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Beautiful scenic view at the very end. Aspens just happened to be turning. Gorgeous! ♡

Beetle kill trees along the beginning but stunning 360 view at the end. Changing aspens were a treat.

The trail is a steady incline. Beautiful views

Beautiful hike with great views. Worth repeating any time. This is must do hike. Put it on your list.

great hike

6 months ago

This trail is great until you reach a big group of rocks/boulders, my dogs & I decided to turn around at this point...

6 months ago

I’m so confused by the trail mileage all trails has here. It’s 6.2 total out and back to the lake. The trail is beautiful, short first part in trees and the rest through beautiful meadows. It was pretty windy while we were up here but towards the end around 1630 the wind died down. The trail is well marked and easy to follow. I would rate this hike as easy with a minimum of strenuous parts. There is parking at the trailhead. *update: your gps will take you to the road that will take you up to the trailhead. My guess is the extra mileage to get to ten miles is the drive up this road to the parking lot where the trailhead is. Also, this is is a well maintained dirt road, accessible most vehicles with no problems. We saw lots of sheep (sheep herding dogs were present too) and lots of cows. Only got to see some marmots up close. You can easily hang up some hammocks around the lake and chill. We didn’t have any negative experiences with bugs. Two years ago I did this trail in July. Not all the snow had melted and there was so much run off we lost the trail and had to turn back. Coming back and finishing it up was so rewarding. This lake is beautiful!

6 months ago

I used to hike this trail regularly when my parents had a cabin here 20 years ago. I still love the hike! I was dismayed to see the destruction of the pine trees by the beetles—none of that had hit when I was here before. There was less wildlife and fewer lakes and streams due to the drought. There was a lot more destruction of the trail due to more cattle (Huge mounds of poo and several torn up sections of the trail). Despite all of this it was still a beautiful hike through different eco systems—

Outstanding 360 degree views of Rocky Mountain peaks. Was just under 3 miles up and 3 miles down. Took us about 3 hours to do the whole thing. Well worth it once you get to the peak!!! It’s pretty forresty and shady, but the trees are pretty dead once you’re up at the top of the ski lift. Truly one of my favorites though.

I absolutely loved this hike! We started on a Saturday around 6pm right after a major hail storm so the trail was covered with about 1-2” of hail. Made for a wet, sloshy but unique experience. Saw pikas, marmots, Clark’s nutcrackers, ravens, and even a set of weasels!

This time of day was magical! The sun cast golden hues on the mountains the entire hike. We didn’t make it to the Peak because it started getting dark. But the open meadows at the top literally took my breath away. one of my new favorite spots. So peaceful ...not another person on the trail!

Setting varies from shady woods to open rock fields and meadows. Could hear some highway noise for the first 1/2 mile or so but not terrible.

We walked down the ski slope to shorten the time so we’d get back before dark. It was just amazing overall. Can’t wait to go back and go all the way to Alberta Peak! We went about 4 miles round trip, in the hail and mud in just over 2 hours. Loved it!

Beautiful trail, and not very difficult or long. The whole hike took me 2.5 hrs, not stopping often or long. I didn't keep track of time, but the first lift tower for Wolf Creek could probably be reached at 30 min, and that is a good view a s beautiful hike in itself. There was an offshoot for Treasure Mountain. I'm not sure where that is but have a good guess it was the beautiful neighboring peak to the west. You could also continue to keep following the continental divide. Stunning views.

I only give it 2 stars because I wad by able to access this. There is about an 11 mile dirt road with tons of bumpy ridges to get there. You don't need clearance, but if you have an old car you may have to take it slow. My car was shaking so badly from the ridges in the road I had to turn around because it was going to take 40-60 minutes getting there...going 10 mph.

We went in the middle of July and it's infested by aggressive blood thirsty flies, most likely because of the horses defecating along the narrow trail all day long.

The beginning of the trail is very steep and hard, I don't know how this trail is classified as easy... be ready for 45 minutes to 1 hour of climbing up and up while hundreds of flies will be all over you. We came back half way because we were too tired but mostly because of the flies. Off sprayed on us would still not keep them away. The place is beautiful and peaceful though.

