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gorgeous views along this trail!

Amazing hike! All nice and easy until you get to the tree line. Then it’s a game changer, prepare to climb up rocks and pebbles for a good 2 hours. It’s an amazing feel while climbing, just such an elevation change and tiring . 9/10 for me this is my favorite hike I’ve done

5 days ago

Really liked this hike. Just the right amount of challenge. Could definitely backpack in and camp at one of the primitive campsites. Loved all the creek crossings and beautiful aspens! This trail was a little more shaded than I had planned for so I was a bit chilly until I got moving. Will be back!

off road driving
8 days ago

It was snowing heavily up this trail. We had a Rubicon JK. Road had probably 6 inches of snow and it’s a rough ride. Likes of rocks etc. The snow probably created the additional difficulty, but we used our lockers quite a bit and were in 4 wheel low most of the day. Coolest lake I’ve ever seen 1/2 mile hike off the trail. Best view I’ve seen my entire life. Great trip, but tough!

9 days ago

Hiked Humboldt Peak in July. It was my first true 14er. It was definitely difficult in some areas near the top of the peak. Overall it was achievable and very beautiful. You get a good view of the Crestones though the hike as well.

got a late start so we made it half way up but we will return again to finish! beautiful trail

parked at upper lot. have a Toyota highlander (lower clearance) and had a few sketchy spots driving. georgous views on the ridge around 13,000. last 1,000+ was steep, but so worth it. Beautiful, beautiful 360 views at the top. lots of boulders and rocks, steep in places. took me just under 3 hrs to the top. the soak in mt. Princeton hot springs after helped soothe the bones!

Wonderful hike! Took my 60 year old parents on this and they loved it. It is very steep for the last half mile, but otherwise a very gradual income. Being a jacket for the lake, the wind has quite the chill. Perfect amount of sun and forested shade on the way up.

12 days ago

A nice simple and not too hard hike. Absolutly beautiful at the end of the colors. The fog was hanging on the peak of Mt Elbert. Love it. Will hike again.

Not possible to access trail. We drove according to the gps directions and encountered a padlocked gate indicating private property. ☹️

15 days ago

Did this hike by accident and WOW im glad i did! Moderate for a coloridian, difficult for a midwesterner like me. Absolutely stunning the way up, both the path and the view of the collegiate mountains. When you reach the top, theres a wooden pole and small plastic box to write your name in. Just a treasure of a trail.

on Newlin Creek Trail

17 days ago

totally enjoyed it! the aspen leaves were gorgeous!

Like Valerie we lost the trail. We followed it about halfway around and came to a sign for the Treeline trail. We followed the blue diamond trail markers, but after a while when I looked at the map I saw we were in the middle of the loop. Anyway it was an enjoyable hike, with an easy trail.

The three seniors in my group, 79, 83, 83, found this trail very difficult. I used the elevation readings from my iPhone to calculate an elevation gain of 1,080 feet.

It was a perfect fall day. We spent nine hours on the trail. five of it moving and the other four sitting on our rears enjoying the incredible scenery. We got a feeling of accomplishment having climbed a thirteen and a half on an awesome day. We plan to go back next year and do East Spanish Peak?

The view at the end is worth the hike up!!! Get up on top of the big rocks for the best view!

17 days ago

Nice hike even though I didn't make it to the top. I started too late in the day and didn't feel comfortable hiking back in the dark. The trailhead is tough to find from the highway. The 2.3 miles from Monarch Lodge is accurate though and there is a sign for Monarch Sled Dog Rides right at the upper end of the parking area. The trail starts at the downhill end of the parking area.
It is a steep trail for a mid-westerner like myself but a good challenge.

enjoyed this hike however, be aware the trail around the lake can be difficult to keep track of.

Great hike for beginner backpackers staying the night. Great spots on the entire south side of the lake. Found a spot that was fenced in by trees to camp with a nice fire ring. Great for teaching a pup off leash. Weather was incredible

Great day. Almost no other people. Did 5.3 mile up and back.

camped nearby past Lakeview camping (it was closed). Plethora of camping spots and all along the road to Elbert upper trailhead. We took the lower trail up and looped back on the road. Saw a few deer! And went past the upper trailhead a little to see the beaver dam. My pup loved it and we enjoyed the leaves!

We started around 10 am today and it was perfect. The tree colors were amazing and the waterfall was incredible.

Lovely hike but toward the hard end of the moderate range for me
Challenging going up the steep rocky trail And we saw only one other hiker during the entire hike which we did around noon on a Friday
The lake was lovely as were numerous small waterfalls along the way
Would definitely recommend this hike!

We only did about half of this trail due to time constraints. We actually went down to the water and walked along there for a bit before getting back on the trail. It is a very easy trail but was heavily trafficked even for a Tuesday. Beautiful views though!

off road driving
22 days ago

I'm an inexperienced "Off-Roader" who wimps out easily. I wouldn't even call this trail Moderate, more like Easy but fun. Took wife, 4y/o and dogs in the T4R for a scenic drive outside of St. Elmo. Got out to run the dogs and get in the creek. Back in the truck for a bit of "off-roading" toward the end and it was fine. Didn't go all the way back due to time but fun enough for a wimp like me. Quiet and scenic fall colors too!

This was as mentioned a hard moderate hike. 4 over 50 year old flatlanders in moderate condition 2 hrs to get to the top. The one mile on the road was ok, we saw 3 mule deer, the mile of loose rocks was the hardest part up and down. The mile by the stream and around the lakes was just wonderful. Take the time to circle the lake and enjoy the silence. Listen to the wind through the Aspen and the trout jump. Very peaceful. I took a star off just because a few more switch backs during the descent of the rock portion would have been nice.

Amazing views! Moderate is a great description of this hike. First mile or so is the hardest, then it gets better. Coming down is breathtaking from the fall colors and views. Not a lot of traffic early morning. We started seeing more people around 10-12.

24 days ago

This is a beautiful trail. The trees are starting to change, which gives it an enchanting feel. My 15 year old and 8 year old loved it. We did not make it to the mine, so maybe next time.

24 days ago

Great views over Buena Vista.

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