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The ultimate in rugged Colorado, State Forest State Park offers visitors 71,000 acres of forest, jagged peaks, alpine lakes, wildlife and miles of trails. The park stretches along the west side of the Medicine Bow Mountains and into the north end of the Never Summer Range. Moose is our claim to fame. North Park is considered the moose viewing capital of Colorado, with over 600 moose to be observed year-round. The State Forest State Park has something for everyone in every season. With so much room and diversity, visitors can experience a bountiful array of outdoor recreational favorites such as camping, hiking, four-wheeling, horseback riding, skiing, snowshoeing, telemarking, snowboarding, snowmobiling, fishing, hunting, birding, wildlife viewing and geocaching.

5 days ago

2-4” of fresh powder In AM. Had to navigate by GPS above ruby jewel trailhead where motor vehicles are restricted. But it was pretty easy to determine the path just by sight. Skied down south facing slope. Would do again!

Went with Greeley Active Adults Group. Started about 11am and returned about 2:15 pm. Took trail to intersection with Michigan Lakes trail, about 2.5 miles up, then turned around to come back. Trail had about 6 " snow and was ideal for snow shoes. Weather was cloudy with light snow coming down, temp cold but no wind. Surrounded by trees, it was a winter wonderland! Also saw some cabins and water infrastructure. A great snowshoe for beginners and for first of the season snowshoeing!

Date: Jan 8, 2019
Cost: $3.00
Conditions: Sunny, calm, Mid 20s

Pros: Gorgeous in winter. Easy (relatively flat). Suitable for snowshoes or cross country skis. Amazing views of 12,484' Nokhu Crags and later what I believe is 12,270' Iron Mountain. Lovely cabins about 1 mile in, fantastic photo opps.

My experience: Snowshoed 2.1 miles in, had lunch and turned and went back.

Cons: I've heard it can be trecherous when windy.

IG: Minnesota_Wanderer

2 months ago

My girlfriend and I, along with my best friend and his girlfriend, all tackled this bad boy last Sunday (12/9); and it was magnificent.

We got a relatively late start after making the roughly two-hour drive up from Fort Collins; beginning our snowshoeing trek around 12:30 pm and returning to our vehicle around 4:30 pm.

The road down to the actual trailhead was closed due to the amount of snow, so we added an additional 4 miles to our trip (approx. 6 miles round-trip). With the small parking lot being full, we just parked along State Hwy 14 without a problem.

The road leading up to the trailhead was somewhat steep, but we were blessed with blue skies the whole way up. And even though the temp dropped into the single digits near our trek's end, we were well prepared to bare the elements.

The Crags to the east of the trail provided us with some stupendous views as the sun crept down beyond the mountains, just illuminating the tops of these exceptional peaks. We made it all the way to the lake, but decided not to make the full loop around, for it was getting dark and with most of the hike being in the shade (and at least 10 degrees cooler), we decided to head back. We were fortunate enough to only have seen four to five other groups on the trail, which just added to the splendor of this amazing hike!

Would love to return in the spring or summer to see how different it is in another season!

Tip: Make sure you have your All Trails Map downloaded prior to the hike, for we almost took a wrong turn and got lost, as the trail is completely covered in snow.

This is one hike I always recommend to someone going to Colorado. Stunning view at the top!

Its snowshoe season!

The best in Colorado

Gorgeous country and great hike. Very peaceful and the trail is certainly challenging at times.

Awesome trail! Couple of inches of snow on the trail this morning! Time to start whipping out cross country skiis and snow shoes!

4 months ago

Our 7 and almost 4 year old had fun on this hike! The lake is a great place to play, have a few snacks and take in the scenery!

Went up in mid-September on a Friday morning, and was happily surprised to only encounter one other group on the trail. The last section up to Snow Lake is short and steep, but very worth the push! We logged just over 8 miles, including some exploration around the lakes.

Not too steep or rocky. Incredible views of mountains, lakes and alpine glacial terrain. Want to revisit for a trail run!

Beautiful scenery, very diverse (meadows, forest, open space above tree line with amazing views, stunning lake), trail well maintained. Would highly recommend and would do it again! One thing I would like to add is that the mileage seems a bit off. I measured about 8 miles out and back.

on American Lakes Trail

5 months ago

Hiked today and was impressed with the views...then we saw the moose on the trail. Incredible! Just hike up to Snow Lake...you won’t regret it. Maybe 15-20 people in the 10 miles we hiked.

