Hiked the trail up and walked the road down. The entire trip was snow-covered but very passable with a few ice spots. Fantastic views at several spots.

26 days ago

Fantastic hike with lots of scenic views. You can take the road or the trail up to the top. I highly recommend the trail. There are many different offshoots, so we started on Fall Line and ended on Cross Trail all the way up to the cross. Hiking it in winter, the snow was fairly compact, but yaktrax or similar is a must. There were some slick spots and parts of the trail are fairly steep, so you'll want the traction.
In a couple of places when crossing the road, the trail seemed to disappear on the other side. Just jump on the road for a switchback or two and you'll reaquire the trail. Fantastic views at the top! Will definitely do this trail again!

Ride this path all the time. Watch out for the wet spot on the down hill section if riding a road bike and going fast. It swept out my back tire at 30mph and the road rash was brutal.

5 months ago

This was my first time on Red Mountain Trail. I really wanted to get to the Summit and see the cross and it was well worth it. took me nearly 3 hours to get to the top though I have to say a good part of that time was spent enjoying the scenery stopping & taking photos enjoying 360 degree views at every turn. truly fun trail for adventurous hikers. Be mindful of cyclists sharing the trail too. challenging for me at times. I recommend this hike. moderate to hard at least it was for me. Super cardio workout specially going up, coming down was a breeze!! bring lots of water and some snacks for blood sugar and protein

Great trail for the person of moderate skill level. Fantastic views! I had no bear repellant and was completely alone on my way back down. As luck would have it, I encountered a bear after traversing about 1.7 miles down the trail. It was a good outcome for both the bear and for myself though. Lessons learned: 1. Never hike alone and 2. Always have two cans of bear repellant as a minimum. I will definitely do this trail again. Be careful and have a great hike.

7 months ago

Very challenging in the dead of summer. PSA: Saw a bear cub half way up, be careful.

7 months ago

The trail itself goes straight up the hillside and is a bit of a tree basher. We abandoned the trail and took the road, about a third of the way up. Made for a much more pleasant hike. The views of Glenwood below and Mt. Sopris in the distance were fantastic.

7 months ago

A great day hike, not a lot of people on the Thursday I went, and a stunning end view!! The beginning of the trail was the hardest part, basically a vertical climb. But after that, it opened to a road that takes you all the way up with some trails curving off into the woods. The road is the easiest path for sure.

Nice hike. I took the trail up and the road down do to issues with my knees. Nice views of GWS. There is a picnic table at the top which would be good for lunch.

9 months ago

Fantastic exercise. Great views!

It's not a "wild" trail by any means, but if you want a pristine view of Glenwood Springs, this is the trail to take. You can get a solid post card picture. The trail is wide and mostly paved, great for biking (down) and jogging. Optionally, you can take the hiking trail less traveled that shortcuts and is more challenging, a wonderful leg workout. It is mostly uncovered along the trail, lots of sun exposure. Highly recommended.

Great views... wear sunblock for sure. We took many cut through trails... didn't realize it wasn't actually trail. Don't be fooled bc it's pretty intense if you take this route. Stay on the gravel winding path

Easy trail all uphill but flat and paved. Not much of a chance for twisted ankles! Wear sunblock!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

cuts in and out of the road a lot is pretty steep at the beginning cool view at the cross and picnic table at top

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Had a great time, went with my dog I could definitely make this a regular hike

trail running
Monday, May 30, 2016

Great trail close by and you have the option to run or walk which is great for training! Family friendly.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The beginning of the actual hiking trail was strenuously steep. Taking the gravel road is much easier but we alternate. Great views and fun hike.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Monday, March 21, 2016

Great hike with beautiful views of Glenwood Springs. Nice dirt road.

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