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Attempted this hike yesterday and got just passed the old power plant before turning back. The upper portion of the trail, just before the gate blocking traffic, was completely covered in down sloping, icy snow. Determined to see the lakes my sister and I stupidly scaled the icy trail. There were footprints in the snow so we assumed it was possible. Definitely don't recommend this! Twice we almost slipped down the mountain. The falls were beautiful though! I'd love to try again once the snow melts. I wish we would have know about the conditions before we attempted to hike above the falls.

5 days ago

This trail was absolutely incredible. Don't stop at the first lake. Keep going up the the third lake, at least! I did this trail in August, and the weather was exquisite.

Looking to do this trail again June 1 of this year. Has anyone been up that way lately? Will it be accessible by then? Thanks.

Beautiful trail on a late spring day. We viewed waterfalls, numerous spring wildflowers, one twisted and one huge aspen. And we found a small number of morels.

We tried to access this hike in mid May and didn't make it all the way up to the trail head. The road just to get up there requires heavy duty 4 wheel drive and even then there's still way too much snow to be able to do the hike. It looks spectacular but we would've been better off going later in the summer.

Good easy switchback hike to San Sophia

Best hike ever! Can't wait to do it again.

1 month ago

first 14er in the san juans, it's far away from civilization, and the American basin during labor day weekend is so full of color.

Only managed to get to the trail head, but that was after tramping through nearly two miles of snow. Needs a good thaw before being able to do this route

This is an easy little walk when in Ouray. You can see the falls from a ways away too, but the hike is not that long. One of the many things to do when in this area.

I've done this little jaunt too. Took my kids once , so it's easy enough for young folks. This is a really narrow section of this creek. Hard to get good photos as the perspective is not like when you're standing there. Worth the effort to do the loop though.

1 month ago

I walked into this box canyon several times thru the years. It's pretty cool to see. Better when it's during the spring run off obviously. It's darn cold in here when the falls are really roaring. The wind created will cut thru you. Not much sun gets into this canyon

Short walk to see falls. Pretty but not spectacular. Easy access in Ouray.

Hiked (walked) up about 100 stairs to bridge across canyon. Beautiful