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We want to go back. We did not plan enough time. It was gorgeous. We are going back in a few weeks.

Fantastic views. Lots of wildlife. Very difficult trail if you are not in shape. Mosquitoes are bad to meadow. Fishing was good.

4 days ago

Has anyone been up to here in the last few days. Looking for a snow report.

trail running
9 days ago

Awesome trails! Ran up to Willow Lake and then passed it almost to the summit of Challenger and Kit. Still a little bit of snow and didn't bring hiking sticks or the right shoes. Amazing run overall though!

Great hike...bring insect repellent, we needed it the first 2 miles from trail head start. Saw lots of wildlife and the weather was perfect.

22 days ago

very strenuous, uphill hike.
I did not make it to the lakes due to the abundance of snow about 11,000'.
There were many downed trees to navigate as well.
Stout creek was raging!
Following the trail you don't see much of the creek but you can hear it!
Pack light and wear sturdy boots.

1 month ago

Had a blast on this trail. The top third required snow shoes and only made it to the first lake. As other reviews mentioned, it is frozen over and covered in snow. We saw bear tracks in the snow, but didn't see much wildlife other than birds. Snow shoeing was an amazing experience, but even without them the trail is gorgeous and rewarding.

love it

Saw a huge herd of elk, beautiful scenery, run off is strong!

We love this trail. tried it today, too much snow for us. Difficulty varries depending on weather. Fallen trees and changing terrain.

1 month ago

Snow and high wind up high..need snowshoes to get to lake as there's still 4-6' of snow.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike..!!! Made it to the lower of the three "lakes" and it was frozen solid. We hiked back to lower elevation where there was less snow and better melt to stay one more night. We will be coming back to this trail in a month once most of the snow is gone. Again, upper 1/2 of trail is COMPLETELY buried in feet of snow. Still, the whole trip was stunning.

best fishing and hiking

5 months ago

6 months ago

Saw more people than expected but a great trail! Take a fishing pole and hope you will get bite, smart fish. Didn't pack water, just a life straw as there are so many streams in the warm months! We did this as a backpacking trip, pack light as the switchbacks make it difficult. We stayed overnight in August and it went as smoothly as planned, except the hail! Great trip!!

off road driving
7 months ago

Beautiful yellow aspen covering the whole mountain side. We took this from 69 to the dunes in a suburban. One part was sketchy but we made it just fine. A few creek crossings towards the west side by the dunes. The road was very rocky, rough and steep. Took about 3 hours. A memorable trail I highly recommend.

7 months ago

Trail was in better shape than I thought it would be. Couple areas where trees are down on the path. Other than that it was a fun time. Might take some time to get up to it, but if you pack light you can jog most of the way down.