Nice easy walk. It is a bit dry and dull in some places, but overall makes for a great calm walk. I went by myself once as well as with my family. Was a tranquil experience, very quiet!

Very poor signage. Thought we were on a trail and wound up lost. Thanks to Google Maps we were able to return to the trail.

mountain biking
10 days ago

It probably would have been a great ride if we had been able to stay on the loop. Such poor signage and so many intersections that we got hopelessly lost trying to have a mellow family ride. We ended up having to carry our bikes over a washed out drainage and up over the rock ridge to get back to civilization. Everyone we ran into was also trying to get to a manageable trail and not sure where they were either.

You can create a lot of different hikes in this park. Surrounded by neighborhoods but in the middle of the park you can't see them. But I think the river mentioned in the description has dried up years ago.

Really liked this trail...close to home and it has both easy and moderate trails. If you get up to the rock ridge line the views are beautiful! Stay on the main trail and it's still got some gorgeous views. I'll definitely go again to explore more!