on Walker Ranch Loop Trail

2 days ago

Did this trail a few weeks ago. It was pretty, very easy hike. The end view was a little disappointing mostly because there are some trees obstructing the view, but you can still get some great pictures around them.

Pretty awesome day hiking with friends. The trail had a few hills nothing too crazy

trail running
17 days ago

Absolutely beautiful trail, not too difficult but definitely a workout! Recommend going counterclockwise and starting early to avoid the heat.

Beautiful hike that gives you open expansive views of the foothills, mountains, and eldorado canyon then dipping down into the forest and walking along an awesome river. It's got steady ups and downs either way you go but I'd say counter clockwise (starting loop headed downhill to the right) is the better route since the last uphill coming back is in the shade as opposed to in the sun.

Great trail! Not much flat ground - long downhills and uphills. Go counter-clockwise so you're not doing the final uphill exposed to the sun. Get there early to snag parking. Pass the "Walker Ranch Meyers Homestead Trailhead" lot to get to the Walker Loop Trailhead lot. If you park at the Meyers Homestead Trailhead, you can still get to the Walker Ranch Loop, it just adds 2.2 miles to your hike.