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it was fun & pretty & we hiked in a snow storm on 4-22-17 in knee deep snow. lots of trees down on the trail.

5 days ago

a crazy day: we had a 2 wheel drive and can't make it all the way to the trail head of La Plata peak, so we hitchhiked and ride with a truck...then ended at this trailhead. It's mid of July and the peak of wildflower season, all the flowers are so out of control! then we hiked all the way back to the car and I went to a wedding in denver dancing till midnihgt

This is prob my least fav 14er. The road to the trailhead is really rough, the trail itself is super rocky with a lot of exposure in the end, the view is not that impressive. Weather wasn't good for us, it was raining at the summit but not thunderstorms (hard to tell the difference for a while)

13 days ago

Lots of fun with 16 crossings along the water. Beautiful area.

Tough trail if you are new to hiking maybe, but one of my absolute favorites. Twin lakes has great fishing and camping and I would highly recommend this if you are able

Nice trail for snowshoeing.

Wonderfully scenic hike with the benefit of an interesting destination halfway through. We slogged through quite a bit of patchy snow, postholing at times, (snowshoes or yak trax could still be helpful), but the stop at Interlaken and a beautiful day along the lake made the effort worthwhile. Turned around a mile or so west of the old resort where the spur and main trails converge, as we were encountering some deeper snow and the trail was just a bit tricky to follow at times.

1 month ago

The best trail in the wet mountains so for greenery and for a relaxing hike in a good size canyon. Lots of waterfalls and stream crossings.

Great trail that crosses a creek multiple times. Great for our dogs to stay cool.

1 month ago