5 months ago

Outstanding! Ideal for backpacking in to camp at the end of the trail before it gives way to trails to Thunder Pass and Snow Lake. Could hike to Thunder Pass one day and Snow Lake another, or crush them both in one day!

5 months ago

Mildly steep, quick ascending trail. Totally beautiful reward arriving at Lake Agnes. All by ourselves, no one out there but us. Monday 6a start time.

5 months ago

Stunning the whole way!

5 months ago

Beautiful, short hike with some short areas of heavy climbing. We parked at the winter lot because that is where the GPS directed us, and walked up the road. I think it's about 2-1/2 miles roundtrip when parking from this lower lot,

5 months ago

What a great hike! 6 Moose and some deer along the trail. Lots of wild flowers and enough of a distance and elevation gain for a good workout. The lakes at the top were amazing. Quite a few campers staying over night by the lakes. Trail is very rocky in several places, but easy to follow with so many different views from thick forest, open meadows to hill top scenery.

beautiful trail and view. Well maintained.

Really enjoyed this trail. It was pretty easy going. We took our three dogs along and it wasn’t too difficult for them. They loved playing in the lake at the end. We did not hike up to snow lake or thunder pass. According to my Fitbit, the distance was closer to 8 Miles. Saw three moose on the way out of the parking lot. Would have been a great trail for backpacking.

My new favorite hike! The first section starts off with a steady uphill, but it levels off with lots of switchbacks with views around every corner. We saw a bull moose resting under a tree and a baby moose snacking in the trees. We didn't see mama, but we know she was near. Michigan lake is absolutely stunning especially if you make the hike to Snow Lake. Snow Lake was pretty, but the view of Michigan Lake from there was breathtaking.

5 months ago

wonderful place. easy hike. watched the moose from on top of the hill play in the water.

5 months ago

We took the Blue Lake Trail up to Blue Lake, and then scrambled up the mountainside and then across the ridge to get to Clark's Peak. We got to the peak in 8.5 hours (not bad, in my opinion). Absolutely gorgeous from the top, and nobody else was there so we were able to just soak it in. Scrambling across the ridge was pretty difficult, but overall the trail wasn't too bad. Quite an elevation gain, of course. Getting down was considerably harder, as we took another route down and then got lost trying to locate the Sawtooth Logging Road (not exactly sure what it is called). If I did it again, I think I would just go back over the ridge and back down to Blue Lake, but to each their own.
We got up at 2 AM and started hiking, which allowed us to summit at 10:30, which I think was a good time, especially with summer thunderstorms in the afternoon taken into consideration.

5 months ago

This is one of my favorite trails yet! It’s scenic but does have parts full of trees. Snow lake at the very top is gorgeous as well. Loved everything about this hike.

This road is a fun road to drive. I did it in my Nissan Frontier. It is very rocky, and there is one place on it where of you don't have a lifted vehicle you won't make it up, but otherwise it is a good road.

6 months ago

Easy climb up to a pretty lake with an island in the middle. Lots of fisherman. Saw multiple moose around the surrounding areas and roads. Can pick up American lakes from this trail too.

My daughters and I packed into the lakes, and saw only a few people. We had no bug issues and had only one other group at the lake. We caught a good number of natives in American Lake, on flies. We saw moose, elk, fox, and bald eagles, all around the lake.
Keep your dogs under control, not everyone loves your dog! Please don't camp right next to the trail, and clean up your trash.
I don't know why we have to even say these things.

6 months ago

Great little hike with rewarding views!

6 months ago

The first portion of the trail is a access road, so not very scenic, but once you hit the Clear Lake/Kelly Lake junction it is very stunning. The trail does not get too difficult until the last few miles so you can cruise the first portion pretty fast. The wildflowers and the mountains are really beautiful. *WARNING* they do run cattle through this area so don’t be surprised if you run into a cattle drive in progress. We ran into several groups of cows (including an active drive) on the access road so it did slow us down quite a bit. They easily move out of the way, just slow going as to not spook them. This trail is also heavily used by equestrian groups (as it is near the equestrian camp) so be prepared for groups on horseback. Over all a great trail.

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