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Beautiful trail, light traffic. Next time I’ll bring a hammock and lunch

Great hike. Relatively easy trail. Storms rolled in by the time we topped Shavano so didn't reach Tabeguache. The crossover to Tabeguache looked like a very rocky descent. Only realistic return is back over Shavano.

This is one of my favorite hikes in Colorado so far. Absolutely beautiful lake at the top. Fun trail overall.

Amazing waterfall. Not too crowded during the week.

Beautiful hike. Waterfall was pretty, but a bit crowded even in the middle of the week.

2 days ago

From what I can discern there are two trail heads for this trail. We started from the western side which is the parking lot marked with a “P” mentioned in an earlier post. The western leg of the trail is strictly a hiking trail and lasts for about 3/4 of a mile. You hike through a great Aspen forest before you merge with the eastern leg which is an ATV trail. After the two trails merge the trail is not so great. Lots of rocks including two long stretches across rock fields. You have to watch every step and concentrate. The lake is very nice and the views of the mountains at either end of the valley are great.

off road driving
3 days ago

Trail closed to motor vehicles so no star would be better

3 days ago

What a beautiful hike! I went up on July 18, leaving the parking lot at about 9:15 and was at the summit by 1:05. Fortunately there were no storm clouds. The hike itself is pretty rough and I'm not sure I'd agree with the Alltrails designation of "Moderate." If you make it to the summit, make sure to watch for marmots, which perch on the rocks and watch you.

Also, you have to go about 5 miles on a dirt road to get to the parking lot. A 4WD would be helpful but I did it in a rental car.

It is not uphill all the way to the falls. Hike starts at an incline with some rocks, soon levels out. You can hear the creek the whole way. Nicely done bridges to cross the water. AmAzInG waterfall! I'm not a fast hiker. It took me just 3 hours from start to finish. can't wait to do it in snow shoes!

My friends and I loved this hike. We hiked this when impending thunderstorms cancelled a 14er attempt. We were very happy with this climb and then easy stroll through the forest. Some really great views of the valley and the surrounding 14ers. Trail description is very accurate. Some intense sun exposure at times, especially on the first half climb. Signage is easy to follow.

The waterfalls were well worth the hike- much larger than I was expecting and the mist felt so good! I highly recommend this hike.

4 days ago

Nice easy trail to the really cool and historic Interlaken Resort!

So beautiful and my favorite 14er so far! The wildflowers were so pretty and there was a water fall to the right as your hiking up to summit. Nice clean non rocky trail the most of the way. Then just 5 to 10 minutes before the summit was boulder field.
Amazing and recommend for a first 14er!

We went up the 4wd road 3.2 to the towers and the road is very narrow and you need a truck or Jeep, it it pretty deep rollers and dips. We parked there and walked up the road close to 2 miles before you even get on the trail. It was not our favorite it’s very exposed no trees to start and it’s basically boulders the whole way. It raps around the valley and then you get up to summit and it’s all loose rocks and dirt. Not well maintained at all.
Not our most memorable and no wild flowers just stinky weeds.

Fun trail that takes about 4 hours for an average hiker. If you’re here for the lake views, you can stop at the Interlaken buildings. The second half of the trail is largely out of view of the lake. Elevation is relatively steady with only brief climbs and falls. Can be pretty busy on a nice day. If google maps tries to take via Lost Gulch Drive, ignore it, most of that road is privately owned. Continue on the highway and turn off near the dam.

We hit this trail on a very cloudy and wet day! It was a pretty peaceful hike with very little traffic. I am a 40 year old man who never hikes and we made the lake in just over 90min. No fish is what they say but I didnt break out the rod to test the waters. Here is a quick video. https://www.facebook.com/WPUNDERGROUND/videos/2115173798724641/

nature trips
6 days ago

A nice hike overall. I would recommend it for a day hike. It was pretty crowded by my standards. Lots of dogs on and off leash at the top. A guy smoking pot at the top too. But I managed to find a nice quiet rock to sit and each lunch and stick my feet in. The top of the hike is where you gain all of your elevation which not the best. At that point the trail is a bit eroded. It could use some basic maintenance, but manageable.

