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The trail is definitely easy but it's littered with trash in places and also with homeless people. Tents and stuff are set up along the water and it's honestly a little scary in some parts if you're alone. Not bad for a quick ride if you just are trying to get a work out in but if you're riding to have a good time and enjoy the scenery I would steer clear.

This is part of the Midland Trail. Three separate sections of the overall Midland Trail have been completed (with gaps between these sections). However, travel between America the Beautiful Park in Colorado Springs and the Manitou Spring Pool is possible via marked detours. This particular section is very good with a wide concrete path beginning at 25th Street and ending at the intersection of Ridge Road and Colorado Avenue. There are numerous bridges and trail access with public parking is available at Vermijo Park. The other completed sections of the Midland Trail include Chestnut to 21st Street and Colombia Street at Manitou Avenue to the Creek Path which begins just east of Beckers Lane. The Creek Path is narrower concrete, but it provides a continuous connection west to the public pool in Manitou Springs.

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