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OMG is all I can say! What a stunningly beautiful trail all the way up and back. Although this year's May is still early in the season, we did not fight the post holing like on many of the other trails. Snow covered the trail entirely only for the last 30 min. before the lakes. We hiked to the falls and to the lakes out and back. On the way in we stopped and took pictures endlessly to capture the ever changing scenery, the frozen branches in the creek, and the stunning mountain views. This made it into a LONG day, but well worth the extra time! Especially seeing the towering Mt. Tabeguache while we had our snacks by the lake. Love, love, love this trail. This is a repeat and keeper!

Sure a nice trail. However, we went hiking and could only find our way by following the ski tracks in the snow. It was too early for hiking and too late for skiing. Summer or winter would be our recommendation; unless you want to post hole and guess where you are going. Try this one after the end of May; depending on annual snow load.

Good times.

Total time round trip to the mill and back is approx 4-5 hours. There are 16 stream crossings each way (32 total). The water was high so everyone eventually got wet. We had 2 dogs and two kids and stopped for lunch. The mill is great. Try to find the chimney, it's marked with red tape.

3 days ago

Beautiful trail with stunning views from higher view points, yet a bit early this year for hiking. We ran into deep snow banks after an hour, without a clear sign of the trail. Since the trail does not go along the creek for the entire hike we had to carefully watch for trimmed tree branches to find our way. Very shortly before the end we had to turn around, since it was too much post holing for our old dog. Even so, it was a beautiful hike and a trail we want to experience later in the season.

4 days ago

Can you camp anywhere along this trail? Traveling from TN in June, want to backpack in, camp and do day hikes. Any recommendations on 12er or 13er?

Fantastic hike! Great views, and challenging without being too difficult. Great for new 14er-ers. I would say Mt. Massive is the best hike in the area, but this is still amazing!

7 days ago

This was a great hike! We didn't complete it due to taking our 7-year old - that was a bit long for her. But I think we made it about 2/3 of the way before turning around. We will definitely go back when it's just the adults. Beautiful scenery and wonderful peace and quiet.

We love this trail. tried it today, too much snow for us. Difficulty varries depending on weather. Fallen trees and changing terrain.

9 days ago

We attempted this hike today. However, the trailhead is impossible to reach with our Subaru. The normal dirt road quickly turned to a Jeep road. It was impassible for our vehicle. Do not plan on doing this hike without a high clearance off road vehicle.

9 days ago

Went there today. Absent of snow but a lot of fallen trees. I removed as many as I could with just my truck and tow straps. Still one blocking about 2 miles or so before he trail head. We just walked around in the valley and fields. Still a ton of snow at the top plan accordingly.

this trail is a little ways out of town and there wasn't much traffic. there was snow on the ground still! But it was fairly warm out. there's a lot of vertical, so be prepared for all that uphill! we never made it to the cabin, ran out of time, but I would definitely come back, the views of the mountains and the nearby river were so pretty.

Pretty trail but we were there 5/6 and there's knee deep snow! Lost the trail a couple of times and the snow started right after we got to the false summit. Be prepared!