Nice open area to explore- easy walk and great for dogs!

Nice and open. Ran into some deer, that was fun.

drinking under a bridge? smoking weeds by an industrial area? this trail has it all!

beautiful place to walk

I visit this open space at least a couple of times a month. It's pretty neat to see what's going on down in the wetlands area, and there's a trail that branches off of the sand creek trail and leads down to the creek itself. My kids love exploring aling the creek.

road biking
6 months ago

Part of my Stapleton--Broomfield bike commute. A few rough spots (I.e., bumpy, unpaved, homeless-inhabited) between Westerly Creek Park and Quebec St., but a great connector to the South Platte Trail and some well-maintained, senic paths sneaking along Sand Creek and I-270.

It is a very nice place. Lots of deer, dogs really enjoy it. Not many hikers which makes it nice to have your dog off leash.

Turn in (off Smith Road) at the Morrison Nature Center, follow the road and park by what looks like a house. It's the Nature Center and is open every day, I think, with Rangers and real rest rooms. It's a loop trail with a pond in the middle and connects to the Sand Creek Trail.

Great! Enjoyed the green belt feel to it.

Can't find trail. Just parking lot & concrete buildings.

can't find any trails all private property and industrial buildings.

That didn't look right and safe at all, I was freaked out and we drive away.

Enjoyable bike ride from Aurora Sports Park to Stapleton and perhaps farther. It is a bucolic setting in parts, especially near the nature center, despite being in the center of the city.

mountain biking
1 year ago