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Amazing hike with great views. It is literally uphill the entire way so be prepared. We also headed over to Island Lake (it had a section of trail that washed out so it was kinda scary/steep for a tiny bit of the hike to island lake). We did 7.3 miles total for us and 6 hours with a serious break at ice lake for some lunch/enjoying the views!

Pretty tough hike but incredibly worth it. It was 3.38 miles to the lake. About 1 mile before you get out of the trees, a mile up the mountain and a mile in the saddle to the lake. My wife and I took 1:53 to get up to the lake and 1:23 to get down. Had lunch at the lake and dipped our toes in the ice cold water. Unlike anything I've ever see.

1 day ago

1 day ago

Rocky and steep. All down then back up. Nice views

1 day ago

I love this hike. Great views.

First 2 miles are tough but once you get up to the saddle it's much easier. There are 16 discernible switchbacks before you meander through to the end of the trees. Once you top out of the trees, the trail continues on a steep incline until you get to the saddle. The lake is beautiful and on par with Ice Lake's coloring. Worth the hike but it is demanding for sure!

Was an amazing hike- rated hard and for myself and my wife who live in Lower Michigan @ 600' "elevation"- this was hard but so worth it- Aspens were in heavy change to fall yellow/gold ! Waterfalls at the beginning were excellent- but getting heavy into hike- lots and lots of steep switch-backs and then it gets hard at mile 3.2 with a steep ascent and push to the top- coming over the last ridge and getting my first look at Ice Lake took my breath away- have never, even in Hawaii or the Caribbean, seen water so blue! Made the extra effort to make the trek to the right up to Island Lake- not as spectacular as Ice but gorgeous in its own way surrounded by high spire walls- round trip according to Map My Hike was 9.1 miles total up and back @ 7:05- I think this will be in my memory as on of my favorite hikes !

Go early and avoid the crowds and heat.
Great views as advertised.

5 days ago

Nice trailhead with map. Pretty area but trails not marked at all! Great vista!!

5 days ago

This spectacular hike features three elements. A nice tree canopy for the first 1/2, then amazing valley views above treeline, and the grand finale... Ice Lake. It's definitely one of the best hikes in Colorado. Don't let the 8 miles fool you, it's a steep trek and quite strenuous. Once you're out of the woods, you'll be sun drenched. And like most 12k+ mountains, the weather can be considerably different (colder and wetter) at the summit.

Truly a great hike - among the best I have done in over 6 years of living out west. We got an early start (which I highly recommend - at the trailhead around 7am) and were back to our car just after 12. We did the extra hike to Island lake and the time includes a stop at both ice and island. Although it's tough, I think the hike is pretty doable to anyone who is acclimated to mountain altitude and in decent shape. If you want spectacular views and don't want to tackle a true summit - this is a great hike to consider.

6 days ago