Decent tail steep in a few places, wildflowers were just starting to bloom. Alot of people heading up, I took it slow and easy. Saw some several deer, and an Osprey in flight.

Awesome hike. We started early at 6 and finished around 10:30 - parking lot was packed with line of cars waiting for a spot.

I did it last September and it was pretty hot, I took my time and I made it in about 4 hours. The waterfalls and the view in certain points are really nice! I suggest to bring a lot of water!

We did this yesterday and mixed trail running with hiking. Did it counter clockwise and would recommend that direction. We also started early (prior to 7:00) which helped mitigate the numbers that we interacted with. We kicked it out in 2:14, with a mix between running and quick hiking. Great vistas and ample shade if done counter clockwise. Great wild flowers right now.

good place its always packed on the weekends though which sucks.

Don't underestimate the length of the loop.
I started from trailhead around 2pm and got down to the eldorado canyon trail marker. Never made it to the river or waterfalls. Turning back it was a pretty tough climb back up to make it before sunset. Next time will go opposite direction with more time. Looked fun for the mountain bikers. Great view of rocky flats through canyon gap at the top ridge.

Super pretty & green right now! Creek was rushing with cold water. Nice breaks in some shaded areas. Quintessential Colorado!
Did it in about 3-3.5 hrs!

This trail is truly amazing. Conquered it with a cat and a dog. I came from Denver so I parked at the Crescent City parking lot to save 20 minutes and not have to drive through Boulder. I’m not a very fit person and I was able to accomplish this trail, with a few breaks every so often lol. I also took the trail clockwise, for a bit of a challenge. I saw lots of chipmunks! You have 360 views nearly the entire hike. The trail conditions are good, there are a few steep parts where the sand/pebbles are really slippery so wear shoes with good traction or bring a pole. I didn’t have any falls but my buddy slipped a couple times. Definitely worth the drive! Perfect for a day hike.

Fabulous hike with amazing views. The diversity of views and terrain is well worthwhile. I would not classify this as “hard”, however.

Great hike with lots to see! we went counterclockwise and still had a hard time. I'll blame that on my lack of hydration and the 6 pack of beer I drank the night before. Even my poor Anatolian Shepard had to take a rest in the creek halfway through. It took us 3hrs to complete even with rest periods. Overall, an awesome hike for experienced, in shape people ;)

1 month ago

Hike offering a little bit of everything. Tough at times but truly satisfying.

A lovely hike, with a little bit of everything. Starts out in a burn area with lots of rock formations, meets up with the South Boulder Creek, intersects with the Eldorado Canyon Trail, and ends with some beautiful forest scenery. We hiked on a Monday mid-morning, and aside from a few mountain bikers, it wasn't too crowded. I imagine it's more crowded on weekends.

Such a journey, every time!

Difficult hike but beautiful.

Hiked on May 4th, started at 9am. Weather was cool in the morning and warmed up by noon.Awesome hike will great views! Lots of running water (just after rainfall) and a good amount of tree canopy. Hiked on a Friday, and it wasn't crowded at all.

We an Uber to Walker Ranch Loop trail head, but had no reception once we got there. Either make sure you can get a ride back to town or drive your own car. We ended up hiking the loop to Eldorado canyon trail and finishing in Eldorado springs, where we had enough reception to call an Uber home.

This was a challenging but gorgeous hike. We went clockwise to have groomed trails, but up hill at the end. . Wildflowers emerging everywhere’and both crossings of South Boulder Creek were stunning. Highly recommended if you are looking for a challenge

Really hard but worth it. Absolutely gorgeous terrain.

Hikes this on April 29, 2018. It was a gorgeous trail. Beautiful views especially along the river. Not crowded at all.

Love this hike! Beautiful mountain and creek views. Challenging, but awesome if you are looking for a long hike. Well maintained and not crowded.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Awesome trail. Great for when other trails are wet. This one seems to stay dry when others are not. Quick 7 ish mile ride. Takes under 1.5 hours on a mountain bike. Some challenging spots when climbing. Amazing downhills. Beautiful scenery.

1 month ago

One of the most beautiful trails I’ve been on yet. 7.5 miles is very doable even for the most reluctant rookie hiker. Trials are in good shape and there are very few muddy spots. Active trial for hikers and bikers alike.

Only a few muddy spots on the trail today (4/16/18)
I hiked the loop counterclockwise.
I found this one through...
The “Eldorado Falls” are not well marked. :(
I will definitely do this hike again and spend more time by South Boulder Creek.

Outstanding trail. Rushing creek, expansive prairie, winding woodsy paths. It’s great, and tiring! Worth it.

This was a beautiful and fairly difficult hike. Lots of wildlife and great streams. no snow on the ground and I went 4/3. I would recommend this to anyone that is in good shape.

mountain biking
2 months ago

One of the more variable MTB rides in the Boulder area, Walker has long been one of my favorite trails. Challenging, beautiful, and technically interesting.

Love this hike. But beware of mountain lion have seen fresh paw prints in the snow last two times I went . Also have seen one at Meyers Homestead Trail down the road . Have also seen a Lynx on the way up Flagstaff Rd in a meadowy area on the side of the road. It’s usually a good local hike that I don’t have to get up too early for . Have only gone counter clockwise which has Alot of uphill can be tough .

Did the trail counterclockwise on 3/10/18. Great trail, not too strenuous but you definitely work. The scenery is varied and gorgeous. Aside from the steps, which had a lot of slush on them, there were no issues with snow or ice.

3 months ago

Trail was beautiful and offered a variety of scenery. It is not marked well, though! There are a number of intersecting paths that are not marked and can be very confusing. We ended up doing a lot of extra miles because of this - which was a great workout but a tad stressful. I would still recommend this trail, though. Very pretty!

It was a gorgeous 55 degree day, a little windy and only a handful of other people on the trail. I did the trail counterclockwise, the changing landscape from the mountains to the river were beautiful! Traction was very helpful (I used my coiled walking yaks, crampons were not needed) in the shadier areas especially going down the very steep stairs.

Very difficult if you go clockwise. Whole loop took me 4 hours (with lunch break). Slipped at the bottom of the stairs so be careful! Other than that it is one of the most beautiful hikes I’ve ever done! Also didn’t see a soul while hiking mid week.

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