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Amazing and breath taking view

6 days ago

Nice peaceful walk.

This was a great hike! Didn’t make it to the peak for a couple of reasons. The main being there was way too much snow on the ground. My lifted Jeep made it up until we started sliding back on the ice. Also, we started at about 3pm, so obviously we were losing sunlight. It’s doable if you start early and wear snow boots. Hiking stalks would’ve been a plus as well.

so rediculous that you must pay to hike. way better nature for free elsewhere.

scenic driving
8 days ago

Went through October 2018 with snow on the ground in several areas. It is a little rocky but not bad, dont really need 4 wheel drive on this. We did this in a 2015 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk no problem.

10 days ago

Completed this hike on 10/6/18. Definitely a difficult, steep hike! We started at the upper cascade trail and completed the full hike in 3 hours (with plenty of stops for pictures and some time spend hanging out in the mine camp). Beautiful views of Ouray and surrounding mountains. I would highly recommend this trail if you’re looking for a great work out/shorter day hike.

stick time in 2008 jeep jk sport with 2018 rubicon wheels and tires minamal. off road experienced only. stock jeep WITH large tires made it no problem. NOT for faint of heart but completely navigable with patience and good equipment. Steps is only technical portion. you will know when u reach them. weather comes out of nowhere. worth the trip and understandable why it's on jeeps badge of honor trail list.

off road driving
13 days ago

Fantastic off roading experience. Snow and rain made it a bit slippery and had to take it real slow but crazy beautiful views.

off road driving
15 days ago

Always a fun trail. It is fun to go down and drive into such a scenic area. The problem with this trail is the idiots who think they are cool or something and take their dads Rav4 down. It clogs up the trail and is moronic. T-case and transmission are your friend on this one.

off road driving
15 days ago

Great little trail. Not too difficult at all. We took it on a very rainy and overcast day. It made the ascent a little harder than most days, but that’s what made it fun. The switchbacks going up were a blast.

15 days ago

Wishing for more water for the waterfall, but still beautiful.

Beautiful with options to go farther by taking the connected ouray perimeter trail.

I did the Alpine Mine. Be prepared for the long, steady incline up, but you have views the entire way. Super cool to see the leftover mining equipment near the overlook. Bring a lunch and enjoy the vistas.

Great hike. The views are incredible and we saw the lake in clouds, sunshine, and snow—all within about 10 minutes. It’s well worth the effort. We saw it listed as “moderate” but viewed it as tougher than that.

off road driving
19 days ago

Fun rock crawling

off road driving
19 days ago

Another trail off my bucket list

Fun, steep and primitive! Some great times getting lost and bushwhacking up the mountain. Above the treeline is very steep, and there is a short scramble and a little exposure right before the summit. Not for the faint of heart. Car to car took me just over 8 hours (might take 6 if you know EXACTLY where to go/ done it before). Expect to get lost in the woods!

Fantastic trail. In my opinion, doesn’t get much better than this.

Amazing and challenging hike. Use the directions from earlier posts (thanks) to make sure you don’t miss the trail to Blue Lake. Bridal trail falls was just a trickle at this time of year but there are other amazing waterfalls along the trail. Make sure you wear hiking boots or trail runners. Hikers who wore running shoes had trouble navigating the loose gravel both up and down the trail. The views were well worth the hike!!

off road driving
24 days ago

Amazing views, one challenging section. Lots of fun!!

off road driving
25 days ago

Great trail

Park at top of bridal falls. Below that is dusty, boring switchbacks. Once above power plant at Bridal Viel it is beautiful. Moderate steepness, but beautiful terrain. Went in September and only saw a few hikers.

28 days ago

Great hike! I’m from California so the altitude was challenging. But worth it!

This trail would be great for a local person just looking for exercise, rather than a tourist looking to experience the views and scenery that the area is known for. The trail is relatively flat but the All Trails distance description from the parking area they mention to Ilium is actually longer - about 6.5 miles round trip. There is quite a bit of road noise and limited views of the waterfalls without taking a detour off the main trail. A portion of the hike is along the rivers edge but there the trail is running through private land so you can’t actually get to the water. I would recommend looking elsewhere if you’re looking for a hike in this area. And yes, signs posted everywhere - “no dogs”.

Now one of my favorite 14ers!
If you have 4 wheel drive and high clearance try to go as far up this road as you can! It will help eliminate you hiking up the whole road to get to the trail head! If you can make it far up that road, you will thank yourself on the way back down

Loved it. First time off road with a Jeep and wasn’t to bad.

Best hike of our trip. My wife and I started and finished at the Jud Wiebe trailhead. Moderate-Hard. The hardest part for us was the saddle. Slippery (small dry gravel) and steep on the way up and rock hopping in the way down. We saw some marmots, and 1 other person! This was mid September, 2016.

off road driving
1 month ago

Great trail. Awesome views. Jeep did fine no issues. Only drawback was all the side by sides. Rude, did not make sure narrow areas were clear and just go. Made them back up to passing areas a few times. People remember in Colorado up hill traveling vehicle has right-a-way.

Beautiful Hike - every turn you take you either have an awesome viewpoint or eyes on a waterfall. Hiked this in last August while a storm was rolling in. It was overcast, but I imagine on a clear day you will be hot and in the sun for most of the hike.
Any 4x4 car will make it to the top of Bridal Veil Falls (no need for high clearance). The first fork in the trail: Right will take you to Silver Lake. Second fork in the trial: Left will take you to Blue Lake, Right will take you to Lewis Lake

1 month ago

The recorded track shown on AllTrails is the left branch. I took the right branch (splits at unmarked post abt 1 mi in) as described by the Ouray trails website. Only went 5k out + back. Nice + shady in the morning, mostly good trail surface, almost a beginner trail for this area. Three good spots for the dogs to get water. Saw bear track on approach road and heard one in the woods. Pack hunters loading up to go in as I was leaving (September 12). Wear orange.

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