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Best hike ever! Can't wait to do it again.

12 days ago

first 14er in the san juans, it's far away from civilization, and the American basin during labor day weekend is so full of color.

Only managed to get to the trail head, but that was after tramping through nearly two miles of snow. Needs a good thaw before being able to do this route

This is an easy little walk when in Ouray. You can see the falls from a ways away too, but the hike is not that long. One of the many things to do when in this area.

I've done this little jaunt too. Took my kids once , so it's easy enough for young folks. This is a really narrow section of this creek. Hard to get good photos as the perspective is not like when you're standing there. Worth the effort to do the loop though.

18 days ago

I walked into this box canyon several times thru the years. It's pretty cool to see. Better when it's during the spring run off obviously. It's darn cold in here when the falls are really roaring. The wind created will cut thru you. Not much sun gets into this canyon

Short walk to see falls. Pretty but not spectacular. Easy access in Ouray.

Hiked (walked) up about 100 stairs to bridge across canyon. Beautiful

21 days ago

My son and I tried for Handies in Oct. of 2013. We got to American Basin and started in on the hike. There was snow right off the bat but it wasn't enough to keep us from going. We got just below Sloan Lake and decided to take a short break. While sitting there, my son became ill due to the elevation so we turned around right away and went back down. I believe we would have made the top if it weren't for that. I would try this again some time as it is an easy 14'r for the most part. I will say, the road over Cinnamon Pass and down to American basin is as ugly as it's always been. There are some really nasty sections along that. Once again, my Expedition handled it all, but I had doubts a few times about clearance. 4 x 4 for sure here

Ok spot to stop by. Lots of construction happening and no clear sign where to park. Maybe it's better later in the year.