I did this hike with 2 other grown women and our 18yo daughters and their friends. The views are spectacular. The trail is well maintained, with just 2 downed trees that were easy to get around. It was easy walking, but a lot of elevation gain. It took us about 5 hours to hike it, but we stopped for a lot of pictures and we were not acclimated to the altitude.

I rated this a 4 and not a 5 because there was a lot of man-made stuff to distract from the views. Truck noise from the highway, backhoes and pile drivers working on the ski lifts. The trail basically follows the upper boundary of a ski area. But otherwise a very nice day hike.

7 months ago

I would definitely not rate this trail as easy. Maybe a light moderate. We had several less experienced members of our group turn back early. Trail is defined but it is much longer than 3.8 miles. We hiked approximately 6 miles one way, so 12 total. Beautiful views of the river and some of the mountains. Definitely recommend good hiking boots, lots of water, and a camera!

Great 2.5 hour out and back. Trail was easy to follow with only one down tree i can remember. Scenery along the ridge at the top of the hill is phenomenal. Loved to lush meadows as well and seeing the ol chair lifts. My German Shepherds loved this hike.

7 months ago

A great hike. This time of year a hat, sunscreen and plenty of water is a must. This hike would be ideal earlier in the morning. We went in late afternoon and it was hot because there is very little tree coverage on the trail itself at that time. It follows a beautiful, strong stream with lots of pretty flowers, raspberries etc. Pretty rocky in some areas so good shoes would be best.

Lots of beautiful wildflowers and well-marked.

Pack sunblock and plenty of water. Beautiful hike along the waterway.

Especially fun to end up at the top of the mountain at the Wolf Creek chairlift.

8 months ago

This was my first backpacking trip in Colorado and it was great. I packed in with my 81 year old neighbor and stayed 2 nights. We caught some nice trout and saw a bald eagle, deer, elk, marmots, and lots of chipmunks. I am already planning on returning with my family.

This was such a fun hike! There are lots of dead trees, but honestly, all the grass and wildflowers make you forget those. It’s so fun to hike part of the Continental Divide Trail in a really pretty spot. We did an easy scramble onto the top of Alberta Peak, which was also fun.

The peak isn’t marked, so look at pictures of it so you recognize it when you come upon it. It’s recognizable if you know what you’re looking for! A big pile of rocks, that is.

Also spied three pika. That was super exciting.

8 months ago

Fantastic trail continuously following mountain stream—best stream track we’ve ever done! Lots of falls and continuous babbling, rushing water sounds. I agree, leans more to moderate. Narrow, rocky, w one rock slide area where you just have to climb through the rocks. Saw a fox and chipmunks!

8 months ago

Great forest and creek views.

8 months ago

Great trail with tons of wildflowers! The first part was definitely a small challenge, but once it flattened out, it was great!

Great hike. Glad we had our jackets when we reached the top. There are several trees down across the trail on the first half, but are easy to get over, around, or under. Our German Shepherd had no problems.

Great trip. Beautiful wildflowers! Great fishing! Bring mosquito spray.

Fun, great views, not too difficult. Brought the dog and he loved the small snow banks along the way. Accidentally walked past Alberta Peak initially then turned back and did the "scrambling" up to the top which was a highlight!

9 months ago

If you drive to the trail head and park in the nearby parking lot, then the hike is only about 6.6 miles round trip. This map shows the trail head starting much further away. When we reached the end of the trail, we spent 20 minutes looking for the rest of the trail, thinking that we still had a couple of miles to go. Alas, once we were able to get cell phone reception, we realized that we WERE at the end of the trail...where it sort of dead ends near the lake.
Overall the hike was great! Lots of beautiful wildflowers. It was quite windy when we went, so I wished I had brought some warmer layers. The dogs enjoyed the patches of snow along the way. We didn't enjoy the mosquitoes as much. If we are in the area again then I would definitely hike this trail again!

Great hike on well marked trail. Follows the Continental Divide. Had to climb over, under or go around fallen trees in the beginning. Recommend a warmer jacket and beanie for the top portion of the hike - was windy and cold for about a mile at the top portion of the hike. You can continue to follow the trail beyond the peak area.

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