Spectacular views! It’s a very short and easy hike with a lot of reward. The snow was packed down so no snow shoes or spikes were needed.

A couple couples making out all over. Should be called ‘sapphire love point’ in my opinion.

Perfect, simple hike offering spectacular views of Dillon Reservoir and the surrounding mountains. Enter the trail on the right side of the parking lot as suggested in the AllTrails app, and you'll save the best view for last!

Hiked after fresh snowfall, knee deep at places. Distant mountain morning glow at sunrise. Peace and quiet on the reservoir and villages below. Occasional animal tracks crossing the trail.

Excellent easy trail for kiddos. I walked this with my 4 year old and my 10 year old. great views and easy walk! You dont want to miss this if you are looking for something non strenuous but beautiful!

Our 5 and 3 year old enjoyed finding walking sticks and drawing with them in the little bit of snow there was left! Quick and easy hike!

Its a short walk but offers spectacular views and tons of small wildlife. For the amount of effort it is quite the reward. Don't miss this hike!

Fantastic views, tons of chipmunks, great for a warm up/cool down hike, or a leisurely stroll.

Nice trail for a break from driving. Beautiful views of the lake below.

Perfect hike to take anyone on. So easy and ridiculously scenic. You could easily spend an hour or more enjoying the views, eating a meal, or watching the outdoor weddings that seem to happen all day long.

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3 months ago

The highlight for my four kids was feeding the chipmunks. The views were also spectacular! Next time I’m bringing lunch as there are picnic tables at the top. We went on a Sunday so there was a lot of traffic and a lot of kids feeding the chipmunks. Please remember to approach the chipmunks quietly as to not scare them all away from others who are enjoying the chipmunks. This was a favorite and highly recommend for families.

A good light hike to get acclimated! Pretty views and lots of adorable chipmunks.

Easy hike, great views! Fed chipmunks and found geocache.

Nice walk and picnic

Easy, even if you are out of shape. Beautiful views, but they all have towns and/or roads in them.

Loved it. Great for kids (ours are 15 months to 12 yrs and all completed it), pretty views, and lots of fun. We saw a lady with a broken ankle doing the trail, so this is a great trail for anyone. Have fun and enjoy the view of the lake!

5 stars for the chipmunks and the view at the lookout. Other than that, this is just a short walk around a loop and lots of dead trees. I’d be worried taking a smaller child due to the drop offs. The lookout and chipmunks are closest if you go to the left from the parking lot.

short and easy.

Short loop with beautiful views.

Great trail for sight seeing. Not a hard trail at all; nice and short. Beautiful views. This trail is busy.

A great trail to introduce your kids to nature hikes... oh, and the views are incredible as well!

Lovely stroll for kids and great views. But can get crowded.

CHIPMUNKS AT THE LOOK OUT VIEW!! They will come up and eat right out of your hands, they are all around. Beautiful view on the trail as well, short and easy! Definitely recommend! Take some black bird seed the chipmunks love that stuff! Or any nuts!

It was very crowded on a Saturday, so that is to be expected but the trail is pretty narrow. I had to keep wrangling my dog and atepping out of the way from people and other dogs. Also the chipmunks arent scared of people because they get fed so much but subsequently, they arent scared of the dog and will go right up to them and there were a couple times I was emotionally preparing myself for twenty people to watch my corgi carnage and cute little chipmunk. This didnt happen but if your dog is rodent obsessed this is not the trail for you. A dog in front of us barked non stop at them and they wouldnt flee so he just kept doing it. Also be prepared to be asked to take pictures of a lot of tourists. Great place for a hop out of the car and look at the views but I wouldnt hike again...

5 months ago

Absolutely stunning views!

Extremely easy and short loop, lots of cute chipmunks. Did it 18 weeks pregnant.

Awesome easy hike! My kids 2,4,6,8 loved feeding the chipmunks and requested we go back the next day. Grandparents loved the hike too! The views were amazing! Couple fun spots to stop for a picnic and my kids enjoyed the large shelter made of logs.

Easy hike for a beautiful view. There’s not a lot of shade so bring a hat.

Very easy but great views!

Awesome little hike and very easy. Kiddos loved it.

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