It was an okay hike. On Dakota Ridge, you're hiking not too far from the highway, and in Red Rocks, you cross the road multiple times and it's pretty crowded ... so it's definitely not a hike if you want solitude. There were less people on Dakota Ridge than Red Rocks, unsurprisingly.

Minimal protection from the wind.

1 month ago

Difficult and fun hike! If you want a little less pain, go left from Zorro onto Dakota Ridge and do the circuit clockwise. Not a lot of people, but enough to keep us from feeling alone. The view was massive, but all you really see is the city from a distance.

Fun run! Ended up being 9.5 miles, not the described 7.7

Hiked the 10 mile loop of Red Rocks and Dakota Ridge. It was definitely a good view looking west. The trail was a little busy at parts. This trail is dog friendly.

Strenuous hike. You get a variety of views during the entire experience. There's also a large parking lot, but no water fountains unfortunately. Make sure to pack water - most of the hike is in the sun.

Really fun ride! Had to hike the bike up at some points but was worth the ride down. Traffic was moderate but had long stretches without having to slow down or stop. Did see two rattle snakes on the trail, so be observant. Bring plenty of water.

it's awesome

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