First time Colorado hiker. Flat lander, 54 years old.
I did it counter clockwise as suggested. With a few wrong turns, I was over 8 miles in 4:44.44 on s sunny 88 degree day.
Bring more water. I ran out half way.
Bring treking poles. Those hills, old knees, and the 500' staircase require them.
Also hard bottom hiking shoes, not soft tennis. There are lots of rocks.
That said... if you are in good health, the weather is good, by all means do this trail.

Very strenuous trail but still enjoyable.

flatlander perspective: this is a hard path. hiked counter-clockwise as advised. by mid-day even the gradual climbs were killing us. incredible scenery, worth the trip, but if you're not from Colorado be sure to bring an extra water and fuel bars.

Great hike. Maybe saw 10 people in 3 hours on a Sunday!! Just how I want it. Perfect length for 1 yo lab. Plenty of parking and restrooms at the trail head a huge plus. Will do again.

I decided to go in this trail based on reviews I read. The trail didn’t disappoint! It was an awesome hike, would highly recommend.

mountain biking
28 days ago

Go all out on the way back down....6 or 7 decent jumps if you go all out!!!!! Soooo much fun