Photos of San Isabel National Forest Camping Trails

Completed this hike 12/25/18, no snow, and easy hike. There are some ups/downs, but nothing crazy, not a lot of tree coverage, so I think winter is the best time to do this so you don't burn.

Like others mentioned, the hike listed on this site doesn't match the trail when you get there. I ended up doing the "bacon bits trail" which I thought was gentleman's half loop/lower doormans / this trail, but I really don't think it was any of these trails...I did about 6 miles total though.

Beautiful trail, and well worth the hike if you can be OK with not really knowing what you're hiking.

There is a nice map that you can take a picture of at the trail head along with a paper map, so once I saw that I felt very confident that I could handle this "unknown" hike.

Ended up seeing about 15 animal bones along the trail, and some deer. Would do this hike again!