Crosier is a large complex mountain with three feeder trails leading to the main trail that traverses the mountain from east to west.

Great hike, definitely moderate. Rocky in parts and trees in others. Lots of flowers and butterflies about half way up. At the top it isn't easy to get a full view due to trees but it was definitely a beautiful hike with excellent views on the journey up!

Did the rainbow entrance. Pretty steep, but so pretty! Great views off the top.

Love this trail!! Went out solo last summer and did the nature trail which is a nice short trip to get your feet wet with. Then, was finally able to go back and try the summit trail after they opened the canyon back up this spring. We loved it! Didn't quite make it to the summit because it got too hot, but we'll definitely be going back to complete it!

Beautiful trail!! Took a solo trip up on a rainy/foggy day and saw 1 other human the entire time. We didn't make it to the summit because of the storm, but we loved what we did manage to get done. The Drake trail is rated as difficult on the map at the trailhead which I think is accurate.

I enjoyed the views and abundant wildflowers on the trail. The trail was marked as difficult on the sign at the entrance to the trail and it is apt. However, the journey is worth the inclines. I highly recommend you bring twice the amount of water you need, I sincerely regreted not bringing more. All in all worth it, and will be heading back again.

This hike was absolutely stunning. The climb up was definitely that-- a climb. The trailhead itself ranks this hike as "difficult" so be prepared for that instead of the moderate that AllTrails has given it.
The views however were incredible and totally worth all the huffing and puffing and water breaks it took to reach the summit.
We saw two mountain bikers and 5 other hikers over our 6 hour venture (some of which spent offtrailing) on July 4th weekend which was absolutely incredible. Highly recommend this trail!!!