I'm gonna be the odd man out and say the high end moderate/hard rating is pretty accurate unless your in amazing shape.Some of the inclines are pretty tough and there are several.And the hike is loooong.Great scenery as others have said.This one kicked my butt.But overall a very rewarding hike ...bring plenty of water.You'll need it.Cheers.

Great hike. FYI this ends up being a 10 mile hike if you leave from the Walker Ranch trailhead across the street. Ooo my aching legs ;).

We were out here last Sunday. There are nice wide trails and the view at the end is lovely. No ice or snow yet.

15 days ago

Great early summer and fall trail

The trail is easy to moderate. I think the most challenging part is the distance. There were some pretty views of the mountains.

Not sure why this is rated hard. It’s moderate at best. Maybe because of the length of the trail? Maybe the one short steep section? It’s definitely suited for trail running and biking, but hiking it was cool too. There’s a lot of gradual rolling hills with tree covered areas, sun exposed areas, a rushing river, good views of the back of Eldorado Canyon...lots of variety and scenery here.

I went counter clockwise, and it was pretty downhill from there. There’s a long gradual incline at about mile 6 to the end. The trail is well marked and easy to follow. After mile 4, there’s a parking lot. No need to go to the parking lot, just take the 2nd trail on the right, back to the original parking lot.

I would recommend this place as best suited for trail-running. Multiple inclines and declines are nice to keep up the pace. I went counter-clockwise on the loop in the early morning which meant there were quite a few icy spots in the first couple of miles. This trail does connect down to El Dorado Canyon if you want to do a longer lollipop route. Overall, no spectacular views or technical aspects of the trail. Good for exercise, but that’s about it.

We have walked this trail quite a few times and really enjoy the diversity of the scenery. Rocks, creeks and wildlife. Just a short drive from Denver.

Easily done in two hours and there are several benches with great views along the way. Saw elk and deer just off the trail.