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Absolutely gorgeous the whole way. Well marked trail, great views, and a nice moderate hike.

Great views, mellow hiking.
About as easy as a trail can be in the mountains.

21 hours ago

This trail was not maintained. It would appear, then disappear. We had to use gps often to make sure we were headed in the right direction. If you are up for an adventure you may like this hike, but the uncertainty was not pleasant for us. We were also chased by horse flies the entire time which may have been a seasonal problem. The best part was the numbers of nesting bird species present. Maybe by August, hikers will have created trail. Date of hike 6-15-17.

You have to cross water multiple times and the trails had not been cleared in a long time. It was too boggy and difficult to navigate. We saw some deer and of course beautiful views. The road to the trail head was really great too.

The views were lovely but the trail was horrible. It has not been cleared for a long time.

1 day ago

Worth the scenic views

Nice hike to take the dog on. Well established dirt path with some steep inclines on the way up! Gorgeous view on top.

Hiked up to the summit on June 19, 2017. It was a very fun hike and sometimes challenging. There was plenty of snow at the beginning of the trail and through the meadow. We lost the trail for a little bit making the hike harder and longer than it had to be. There is some rock scrambling as you get close to the top.

It was a beautiful easy hike. The mountain flowers were spectacular.

Completed the circuit to Ice Lake and Island Lake on June 20. It was a wonderful hike with beautiful scenery. Up to Ice Lake was pretty quick and easy, with just one snowy incline. From Ice Lake to Island Lake was more challenging with snow covering the trail. Both lakes were frozen. Overall, an amazing day and I'm planning to come back later in the summer to see the thawed lakes and wildflowers.

3 days ago

This hike is now accessible. It is a long hike, not hard, just long for a pretty small lake. What makes it worth it, is that it sits below Twilight Peaks.

We didn't even get to make the trip 'cause the access road was way too off-road-y to even get to the trailhead. If you don't have an off-road vehicle, this trail is not for you.

3 days ago

My girlfriend, 2 kids, and 2 dogs loved this trail. Well-shaded for the most part, nothing my 6-year old couldn't handle, but some older people did struggle a bit. The views are amazing and you might want to bring swimming trunks for Spud Lake at the end. It's breathtaking. Getting to the trailhead is an adventure itself tho. My lifted Chevy made it pretty easily, and there were even some cars at the trailhead. You will want to take that 2-3 mile stretch of road pretty slowly tho.