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17 hours ago

Nice trail, easy to lose your way I thought. Lost the trail markers when we came up on the huts/cabins and I’m pretty sure I cut out a chunk of the hike by accident. Oops!

Great day hike. Most elevation gain in the first 1.5 miles. Great views of the valley on the assent opening up to meadows. Lots of water at the falls. Trail is well maintained. At mile 3 look for the ground level sign pointing you left to the falls.

Great hike! Lots of beautiful views and historical information! Still very snowpacked and lost the trail a couple of times but finished in about 4-5 hours! Definitely worth the hike and will be hiking again mid summer!

Great running and hiking trail. Maintained extremely well. Drive to the trailhead (4x4 just to be safe but not needed) and save the 2 mile road walk from the reservoir for more hiking on the single track.
Deep snow one mile from the top (late May 2018).
It’s gorgeous in the afternoon

3 days ago

Our family of four hiked up to the boiler as our first backpacking trip with the kids. Our boys are 8 and 9 and the trail was just about at their max difficulty point on the way up. The uphill sections are broken up with some nice level sections, so it's not too sustained. The stream crossings were a big hit and a mini-adventure each time we got to one. None of the crossings were too hard for the kids to do - just balance on the logs and walk across. The scenery was nice, with a good mix of boulders and trees. There are a good number of fallen trees, some quite recent, but they don't affect hiking on the trail. We saw lots of cool beetles and heard lots of birds.

We made it to the boiler in about 2.5 hours. In that same area are multiple (non-official) campsites. We picked one with some young aspen trees and stream access behind it. It wasn't very far off the trail, but it didn't matter, since no hikers came through after we arrived.

Minor note for those staying overnight: this location must be on a major cross-country airline route. Once the sun went down, we heard airliners going by every few minutes. This definitely took away from feeling you were out in the wilderness. We also heard lots of happy bird noises and a mouse who found some granola in one of the kid's packs.

In the morning we had breakfast, broke down camp, and hiked out in 1.5 hours. It was a pleasant walk out, with a different perspective.

The road in is fine for SUVs and probably most cars. It is only really bumpy after you leave the mountain park (0.9 miles to the trailhead). We passed a road grader smoothing out the road in the mountain park and then hit the somewhat rutted road to the trailhead. I wouldn't hesitate to drive it unless I had a car with low clearance.

Hiked in late April. Trail is open, easy to navigate until you reach the sign that warns you about rock slides and flash floods. After that you're basically on your own. We made it all the way up to the falls which has amazing views, but there's a ton of lose rock and no sure fire way to move around. Hike it with serious caution!

Very beautiful this time of year! Lake is thawed and hardly any snow

I really enjoyed this hike. The trail was well maintained and easy to follow. My favorite view was when we came out of the trees and into a meadow area. Beautiful!

Great trail, beautiful scenery. Friendly people. You can primitive camp near the trailhead in BLM land for free!!!

Clear trail all the way in. Be ready for a moderate climb on the back half lasting about 45min. Views and camping we’re worth it though! Cheers :)

what a lovely hike! hidden flowers along the way, hummingbirds, a creek, and the falls were amazing!

The falls were beautiful this time of year. First mile is a little tough but the second half is worth the climb!

Blocked by waist deep soft snow about 1.3 miles in. Will try again as the grade makes for a great hike up.

10 days ago

Really easy hike with good views. Last stretch to the falls is not really a trail, mostly loose rock. Would not recommend for small children or if you're not sure footed. Not a lot of traffic.

10 days ago

Still a lot of snow as of 5/14 right after the turn for the pass. Post holed for over a mile before turning back. First part of the trail has no snow. Still offered some amazing views!

Done in May with no snow. Great moderate trail with lots of tree coverage so you're not in the sun for most of it. The start is the toughest part because of the initial incline and lack of shade but after 15-20 minutes it's very easy and doable. Great spots to picnic by the falls.

We made it just above the boulder field in August, 2017. We made the mistake as other have, of starting from the Young Life parking lot. Makes for a very long hike. We’re going back for more this summer and hoping to summit- driving up to the cell tower. Reached the summit at 16 when I was much younger and didn’t know it was tough. Oh, the ignorance of youth!

13 days ago

Love this hike, but I’ll write a second review to note that the trail that continues past the sawmill gets very difficult to follow! Soon we hope to go mark it better for ours and everyone’s sakes, wouldn’t want anyone getting lost out there. It’s worth the extra mile to the top of the ridge, the path is marked by rock piles (inuksuk) and trail tape VERY SPARSELY! Please be safe and enjoy the beautiful views!

13 days ago

Absolutely beautiful hike! Moderate rating on the maintained trail is accurate, though the trail continuing past the sawmill is harder by far and I would urge anyone going further than the sawmill to bring your own trail markers! The trail is sparsely marked after about a half mile. The extra mile is worth it though! Beautiful view of pikes peak.

Beautiful trail with amazing views!! When I went in mid May there was very little traffic. The trail was very well maintained and the people on the trail were very respectful of nature (we didn’t see any dog poo or trash which is rare for a nice trail in CO). It starts out with a decent incline then after about a mile (if even) it flattens out. I would highly recommend!

If you hate nature, beautiful views, well maintained trails, a bit of a challenge, and friendly people along the way - and would rather post hole all day, soaking the insides of those new boots, this trail won’t be for you.

If however you enjoy all these things, less the snow to the knees, this is a perfect spring hike, enjoy!

15 days ago

still lots of snow on the trail... if you don't mind cold wet feet and post holing to your hip, it is stunningly beautiful right now. wildflowers peaking out of snow and lots of snow melt runoff making the creek roar. made it to creek crossing, but too much snow and creek running too high to safely make it across. met a wonderful young couple along the way, thanks Sofia and Kevin (Cooper & Barrett too

Still impassable with snow up to your hips. Only made it s few yards before turning back. Definitely need to wait until June for the snow to melt more.

Was an amazing time. Amazing hiking with some amazing scenery.

20 days ago

5/5/18. Some places near the top still had snow in the path but was completely able to finish in hiking shoes. The rock face to the south as you hike the valley is stunning and the spring runoff was flowing. The waterfall was barely off the path to the lake. The lake itself was beautiful and jumping in was very cold. Overall was a tough hike but well worth the time.

27 days ago

Beautiful trail, I went up to the lakes yesterday 4/28. After venable falls the trail is snowed out most of the way. I used alltrails offline maps & the sound of venable creek to navigate up to the lakes.

27 days ago

Moderate my $%#@!!!! While the first 2-3 miles are a lovely stroll in the woods, once you hit treeline for the hike to the summit, the trail can best be described as somewhat vertical; more of an eroding set of social trails than most 14ers I've been on; relentingly steep with patches of loose talus and challenging footing; and a risk to the ankles. If you're going to do it, I might suggest hiking poles. I never use them but I think they would have been worthwhile. It's one of the worst "trails" I've been on in over 25 years of hiking and backpacking in Colorado. Nice view though!

1 month ago

This trail is heavily wooded and has a bit of downed timber. Not a super easy hike, but very enjoyable none the less. The 6.5 miles in is well rewarded once you reach the creek and cabin at the end of the trail. Great place for an overnight trip, but doable in a single day. I hiked this trail yesterday in 2.5 hours round trip.

nice quick hike. last half mile is still snow covered and icey as of 4/14. you'll need a vehicle with high ground clearance to drive to trail head.

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