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Great hike to make with kids. Visited the day after Christmas, weather was great.

off road driving
27 days ago

Fairly easy trail but one of our favorites in the area. We did it in a stock jeep unlimited sport with no problems. Great views. Passes by the waterfall they use in the Coors commercials.

Did this hike on December 16, 2017 during a month lacking normal snowfall. Although there wasn't much snow on the road leading up to Bridal Veil Falls, we weren't able to drive all the way up to Bridal Veil Faills. We had a 4WD vehicle but didn't want to attempt it with the icy sections (and we're glad we didn't). We hiked two miles up to Bridal Veil Falls and continued on to Blue Lake.

There were plenty of areas completely void of snow on the trail, but as we got higher, the icy sections increased. Microspikes were very helpful, but my husband did the entire hike without them. The trail was steep the entire way, but easy to navigate until about two miles in.

When the ground became covered in snow, we just continued to follow tracks that apparently follow Bridal Veil Creek up to Lewis Lake. We followed this incorrect trail until we reached a high point and thought we would run into the lake and there was nothing but an icy basin (not very scenic in the winter and we never reached Lewis Lake, which was even further past the steep section we hiked).

We turned around and eventually saw that we missed the sharp left turn on the trail because there were no other tracks on the trail. This turn off was probably somewhere around mile 2, but we have no idea for sure.

We continued on the correct trail up to Blue Lake and this last mile or so up to the lake was very steep and icy. The lake was gorgeous and icy, but after getting lost, we didn't have time to hang out before racing back down before sunset. I get the sense that this hike would be much prettier and scenic in the summer when the creek isn't icy and the trail isn't buried in patches of snow, but the winter hike was alright, too.

My husband and I tried this trail for the 1st time on 12/7/17. Mostly clear of snow and ice, the downhills weren’t all that bad but if it was wetter it could be bad in spots. We really enjoyed it and plan to do it with snowshoes or at least try it.

worth the hike! beautiful

off road driving
1 month ago

Great pass

off road driving
1 month ago

Great trail lots to see not very hard, some off angle places that want to take it slow, I almost rolled my Jeep due to my own ignorance of playing around

Great trail, awesome views and not as hard as people make it out to be if you pay attention to the trail

Amazing view on geological formation. Not difficult at all and very short but not for people with bad knees for example.

1 month ago

Day after thanksgiving. Trail was pretty dry gorgeous views!

I wouldn't call this a hike, but hearing the roar of the waterfall and exploring the canyon was a five-star experience for me. I went late on a weekday when nobody else was there, so I felt like I was discovering something hidden all by myself. Super cool place.

off road driving
2 months ago

Rode it for the first time in October 2017 on a large adventure motorcycle (BMW R1200 GS) with two friends. Had just come off the road by Silver Jack Reservoir, which was a dirt highway compared to this. This was by far one of the best roads ever. Water crossings (there were about three) were no problem. At one, we ran across a family dressed in Sunday best. Hilarious. This is a popular getaway for folks from Telluride. We took it from the Ridgway side. The aspens were out. Do check out https://goo.gl/e6tAqn for some awesome pics. We came over this ridge, and started down into the valley, and never having been there before, we were thinking we were coming into Telluride, but then you see that there's not much at the bottom, and you see the road heading back up the other side of this beautiful valley, and once you top the next ridge, it's clear you are now coming into town, with the airport below and the state highway. Really cool ride. Totally doable on a big GS if you are experienced, stand on the pegs and counter-balance in turns. Some very rocky sections you have to power through, and, like I said, a few water crossings that can leave you and your bike with that adventure biking look. Haha. Muddy as heck walking into the New Sheridan for our $200+/night rooms!

I hiked this beautiful trail on 10/14 after driving up from phoenix the night before. With perfect weather, I was confused why I only saw 1 other hiker the entire day! Spotted a fox and some pikas. I would recommend an ice axe to be secure in the section before the saddle. No snow past the saddle (albeit I turned around at the false summit), but lots of loose rock. So be mentally prepared to slide when coming down. The road to the TH is pretty rough for 2WD. Just before big bear creek (which was very low), there was a giant pothole taking up the road filled with water. With the right vehicle, I would imagine it would be fun! But I parked immediately after that and hiked the remaining distance to the TH.

beautiful views of red mountain

2 months ago

Incredible hike, stunning views... can't wait to do this again!!!

3 months ago

Yeah, sure...followed the directions...no trailhead marker whatsoever...

Lots of elevation gain for an absolutely breathtaking view on top. Ran into a red fox, which was cool. Most challenging and rewarding hike I've done so far.

3 months ago

Great hike with fantastic views! Steep and narrow in some areas but easily navigable. A must do if in Ouray.

off road driving
3 months ago

Gorgeous scenery. Easy for high clearance Jeep.loved it.

Great trail with huge views! Agree with Tom and Alison's review, below, that the description and map are confusing. Out and back distance of 16 miles from Lizard Head Pass to junction with Cross Mountain Trail (below Lizard Head Peak), then back, sounds about right. But although there's plenty of uphill, elevation gain is nothing close to 5900 feet - map shows it's about half that, and that's what it felt like to me.
Saw nice flock of White-winged Ptarmigans - rather than taking flight at my approach, they "hid" from me, just a few feet away, some of them hunkered down right in the trail. Cool!

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