The trail is mixed grade inclines and declines, with 3 very steep sections, the rest were gradual. Some nice views along the way, varying from mountains, valleys, waterfall (extra 3 miles off the trail), and aspen groves. Great camping spots 6.5 and 15 miles in for backpacking. Trail was well marked, plenty of water sources after the first 6 miles.

Busy but beatiful! A beautiful trail with lots of wild flowers. Well worth the hike. It is in no way lightly trafficked. During peak season on the weekend the parking lot will be full and over flowing onto the road by 9am.

Drove my lifted wrangler up the four wheel drive round as far as you could go (to the gate and giant cairn where the trail starts) nothing technical about the road but you definitely want a high clearance 4wd vehicle. Not my favorite 14er. The whole trail is just huge boulders the whole way up. The views are nice at the top. Wasn’t very hard compared to other ones I’ve done.

Well maintained and easy to follow trail straight to the summit. Beautiful Amazing Views. Great Hike. Worth a repeat anytime. Note the trail head road you will need good AWD/4WD with good ground clearance!

Only went in the first mile or so. Steep so very challenging Parking is sketchy. We overnight camped on the first flat area in which was very nice with a great view.

Amazing amazing amazing. Views are surreal. Climb is a good burn. Excellent trail. Will gladly do this one again.

7 days ago

Easy hike. Off the beaten path. Very pretty. My 9 year old Granddaughter led the way. was a great ending to the day.

7 days ago

Hiked 5.5 miles round trip. Great views from some outlook areas. Cool rocks to climb. Many switchbacks once you get about 1.75 miles out. Peaceful, only saw one person on the trail on our Saturday morning hike. Love this area.

horseback riding
7 days ago

Beautiful lake. Lots of hikers but they were very considerate. Lots of big rocks and up hill a long way. Should have shoes or boots. Water and mud crossings. Not for beginners. Need a conditioned horse. Beautiful scenery.

My home lake... a nice gentle walk around the lake... beautiful scenery!!

It is a uphill hike all the way to the falls. Somewhat rocky but well worth it once you reach the top. The hike back down was extremely easy but the hike there takes a toll

8 days ago

Non-technical and fabulous views from the top, but relentless in the uphill (and then downhill, on the knees). Have enjoyed other 14’ers more that were longer hikes but more gradual climbs and descents. Our devices all said we’d done about 11.5 miles by end, not the 8.something that AllTrails says. One highlight was having a large group of Bighorn Sheep cross our path.

off road driving
8 days ago

We took our Jeep on this trail 4 years ago. There wasn’t a lot of traffic on the road. For the most part we felt alone on the trail. It took us all afternoon to get to Lake Pomeroy. We passed some abandoned mines and buildings and near the end of this trail we passed an old grave next to the road from the 1800s. There were a few places that you definitely needed a 4x4. We didn’t see any hikers on this trip. When we eventually got to Lake Pomeroy it was a amazing site to see. A hidden lake atop a mountain. There were a couple of different groups of people that were fishing. Love this trip!!

8 days ago

We were at the trailhead by 7:30am and reached the summit at noon on the dot. Like most 14ers, it’s a long and tough hike, but it’s not technical so if you’re in decent hiking shape, you should be good to go. We had a big group and started a little too late for some to reach the top since afternoon storms were rolling in by noon - so start early. If you’re with a group, this trail is nice because it’s open (once you pass tree line of course) so you can look back or forward and check on your group members from most parts of the hike. The switchbacks up to the saddle are arguably the hardest part. The scramble up to the summit is tough, but not as long as the switchbacks and you can taste victory by then so it’s mentally easier to ascend. As one of my fellow hikers put it, “You can see the whole world from the top.” Definitely worth the effort.

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