beautiful trail and perfect weather on 1/14. 6-8 inches of snow on each side of the trail, moderately packed snow on the trail itself. used micro spikes pretty much all the way.

Great views. Did trail clockwise so went up the stairs which felt safer. Trail was snow covered and deep in places. No ice but should wear micro spikes

One of my favorite trails! So beautiful. We did the loop counter clockwise, it seems like it could have been a little easier to do it clockwise though.

One of the most beautiful trail from Boulder! This hike was a pure joy :)

My dad and I hike this trail often and love it

Great option so close to Boulder, a very well maintained and marked trail. I arrived at 9am and was the 5th car in the parking lot. For the first couple miles I had the trail all to myself. When I left (around noon) the parking lot was almost full. I’d categorize this loop has moderate/moderate +, there are some good climbs but also a good mix of flat and downhill - plenty of time to regroup before the next incline :) Most of the trail is hard, packed dirt (currently) and the few slick spots are manageable without needing micro spikes. (*also this loop is a solid 8 miles)

24 days ago

We did this hike in June, we started counter clockwise which was smart. The first two miles were pretty brutal with some boulders and elevation change. We pushed on and it became easier. Loved the views and would do it again. My friend and I are beginner hikers and we found this to be totally do-able as long as you are in shape. As always, I would recommend a lot of water and snacks along the way.

28 days ago

While there is nothing overly spectacular about this hike if you are looking for something quick to give your legs and lungs a little workout, this is a great one. Steady climb switching from woods to meadow with a nice patch of Aspens. The top has a bench and some very nice views of Longs Peak and Mount Audobon. Good hike for dogs and kids.

the hike was beautiful, and the trail was mostly good. there were spots on the tail end of the trail (relative to the counter-clockwise loop) where spikes helped a lot. I saw an older man not using spikes and it was rough. do so at your own risk.

I enjoyed a very quiet hike on the Walker Ranch Loop, right up until the end, when I ran into folks starting from the other direction. It's a lovely trail that winds through a very pretty forest. Loved the hike. No snowshoes or spikes were needed but I did use poles the whole way just cos I felt like it. We were cautious about going over the steps but didn't put our spikes on. (Always carry spikes!) Cheers.

Great hike in the winter. We only needed our spikes for the stair section that takes you down to the river, which is the most exciting and beautiful part of the hike. Our dog loved it and the 8 miles felt more like 6 miles. The trail should be rated as moderate not hard. One note, the map above is not accurate towards the end of the loop if you do it counter clockwise. The trail has been updated and remapped for the last mile.

Love this hike, my fav! The change of scenery never gets boring.

1 month ago

This is a nice hike to do in the winter. It can be pretty crowded the rest of the year. Easy to follow trail even with some snow. There were a few icy patches and one stretch on the north side but the trail was doable without micro spikes. A couple of nice stretches near the river which was flowing very well right now. If you are on a bike keep in mind there is one spot where you will have to carry your bike either up or down a very steep staircase. No spectacular views but the woods and the meadows make for a nice hike. Keep your dog on a leash on this trail. They are very strict and rangers are out watching.

2 months ago

Nice wide beginner hiking trail with a few steep area but nothing to drastic. There are benches along the way so you can take a breather if the trail gets you a bit winded. Today was a perfect day with clear blue skies but the at the Overlook the wind did have a slight bite. The snow capped mountains in the distance were amazing to view. Would like to do this trail again in the spring to see the wildflowers.

Pretty low traffic and amazing views. Didn’t see any wild life but the river was awesome. Along the river there are a few picnic tables.

This is a very enjoyable hike. Parts of it are steeper then I expected, but I'm a flatlander so anything with an incline is steep. There is a "new" section that has been cut, off of the Walker Ranch Trail Loop parking area. Not sure how long it has been this way.

Beautiful trail. In my opinion it's a moderate hike, nothing too challenging. The scenery is just magnificent, but the trail is not always marked very well. i started on a Saturday, 7 a.m. There were very few cars in the (pretty big) parking lot. After my return at 11 a.m., there were still quite a few spots available.

beautiful hike!!! loved that all dogs must be on leash or risk $300 fine no exceptions. For those of us with tricky dogs this was a wonderful find!!

go counter clockwise! It still has some steep climbs but it will help you avoid climbing the steep stairs.

loved the water and lots of trees! great hike! will definitely be back

got there at 10 am on Friday plenty of space in the parking lot.

A great trail! Beware that they modified the Walker Loop - I ended up walking up to another trailhead and taking another trail to meet back up with the Walker loop. Follow the "New Access" signs to save yourself some.e energy!

This hike is absolutely gorgeous! Watch for the mountain bikers. Crazy route but well worth it.

A favorite!!!

5 months ago

Perfect weather for this hike!! I enjoyed so much by the creek, it is always nice to get a nice breeze by the water. This ended up 8.4 mile hike, enjoyed it so much! 80% is shade, so great for hot summer hike as well. Totally different scenery from hikes around Baseline. Recommended! However this is not "Hard". Should be listed as "Moderate".

As others have mentioned it is about 8-9 mile loop, great scenery, going counter clockwise would of been easier, didn't know my clockwise to counter and went the hard way, the wildlife is great saw many deers, snake, chipmunk, and rabbits. Fun but challenging hike, especially the last mile, which felt like 3. :)

mountain biking
5 months ago


hell yes

5 months ago

One of my go-to trails in the Boulder area with great views of Boulder creek! I definitely second the other reviewers - we were tracking our miles and ended up walking around 8.2 miles total so be aware of the added distance. I've done both the clockwise and counterclockwise route and would definitely say counterclockwise is the way to go if you're looking for an easier go with less steep terrain. Be aware that there will still be some steep parts, even on the counterclockwise route.

6 months ago

Amazing, but long hike. Beautiful views and diverse scenery. One of my favorite Boulder hikes.

This hike is actually more like 8.3 miles. Took us 3:15, hiking at a pretty good clip. Very pretty. Bring water.

I've been here multiple times & it's one of my favorite hikes in Boulder. South Boulder Creek is a great place to take a break for picture taking or have a lunch/snack or just take in the beautiful scenery. I tracked it at 7.6 miles. Beware...don't leave wallets or purses in your car! When I was getting out of my car, an older couple warned me that their window got broken & a wallet was stolen!

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6 months ago

Going left: nice declines!! 7.8 miles. Not difficult :)

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