Saw quite a bit of wildlife out, nice easy to moderate hike if you just want to get out.

Fun to run. I've heard that a mom bear and her cub is hanging out down over, be advised.

Great hike with many trail options ranging in difficulty. Watch out for rattlesnakes!

2 months ago

Such a great hike in the middle of the city! A little hot in the open stretches so bring lots of water. Wonderful views, you forget you are in the middle of town.

3 months ago

Great for an easy evening run/hike, or nature walk with kids. Only downside- trails not marked well.

This is a terrific trail system with many offshoots. Make sure to take any of them, you really can't get lost and it makes the run, hike or bike almost limitless. Worth the trip!

3 months ago

Nice that it’s so accessible, frustrating that trails are hard to follow - partly due to very poor signage and partly due to inherent difficulty with trails that pass over rocky outcropping. Tried this loop 5 times and actually stayed on the intended path twice.

The ridge on the beginning of this trail is beautiful at sunset!

Great scenic multi-trail. Conveniently located and surprisingly beautiful.

mountain biking
4 months ago

Short loops but tons of good terrain for mountain biking. Bent my rear derallier hanger on one of the rock formations but I still managed to have a great ride with some low gears that still worked. Had 8miles by the time I finished.

Find a natural water run-off and follow it up to the top of the ridge. All kinds of cool trails up there and amazing views. Saw rabbits and lizards. Watch for rattlesnakes as there are plenty of hiding spots for them. Watch your step!

I used to live really close to this park, so I used to walk to it. There are a lot of deer trails and habit trails so be careful to stay on the main path. It is nice in the late afternoon, but it is often very very crowded and hot in the afternoon. Pro Tip- visit Josh&John's Ice Cream which is a quick walk away (formally Starbucks).

4 months ago

Great in town park. I'd say this loop is closer to an "easy" rating than a "moderate".

Nice hike with some good views of pikes peak

Good running or biking trail.

Love this quick loop, if I can stay on trail. They make it a guessing game as to which trail you’re on.

Best to go early on a weekday morning when it’s way less busy and the mountain bikers aren’t out, cause they fly past you, and you spend half your time waiting for them to pass.

It's a really great open space park surrounded by neighborhoods, great for a casual hike if you live in the area and don't want to spend a lot of time getting somewhere.
Some trails are well marked, some are not, there are many "unofficial" trails crisscrossing everywhere, so it's easy to get off track. Very fun though, lots of cool rock formations and different trails to explore.

Fun. Parking is tight. Though one can park at two other trail heads.

fun hike.. beautiful scenery ,great hike with my dog!

You can only access this from Rampart Range road. I moved before I go the chance. :( it’s the only legal way after the fire. If anyone goes and see it please share with me :) thanks

great walk with the dogs. They are now napping soundly

Nice, but the trails need to be marked better.

Beautiful rock formations and views. Just pay attention, it may be easy to get lost in the network of trails

Nice views if you are looking for a hike in town.

11 months ago

Great short trail. pretty easy and scenic.

Not my favorite trail! It’s rattle snake city in the summer and I always seem to get lost. The views aren’t spectacular, but the rock formations are kinda cool.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

I loved the park. Easy hike. Also easy to get a little lost or turned around. But some of the views are so beautiful..

mountain biking
Saturday, September 16, 2017

Great beginner mountain biking trail!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Nice easy walk. It is a bit dry and dull in some places, but overall makes for a great calm walk. I went by myself once as well as with my family. Was a tranquil experience, very quiet!

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