its a nice little trail with amazing views. its a super easy walk with minimal elivation change. its a great walk for someone who's just gotten to the altitude from sea level. only 0.6 miles long its great for the entire family. the only down side to the trail is winter conditions can make it hard to get to if you dont have 4x4 or snow tires.

Took about an hour total, stopping for many pictures along the way. The snow on the trail is packed down which makes for an easy hike. Not steep or strenuous at all! Beautiful views and many spots to capture them!

beautiful views from this very short trail. Definitely worth stopping here

Short, easy walk with beautiful views!

So pretty! The snow-capped peaks gleaming above Lake Dillon, the beautiful blue Colorado skies and bright sunlight make this trail a quintessential must-do!

Not a "hike", but a nice pretty stroll. Great fir pictures!!

A short walk

Beautiful views. Great quick walk when spending the day in the Frisco.

This is a great easy hike to help acclimate to elevation. There are some great views of the Dillon Reservoir and the Gore Range. Right at the trailhead there is an overlook area that is popular for feeding chipmunks. A colony lives in the rocks strewn below the overlook, and a tourists feeding them peanuts. They might even take one from your hand if you're patient.

Super easy trail to do with young children, the elderly, you name it. This little loop has fantastic views for about half the time of Dillon Reservoir, and really shows you just how big the reservoir really is. If you want to save the best views for last, go counter clockwise, but if you can't wait an extra 4 minutes to see the views, then start clockwise. We even saw a few chipmunks while we were up there too!

6 months ago

Nice trail loop overlooking beautiful scenery very easy and quick if you don't have much time

This is a great trail to get started on. Easy to access, great views, no elevation gain. Very dog friendly.

6 months ago

Went on this hike with my entire extended family (ages 1-64). It was a quick and easy hike and was great to get the little ones outdoors. There are some steep cliffs around the point but also a flat walking path. The views are great from a few different scenic overlooks.

2yo and 6yo enjoyed the hike. A stroller works fine on this path. We were disappointed in the small number of chipmunks but was still a good short family hike.

Great views of Lake Dillon

Beautiful views. We just got in town, and wanted to take it easy for the first few days so that we could acclimate to the altitude. This was an easy hike to do with our 11 month old, and we were entertained by the abundance of chipmunks at the lookout.

Easy with great views.

Great, easy, scenic hike...single Bob stroller fit easily. The chipmunks were a blast. A large wedding party took up the scenic picture stop.

Chipmunks everywhere! Take your little ones. Not much of a hike, but the views are fantastic, and naturally the chipmunks delight everyone.

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