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trail running
1 day ago

I live in Pagosa Springs, so this is my go-to when I want to do a long trail run, but I don't want to drive very far.

The most perfect hike you could ever take in CO or possibly the world. Leaves us truly speechless. The water REALLY is that blue! Be prepared for water crossings and a difficult ascent, but it is completely worth it.

There last August. One of the best hikes I’ve done. Great woods at the beginning. A fabulous meadow about mid hike with a great variety of wildflowers to wade through. And a big payoff at the top with a photo perfect lake. I’m in decent shape for pushing 60, and it was a good days exercise, hope I get the opportunity to do it again.

off road driving
5 days ago

Trail open for the season. As others mentioned not to technical but driving a skinny rocky trail and meeting oncoming traffic can be intimidating for novice drivers and passengers

Great trail! We did this with a toddler (mostly carried the toddler) and a 6 year old. The lake was a beautiful spot to enjoy some water before making the trek back down.

Took my 8 and 5 year old as far as the Weminuche wilderness sign (2.3 mi). We passed the crew clearing the trail on the way in and they were coming back from the springs so the entire trail should be clear of downed trees now. The views are stunning at times. The first 1.5 mi is walking through private property and the ranch owners spent way to much money to remind us common folk that we arent welcome on their property.

Steady elevation gain entire trail. With a heavy pack it was fun but tough lol. Island lake still has a little ice, but beautiful!

Beautiful and easy trail for hiking or biking. Many different trails in the area and it is not well marked so make sure you stay aware of where you are. Can anyone tell me where the actual falls in these pictures are? We never found them.

Hike itself was good nice views, but it's a loooong Drive from town. I'd say probably not worth the two hours round trip to get there unless you double up the longer Piedra hike fairly close.

12 days ago

My best friend and I tackled this bad boy last Friday (6/1) after spending the night at the Mineral Creek Campground near the trailhead. We started our hike around 10 am and completed it around 5 pm. We did spend some time relaxing and having lunch at Fuller Lake, which probably added an additional hour to our hike.

There were a plethora of magnificent waterfalls all the way to the top of Ice Lake, which made this strenuous trek incredibly worth while. When you reach the plateau right before the final ascent is where you arrive in the valley of waterfalls, which is absolutely astounding.

There was quite a bit of snow once we reached Ice Lake, and that continued up to Fuller Lake. However, we did make it all the way up without crampons. But there were a few parts where we postholed and almost fell in the river, as the snow was incredibly soft from the heat.

The weather was perfect (mid 60's) all the way up to Fuller Lake, without a cloud in the sky and just some strong wind near the summit where we had to pack on the layers.

We had Fuller Lake all to ourselves and spent around 45 minutes there having lunch and taking in the views. We also lucked out with the same fortune at the top of Island Lake.

The trek down can be a bit treacherous if you do not know the way, and it also didn't help that the trail was covered in snow. Luckily, I had the All Trails app pulled up on my phone and we were able to follow the trail via the online map.

This is one of the most majestic and challenging hikes I have ever done. I would love to come back a little later in the summer when the lakes have thawed and I can enjoy them in all their beauty!

12 days ago

Great hike. 6/1/18, Lake accessible. Some snow, but easily accomplished.

A few good views but not in my top anything list.

15 days ago

Great view from the top!!

17 days ago

Awesome hike for people with kids! We hiked with 5 kids (ages 5, 4, 3, 1, & 1), 3 walking and 2 in carriers. We only went about 1.25 miles out and then turned around. Several spots to access the river easily.

Lots of downed trees. Couldn’t find the spring.

Wonderful hike. There are 3 falls. The first is at the bridge, the second is off the trail where trail splits. Take the trail to the left, and the third is again on the left where the trail opens up in the large meadow. I missed the last two heading up but found them on the way down.

Beautiful views all the way up the mountain! The Ice Lake and Island Lake are still frozen over and there was plenty of snow when you get to the last mile of the hike, but nothing crazy. Climbed with nothing but water, some snacks and one of my friends even had just running shoes! In the afternoon the lower lakes and ponds thaw and the flowers bloom, almost a different hike down!

Parking is the biggest challenge with this loop. I parked at Colvig Silver Camps although it is very clearly marked No Parking - Private Property. I asked someone parked there if they thought it was alright and they assured me it was although I’d be careful. The trail starts about a mile from this area and you might be able to find a spot to pull off the road, although there is a gate and signs saying cars are not permitted after May. I ran the trail following the First Fork signs. When you reach the top of the ridge, you will be on the Missionary Ridge trail (right if you come the First Fork). The trail follows the ridge and you will be treated with stunning views on both sides of the ridge. Red Creek trail is not marked but when you get to the 2nd Missionary Ridge trail sign it will cut steeply down to the right. This trail is significantly more steep than First Fork. The trail also follows the topo map well and you can use it for security. GPS read the distance at 11.5 miles. Wildflowers were also out today and pretty to see.

Beautiful and so worth the hike. Great for backpacking.

Possibly one of my most favorite hikes. There was snow right near the top but with crampons it wasnt that bad. Snow shoes are def not needed right now. I would recommend using a GPS as there were not enough tracks going to Island Lake to figure it out without the GPS. Both lower Ice and Island lake were still ice covered but you could see where it was trying to melt on the sides. Upper Ice Lake looked too hard to reach still. Really challenging but an incredible experience.

Very hard but great views!!

20 days ago

Dry Fork Loop is a nice hike. The grade was gentle and the entire route is shaded. I hiked this trail on May 28 and had a gorgeous day.

Great hike in an awesome spot in the San Juan Mountains. Still wet and snowy for the last half mile to the top.

trail running
20 days ago

Easy to find. Easy access. Plenty of Parking even on Sunday. Terrific, easy hike for solo hikers, families, trail runners or cyclists. Beautiful out there, but feels dry, this morning. 5/20/18

Did this hike over Memorial Day weekend. A bit too early for the wildflower extravaganza, but beautiful nonetheless. Columbine Basin still had snow and the waterfall by the lake was in full bloom. This is a good hike for out of town guests because although it is a flat, easy hike, it still offers high-country views — right from the parking lot. A 4-wheel-drive vehicle is needed for the bumpy ride up to the trailhead.

off road driving
21 days ago

Great easy off-road trail. 1 downed tree that was easy to pass under in my wrangler. Stopped about half a mile to the lake due to snow about 3 feet deep covering the remainder of the road. Hiked to the lake and it is currently completely frozen over. Few washouts on the trail at the start of each switchback you will have to straddle to get up in a vehicle. 4 wheel drive recommended but wasn’t needed in the Jeep. Medium clearance would be my suggestion. Plenty of rocks in the road but only had to move one to make it with no scrapes.

21 days ago

Beautiful hike with plenty of switchbacks to help alleviate the elevation increase of 2430 feet. Filled with waterfalls year round. But LOTS of water flowing this time of year. If you go anytime soon I suggest gloves for the very last half mile of this hike as you will be thigh deep in snow when you fall in crossing it. I’m 5’4 and almost disappeared a few times. There is no way to avoid the snow nearing the top of the trail but push through it, it’s worth it. Other than that short sleeve and shorts were fine temperature wise. Lake was frozen over on arrival, but snow covered mountains made for a nice view. Saw many Marmots, 2 elk, a porcupine, and a LARGE Black Bear. Will be back to see the lake unthawed later in the year.

Good trail, beautiful views!

22 days ago

My all time favorite hike

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