Didn't make it to the top; the snow got too deep about 1.7 miles in. Ended up walking part of the ski slope, then reconnected to the trail above the chair lift, but the deep snow started shortly thereafter. The views at that point were incredible, however, and made the hike worthwhile. The trail, when it does clear, has a lot of downed timber, so be prepared to scramble!

Easy to Moderate and well marked

This was an awesome trail. The dogs liked it a lot just cause they can stay hydrated and cool cause the water flows damn near 60% of the trail. Only bad thing is a lot of peeps seem to turn around at 2.21 miles cause the trail is hard to see but we managed to make it to a cage with a stick in it. Wasn't for sure what it symbolized. The hike back to the trail head was easy and fast. In the end gps said we did 7.99 miles.

3 months ago

Beautiful, magnificent trail. Being from Texas, I don't get to experience any mountainous trails such as this one, so I tagged along with a friend from Colorado and backpacked here for a few days. I recommend picking a time during the summer where the snow has melted to a manageable level, as it was quite difficult last year in early June.

Even though there wasn't snow anywhere else, this trail was 90% snow. It wasn't very steep, views were amazing, and not very hard to find. Other than the snow, the one downside was that we lost the trail and ended up finding a ski resort instead.

7 months ago

This is one of my favorite quick hikes, it offers so much to both the seasoned and casual hiker. I highly recommend.

10 months ago

Just wanted give everyone a heads up that there have been a few vehicle break-ins at the Red Lake Trailhead recently. My truck was broken into the night of Aug 18-19, 2016. Talking to the Conejos County SO this seems to be happening to vehicles parked overnight. In our case, the rear window glass and driver's side window were broken and a few items were stolen out of the back. We were planning on staying 4-5 days up in the South San Juan Wilderness but thankfully we ran into a group on horseback who alerted us to what happened so we cut the trip short and headed back down to meet the SO Deputy and deal with the mess.

It's a shame we have to be paranoid about leaving a vehicle overnight at trailheads in Colorado now. I've been hiking and climbing and doing rescue work in Colorado for 35 years and have never encountered a problem. I've also traveled to South America driving a vehicle to climb remote mountains, left it for 10 days and never had an issue. I don't know if this is the new normal in Colorado or an isolated incident. According to the SO and other locals there is group of young "men" breaking into vehicles and homes across the county.

So, just a forewarning and beware if you leave your vehicle overnight at Red Lake Trailhead or other trailheads in the surrounding area. Take precautions and maybe drive a junk vehicle if you are going to stay for more than a day.

10 months ago

I've been here before about 15 years ago about 3 miles from the Chama basin via a trail near to Trujillo Meadows. Did it again yesterday from the Red Lake trail and it was a beautiful climb from the scree on the North side of La Manga Creek, past all the cattle and the cow s_it on the trail and the few small creek crossings. The view of Red Lake and the mountains to the West and the flats to the North of the Los Pinos Creek and the Chama Basin were absolutely beautiful - God's Country. Caught a couple of small rainbow and a nice cutthroat in Red Lake even through the hail and rain and am planning to go back. I'm an older lady (60) and made it to the lake in about 90 minutes. Youngsters should do WAY better.

11 months ago

This trail is in Southern Colorado. I visited in July and we didn't get far in because we lost the trail. Trail is muddy and wet and when we lost the trail the area was essentially a marshland. It was gorgeous for what we did see just disappointing that we didn't make it all the way. There were A LOT of mosquitos and there was also A LOT of animal poop. To reach the trail take HWY 17 from Antonito, pass thru Horca and go thru La Manga pass. The signs for Red Lake Trail will be on the right and you'll take a dirt road quite a ways back to the parking area.

Very gorgeous hike through wolf creek ski are

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I visited in July. Lots of mosquitos but beautiful. Be sure to check out the small falls at the end of the lake. I also saw Elk and heard lots of sheep over the crest of a near by ridge.

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Friday, July 05, 2013

The first section of the trail is a little steep from the trailhead but Red Lake is beautiful, bountiful of possible good fishing. Rolling meadows on top, amazing views of distance mountians, plenty of small lakes on the trail way to Red Lake.