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Pretty trail, could use some work on some of the creek crossings though.

Nice easy hike. Great views of the lake. Fun to check out the old home and lodge. I would do it again. Got out early and missed most of the of the traffic.

2 days ago

Wonderful trail! Well maintained, with a great variety of scenery. Surrounded by trees at the beginning (gets steep there, but don't give up!) Then you reach a meadow with beautiful flowers and marmots above treeline. Rock field at the top is challenging and steep, but SO worth it at the top. Wonderful hike!

Great hike. Only saw one other hiker. Could not get all the way to the lakes because of snow at 10,200 but loved the hike anyway. Trail clear to the first lake.

Great short hike. Took us about 2 hours and got to take out time to explore both lakes. The trail head has a sign for 3 Elk trail #1445. Once you hit the Colorado trail head left to the first smaller lake then a little father to the bigger one. Nice trail around the bigger lake.

3 days ago

3 days ago

Had a blast on this trail. The top third required snow shoes and only made it to the first lake. As other reviews mentioned, it is frozen over and covered in snow. We saw bear tracks in the snow, but didn't see much wildlife other than birds. Snow shoeing was an amazing experience, but even without them the trail is gorgeous and rewarding.

4 days ago

We took our 2 dogs on this trail. We loved it. There was no trail marker indicating when you hit the end of the 3.6 miles. We went 5 miles out and then back. Trail was clearly marked. We only saw one other group The whole 10 miles. We turned around when we hit consistant snow covering the trail. It was slushy and we all kept sinking in the snow. Great day! I love the sound the trees make when the wind blows and the cool wind felt great! We saw absolutely no wildlife. Okay maybe some birds, but that was it.

We did this hike on May 24th, 2017; a year with unusual snow load for this area. Therefore this was a "mud season" hike and everything was still dormant. The amount of pine trees, which had died due to the beetle kill made this trail look really trist. Before we ran into the snow banks higher up, there was a rather long section of scree covering the trail, much like one would encounter above tree line on 14ers. This was very hard on our older dog! This trail also holds two records for us: we have NEVER seen that many moose droppings and moose signs in our lives (we spend most of our time outdoors), and we have never encountered more ticks in our lives. Since this was a cold day and mud season, we did not bring bug spray (our fault). By the time we got back to our camp, we plucked over 50 ticks from ourselves, our dogs, inside and outside our backpacks. Thankfully our dogs are treated with Frontline, but several ticks still attached before they died off. I felt a bite on my neck and within the second it took me to grab the tick, it had already attached! We spent hours to "groom" EVERYTHING, and still found more ticks the next day. WE WILL NEVER SET FOOT ON THAT TRAIL AGAIN!

5 days ago

This is NOT a hike. Even so, I am glad it popped up on this app bc I never would have found it otherwise.

Bishop castle is a man made castle in the middle of San Isabel National Forest. It is AMAZING. If you're looking for something unique and magical, this is it. One man built the structure all by himself and it is wildly impressive.

OMG is all I can say! What a stunningly beautiful trail all the way up and back. Although this year's May is still early in the season, we did not fight the post holing like on many of the other trails. Snow covered the trail entirely only for the last 30 min. before the lakes. We hiked to the falls and to the lakes out and back. On the way in we stopped and took pictures endlessly to capture the ever changing scenery, the frozen branches in the creek, and the stunning mountain views. This made it into a LONG day, but well worth the extra time! Especially seeing the towering Mt. Tabeguache while we had our snacks by the lake. Love, love, love this trail. This is a repeat and keeper!

Sure a nice trail. However, we went hiking and could only find our way by following the ski tracks in the snow. It was too early for hiking and too late for skiing. Summer or winter would be our recommendation; unless you want to post hole and guess where you are going. Try this one after the end of May; depending on annual snow load.

Good times.

Total time round trip to the mill and back is approx 4-5 hours. There are 16 stream crossings each way (32 total). The water was high so everyone eventually got wet. We had 2 dogs and two kids and stopped for lunch. The mill is great. Try to find the chimney, it's marked with red tape.