Schneider Park

27 reviews
11 months ago

Solid 3.5 stars.
We hiked about 4 - 4.5 miles total and it's not all represented in our recording as the AllTrails tracking got turned off. We didn't follow the AllTrails recommended route fully b/c we went up the Hogs Back section (very difficult rating) and took a few extra turns here and there then made our way back. Great views in places (especially at the top of the Hogs Back) and easy dirt trail walking.
Reason for rating: this *is* very much a mountain biking park. Overend Mountain Park (named after famous Durango-based MTBer Ned Overend) is the name of the park and there is no actual "Overend Trail". There are a series of interconnected biking trails with a variety of names. Still easy to follow with the AllTrails app. You will come across mtbers so be aware, it's no big deal, everyone is courteous. We always gave them right of way. The hike is worth it nonetheless, and you can easily amend this hike to be longer or shorter b/c all the trails show up in the AllTrails map/tracking. Hogs Back is recommend if you dare, its somewhat treacherous and no bikes go on that part of the park. Have fun!