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Ending was a little exposed and views weren’t that great haha

This trail is amazing. Pack snacks and water. This trail will kick your butt on the best way!! There are some harder parts of this trail so be prepared for an adventure and some soreness in your legs the next day.

A lovely trail! We did it clockwise and it seemed like most people were doing the same. There is good shade in the forest and the river is beautiful. A new favorite!

Mountain biking - I found some spots steep but manageable. Make sure brakes are strong for the way down.

doing the full loop was great high peaks and great creek crossings deff a harder trail due to the makeshift steps in areas

12 days ago

Magnificent trail! Spectacular views everywhere you look. We went clockwise and did get mislead by one trail sign that was a bit misleading.and ended up at the Ethel Harold parking lot.The all trails app is not fully updated. We’ll be back to do more exploring along the Flagstaff road access. Being extra water and a hat!

no shade
14 days ago

15 days ago

went clock wise by accident ended up going out to fast and dying during hard climbs bring water! or hydrate really well before going on this trai!

Pleasant hike, beautiful scenes. Trail difficulty can be enhanced by where you choos to park, and the direction you head.

GORGEOUS! And strenuous. We started around 9:00am. Plenty of parking left and there are bathrooms at the start of the loop. We went counter clockwise, and I'm still unsure if that was the right move or it would have been equally challenging going the other way. My Apple Watch clocked 8.34 miles and 1,533 feet in elevation. It took us a little more than 4 hours taking several breaks for water and snacks. Every mile was visually different. No major steep climbs or scramble, but my legs definitely felt the subtle inclines and declines. Definitely bring sunscreen. It was also over 90 degrees by the time we finished and we were in the sun for much of the last third of the trail. The best part was the waterfall and the river. So gorgeous and you get to see it twice! The bridges over the water are cute and a good place to take in the scenery. You also have views of the mountains throughout the whole hike, which is great because there isn't a peak, per say. There was a handful of bikers that we had to let pass, but it was not overcrowded by any means. Maybe it was the heat or the length of the trail but as soon as I got back into the car, I fell asleep from exhaustion! Such a good workout.

16 days ago

Hiked on 8/31/19. Went counter-clockwise and did the full ~8ish mile loop. Started at 7 and was back at the car for 11. This was a great trail! Favorite parts were at Boulder Creek. Glad I got an early start because it was very hot by the end! There are sections with very little to no shade, so definitely bring a hat and lots of water. No issues finding and staying on trail- everything is well marked. The mountain cyclists all had very good trail etiquette. Happy hiking!

horseback riding
22 days ago

A few slick rock areas near the beginning. Walked the horses down those but rode on the way back up. Beautiful ride, lots of elevation gain and loss. Horses needed some rest breaks near the end.

As Floridians, we really enjoyed all this hike had to offer: views of the open countryside, a rushing river carving its way between the mountains, distant snow-capped peaks, and shady forests. We even saw some wildlife, including two deer and a bull snake. We got there at 8:30, and only two other cars were in the lot. We went counter-clockwise and had no trouble following the map until we were about 6.5 miles in. The map shows a series of four switchbacks, but the trail itself was clear cut in the opposite direction after the first one. We turned back and looked for the route AllTrails wanted us to take (because we got several "Off Route" alerts through here), but we were clearly on the trail and followed it through to the end. Overall, we loved the views, the workout we got, and the seclusion we felt (no road noise and just a few other hikers and bikers).

Big long trail. Not technical but not for unconditioned hikers. Some big river safe spots for a dog to dip in and cool off.

Nice hike with many views of the Colorado countryside. There are many entry points into this loop. I started from the Walker Ranch Loop Trailhead. You have the option of starting on two paths right next to each other. I would recommend the counter clockwise path on the right. You will end with a beautiful mile long mostly flat trail, as opposed to ascending about 1,000 ft the last mile. Arrived at the trailhead around 9:30 and still plenty of parking. Not overly crowded but there are definitely a lot of bikes on this trail that you have to avoid. Very sunny and hot hike! This was my acclimation hike on my first full day in CO, planning to hike some 14ers later this week (flew in from the midwest). The hike is up and down and a wide range of views.

