I've done this hike countless times and love it even more every time I do it. The hike only takes me about 4 hours round trip. I love the meadow in the middle.

2 months ago

Awesome hike took about 7 hours hard with the snow on the ground

5 months ago

This really is one of the most amazing hikes Ive been on around here. I took the southernmost trailhead off of 43 and the combinations of meadows and steep slopes plus amazing mountain views is hard to beat. Didnt quite make it to the peak as it was getting dark, but I will next time!

fun trail. 1 mile climbing above the canyon road the beautiful scenery.

What a fantastic hike. I enjoyed this one more than the famous Estes Park hikes. And the best part of it all? NO PEOPLE.

I took me about 6 hours, beautiful changing landscapes along the way. From rocky and steep to flat wide grassland.

I ran into a huge bull moose right before reaching the summit.

I'm a very fit 30 year old but found this hike to be very strenuous. If you looking for a beautiful trail to experience raw nature without seeing another human being, this is the one.

There is a summit and a nature trail. Took the nature trail today, just 1 mile each way. Nice and leisurely; good for kids. Awesome rock house lookout at the top with nice views of the river and canyon.

Just want to warn all hikers that this trail will be closed for repairs and maintenance on October 17, 2016 until June of 2017. The City of Loveland is planning some needed maintenance of the trail head and will be closing this trail in the fall. If you need additional information on the closure - visit www.Cityofloveland.org/trails.

Happy hiking until October 17th! Please don't trespass - it's for your own safety!

Awesome views from the peak! A strenuous hike but well worth it.

6 months ago

Great hike! One hell of a workout, but the views at the top were incredible. Make sure you don't take the trail that leads to Glen Haven, I hiked 2 extra miles cause I missed the sign pointing to the summit.

I used this trail to build up to mountain hiking. Good trail not to busy and plenty of climb.

we almost missed the parking lot driving up-it's hidden on the side and not well marked! the summit trail is moderate-difficult, a lot of rocks and steep elevation gain! our kids hiked 2 miles up and then wanted to turn back. we later tried the nature trail which was great for the kiddos! a short, easy hike (age 5 and 8 loved it)

6 months ago

Great views, well marked trails, uphill but the rewards are worth it!