A nice small park. A good walk if you live near by. The river has very small waterfalls that flow into a lake that us populated with natural tall grasses.

light easy walk....hot today

Not much to see...small creek and pond but the rest of the trail is surrounded by buildings. Easy hike.

6 months ago

Awesome view of the mountains!

9 months ago

Sweet little loop. Nice to see the wildlife.

under construction but still a nice getaway area from the city.

It's definitely an "in the city" trail. On higher elevations, when you start/end, you can see all of Stapleton and some peaks coming up from behind the city skyline. It's a nice getaway right in the middle of the city. There's a small wetland area (which does attract bugs) but it's nature!

trail running
11 months ago

Local spot for a late afternoon run. Great sunsets, a little buggy. Some Strava segments around the lake. Great to have some neature so close to the 'burbs.

The parking area off of M.L.K. Jr Blvd closes at sunset. As of August 2016, some construction near Havana St. closed the main 1 mi. loop around the lake.