Some snow and ice in the woodsy area and on the top portion of the "stairs" coming up from the creek, but otherwise clear and dry. Hiked on a Weds. October morning...only 1 other person there when I arrived. A peaceful hike.

trail running
18 days ago

The views are so beautiful! Be sure to wear shoes with lots of ankle support if you’re going running, the trail is rated properly as Hard. The doggo loved it too!

21 days ago

good trail for hiking and trail running, but I wouldn't bike it unless you are prepared to carry your bike on a few sections of it.

Saw no lions but beautiful scenery and a nice aerobic day. Enjoyed a picnic there afterwards

I did this trail on a Sunday in September. Started around 9:30a and finished around 11:30/45 (with about a 15 minute meditation at the top.) This trail is definitely a good one for everyone in terms of the actual trail not being at all technical. On the way up, you do get into a few moderately strenuous inclines, but, nothing too serious. The way down was quick and breezy. Tons of wildflowers. Would recommend going in the morning or late afternoon when the flowers open up. I would say about 1/3 of the trail is shaded so bring sunscreen and a lot of water, especially if you're choosing to go on a hotter day. All in all, I'd definitely go back. I would also recommend this hike to the "non-hiker," visitors and new to Colorado hikers. A nice 5.2 miles. (No water)

This is more of an easy nature walk, by no means strenuous. Gradual hills, pretty scenery. I was disappointed due to lack of difficulty so rated less but it's scenic and pleasant. Should be rated easy or very low moderate though. I went clockwise, took about 2 hrs.

My map my run app had this closer to 9.2 miles from the Ethel Harrold trailhead. Fun and a little challenging hike. Pretty good views as well