Great hike! All different kinds of terrain. My son and I went clockwise, which takes you up the steep rocks and stairs. The creek was more like a rushing river as the snow melt has added quite a lot of water. Big wide sturdy bridges over the water, so no problem. Love the sound of rushing water! The trailmaps say 7.9 miles, not 7.3 as this site says. Definitely be fueled up, bring snacks and a little extra water. One of my favorite hikes of the summer so far!

1 month ago

Just stellar! We ran the loop but started out from the parking lot at Josie Heath which added 2 miles total to the loop for 10 on the dot. What a fantastic run! Some highly runnable downhll sections, some tough power hiking! A little bit of everything and views for days! An epic day, indeed!

Love this loop! Nice little variety of views of valleys, some distant mountain peaks, water and meadows.

Hello! This is a solid 4 from me. I felt happy after hiking this with the pups and a friend. Here are the details...some are redundant from other hikers notes: BATHROOM: Most important, lol. This was clean and up the hill just a bit from the lot. I had a bit of a drive to get here, so yes, imma need that bathroom! THE DRIVE: Winds up Baseline several miles and is a bit of a workout for you if you are driving stick. Tons of blind corners and steep growth up the mountain. Watch out for those bikers. Ugh. THE PARKING LOT: We arrived 8/3/2019 and the lot was almost full at 8:40AM. Two open spaces. THE HIKE: Clear, and no room for error. Just up and back. Wide trail, so I could hike near my friend and not behind her. It was NOT a beginner hike, IMO. It did have incline almost all the way (steady, and gentle yes, but not a beginner hike) It starts forest-y and goes into a meadow until completion. The old sawmill at the beginning was super cool to see. I love history! THE HIKE/WILDLIFE: I did not see mountain lions, however did see a sign they could be in the area. We saw butterflies and tons of hummingbirds!! Lots of gorgeous wildflowers too. So peaceful and pretty. CROWD: We came on a Saturday and it felt peaceful... just the right amount of people in case you did need help. Nice groups too. Now Chautauqua down back in Boulder was a hot mess of people everywhere! I recommend this hike as an intermediate hike with some elevation gain (I think it said 879 feet?) but also a nice, peaceful hike with some pulloffs if you need it. Lovely!

Well trafficked but honestly my favorite hike in Boulder county. Lots of different views— canyon, hills, forest, meadows. Takes you by a little stream as well. Maybe I just love it because first time I hiked it I was in good company and subsequently I like to take all my friends from out of town on this for a day hike. Little difficult to follow trail on this one quarter mile section on the back of a hill sometimes. But my favorite hike in Boulder County. Pretty easy trail not strenuous but a decently long long hike 7 1/2 miles or so

1 month ago

Ran this trail early summer this year. Nice view but hard to run.

Did this trail on a Sunday morning. At 8:30, the parking lot was packed. I wouldn’t consider this lightly trafficked due to seeing at least 20 people while on the short trail. Several mountain bikers and trail runners out. A decent trail for doing some trail running, but let me tell you, the run on the way back is brutal since it’s going up the whole way. Decent trail, running creek with some foothill views. Not sure I’d do it again, but it was a good work out

So much fun started at Ethal Harold Trailhead. Walked down to the river and continued onto the loop. In all took about 3 1/2 hours. My pup Meatball and I had a wonderful time.

Great hike! Bring lots of water and wear sunscreen

Great hike! Lots of different terrain and very well kept trail. Long stretches with very little shade so bring extra water...I’m super glad that I left my pooch at home because I think she would have had heat issues. I went clockwise around the loop which took me up the stairs instead of down them which I was happy about, it’s pretty steep and some of the stairs are huge. Overall a good trek though, especially on a cool day!

2 months ago

Awesome hike. The waterfall and creek at the bottom are so worth it. Scenic views everywhere.

2 months ago

This was a difficult trail so if you're wanting a decent challenge this would be it. Beautiful scenery not crowded at all but I hiked it on a Tuesday. I parked at the Flagstaff parking lot for the loop and i took the trailhead by the large map post. I recommend this direction Because I noticed that in the middle to the end of a hike there are a lot of stairs heading downwards towards the river thankfully I was heading down them if you take the other trail to the left of the parking lot you will have to go up all of these stairs and boulders.

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