to tire the dog out.

Awesome hike that takes about 1-2 hours, stunning views the whole time. No snow right now at all, enjoy :)

Hard is nearly an understatement if you are new to hiking. Save this hike until you are experienced enough.
The view was well worth it however, I wish I would have built up to this.
Would highly suggest good terrain shoes.

Hard is an accurate description of this hike, but the family thought it was well worth the struggle. Definitely not for beginners.

A short trail with some good views!

26 days ago

Short but steep. Views at the top are worth it. No snow on the trail.

1 month ago

4 stars only because the trail was a major pain! We weren’t sure what to expect and just went for it. Lots of postholing and climbing over logs across the trail made it much more effort to get to the lakes. Talked to a woman who was on her way back with snowshoes, gaiters, the works, and she said it took her 4 hours to get there and it wasn’t much fun. We turned back after about 2.5 miles and I think most other folks out there did the same. Will have to attempt later in the summer as I hear the lakes are beautiful!

1 month ago

There was a decent amount of snow when we were climbing, but nothing unmanageable thought we didn't get all the way to the top. A bit slippery at times and steep throughout - we just had running shoes so might have been easier with snowshoes or crampons but still doable.

Very pretty with views of the town and nearby mountain ranges. Took us about an hour and a half to the ghost town area and rainbow lake turn off and back down, though much faster on the way back.

Challenging and gorgeous views!

Steep but so much fun and the views are totally worth it

4 months ago

Great hike. Very steep but well worth it.

5 months ago

12/28/17. Steep but short trail, snow was packed in some spots but snowshoes helped a ton. Amazing views!

6 months ago

Fabulous views! My fiancé and I hiked this trail in December to see the sunset. The trip took us about 50 minutes up, we spent about 20 minutes at the top taking in the view and the trip down was about 30 minutes. Google maps will direct you to the trailhead but there is no parking, park at the Frisco kayak park at the highway turnoff. The snow is packed down and the footing was a little slippery on the way down but well worth the trip if you’re in Frisco.

Good fun trail. Covered in light snow but not slippery

6 months ago

Awesome Trail! It is very steep and slippery on the way up, but the view is like no other. I would totally recommend it. The views are amazing and the feeling of accomplishing it make it feel worth while. It took us just over 2 hours to complete and the entire trip is just over 3 miles. We are beginner hikers and even we completed it. Highly recommended.

7 months ago

Definitely a cool trail but definitely not a winter hike. Managed to do it yesterday but probably took a few hours longer than it should have. Not mad about it at all, just sore from walking in unpacked snow most of the way. Incredible setting where the lakes are situated, which were frozen, just don't do it out of season unless you want a real good workout.

Awesome trail. Sure it's steep but you gotta work for the view. Keep going all the way to the end and up the little mountain to find the best view. Highly recommended hike.

Huffa puffa. It was AWESOME!! Make sure you go all the way to the end of the trail at the precipice for the best views!

7 months ago

Certainly a workout...especially hiking with a 2 year old on your back. The views were incredible and will certainly do this trail again.

Excellent trail conditions, dry but very steep. Very few switch backs.

Excellent hike in October. Good work out for our level - took us about 3 hours.

8 months ago

Hiked here Thursday September 28th. I got a bit hot on the way to the summit so I took off my pink jacket (gloves and beanie in pocket) and left it on a branch off the trail. Upon descending approx 45 mins later my jacket was gone. If you happen to have it please email me. Thanks.

8 months ago

Great trail

The 8-mile out and back is okay. I highly recommend going an extra 1.5 miles to the top of Eccles Pass which makes this an 11-mile out and back hike. The first 2.5 miles is fairly steep and rocky. The trail flattens out near the tree line and makes a moderate ascent to Eccles Pass. The extra 3 miles round trip is worth the view - don't stop at the end of this trail!

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