love the path

Nice open area to explore- easy walk and great for dogs!

Nice and open. Ran into some deer, that was fun.

drinking under a bridge? smoking weeds by an industrial area? this trail has it all!

beautiful place to walk

I visit this open space at least a couple of times a month. It's pretty neat to see what's going on down in the wetlands area, and there's a trail that branches off of the sand creek trail and leads down to the creek itself. My kids love exploring aling the creek.

road biking
9 months ago

Part of my Stapleton--Broomfield bike commute. A few rough spots (I.e., bumpy, unpaved, homeless-inhabited) between Westerly Creek Park and Quebec St., but a great connector to the South Platte Trail and some well-maintained, senic paths sneaking along Sand Creek and I-270.