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Has anyone ever made it to the lake?

on Iron Chest Mine

1 day ago

The dog's name is Bentley. Also goes by Bear & Brad. This info is posted in BV all around town. I hope he's found!

Beautiful trail with spectacular waterfall

trail running
1 day ago

What a beautiful trail! Portions of the trail open up to the sandy, sometimes rocky shoreline and other sections are quite secluded thanks to the trees. There are some pleasant hills and a few more rocky down/uphill spots that were really fun! Would have rated higher if there weren’t so many campsites along the trail, but that’s definitely a plus if you’re looking to camp by the lake!

2 days ago

There is a missing dog on this trail. He is a one yr old goldendoodle. He was ejected from a Jeep. The red Jeep is still there. Please be on the lookout. This was a fatality and rollover down the mountain about 600 ft. At about 11000 ft. The family is from Kansas and desperately are hoping he can be found. He ran down the hill after the accident on 8/7. He is still missing as of 8/15/18. Please call Teema at 316 304 1055.

He is friendly but please do not chase him. Sit quietly and offer food. The St Elmo general
Store is familiar, or you can take him to Buena Vista Humane Society. There are also locals that could take him and get him back to his owner in Kansas. We also would like to get him to a vet ASAP.. He was last seen w a possibly blue collar one. He is microchipped. Thanks for looking!
I will take this down when found.....

There are very large boulders and rocks to negotiate in the beginning, but it gets better. Pretty steep hike. Not marked well but beautiful views. I wouldn’t drive up this. It’s narrow in many places and not easy to turn around. I saw some can ams struggling over the rocks.. The rock is marked w tape where the lady tried to go around and rolled.. very narrow there..

A great easy hike around a lake that is over looked by Mt Massive and Elbert. Beautiful views around the lake, a nice acclimation hike.

2 days ago

Great acclimation hike for Mt. Harvard and the other collegiate peaks. Trail is forested all the way to the falls and a bit more exposed up to the lake. Steepest sections are the very beginning and the first mile or so after the falls. Lots of horse poop. Plenty of parking spots at the trailhead even at 10 AM on a Sunday in August.

Gorgeous views and well maintained trail. Super popular too and pretty easy for a fourteener. You need a high clearance 4wd vehicle to get to the trailhead unless you want to add about 6 miles to the hike.

3 days ago

Lovely trail that follows rushing water up a canyon with nice aspen stands. There were a few mountain bikers on the trail when we were hiking it, but it seems a little dicey to hike if there are dirt bikers riding it. The listing has since been updated, but it used to say it was under 4 miles out and back. The trail actually goes almost 8 miles until it hits the continental divide/monarch pass trail. Wrote All Trails support after bumping into a lady at the trail head who looked concerned and said her kids were hiking on it way longer than she had expected. All trails quickly updated it to the full 13.5mi total out and back that it should be if you take it all the way to the CDT. Thanks AllTrails support! :)

It’s a nice trail, but it is not easy. Non-athletes will struggle . This is a moderate trail, not easy.

4 days ago

Beautiful hike!! A lot of the negative comments below can be overcome by good alpine practices. The peak is very obviously exposed, you can see this easily from 285. An early alpine start helps with sun too. We started at 5:30 and summited 2.5 hours later. The trail is wonderfully marked, just look for the next 2-3 cairns, not only the one ahead. The trail moves through a scree field, not sure what the references to “huge boulders” are. There are some but it is more scree than scramble. All in all, be ready for a beautiful and engaging hike. Definitely worth driving the Jeep road if you have the car.

4 days ago

We enjoyed hiking this trail a lot. The falls and the lake are very pretty and the trail was not very crowded for a Sunday hike. It is not a difficult hike as the trail climbs moderately but it is quite long. So take a lot of water especially if you do not start early as a good portion of the trail is exposed to the sun. Some dead trees in the upper part of the trail, but the views of the valley and the surrounding summits are gorgeous. We got caught in a thunderstorm going down around the falls, but that is bc we started going down around 2pm..

This was my husband and my first 14er. Granted we have nothing to compare it to and the views were awesome at the top, but I don’t think we will ever do this one again. It is 95% straight rock scramble with a very poorly marked trail. It took us 9 hours to do 7 miles, and we are not slow hikers. It just takes that much concentration that by the end you are not only physically exhausted, but mentally exhausted. Good time, but beware it’s all rocks.

Be prepared to make three summits on this trip- shavanno, tabagueche, and then shag again. Bring plenty of snacks and water. No real good trail to the summit for Tab, but it’s easiest to just boulder straight up! My Apple Watch tracked this entire route at 14 miles from the parking lot.

off road driving
5 days ago

Took this trip yesterday and enjoyed every minute.
My review is not for hiking but for 4x4 off-roading.
You will definitely want a high clearance vehicle (no RAV4 or similar vehicles) if you want to take the road to the end. The last leg is semi brutal so take it slow.
To get to upper Pomeroy Lake, you have to park and walk about 3/4 mile.
If you have time, take the side trip up the mountain to the Mary Mine. Very rocky, very loose gravel and excellent views.

Trail is not difficult, but it’s a bit monotonous.

I love to do this trail in the winter when the higher elevation hikes are snow-covered. It has a few great overlooks of the whole valley.

5 days ago

amazing! a perfect example of why I moved here in the first place!! Gorgeous!

Great hike! The middle third of this hike is really easy meadow walking which allows your legs time to recharge while you enjoy the basin views. The last 1/2 mile or so is all ridge line with a moderate amount of exposure and scrambling in some parts, which is really fun! Seemingly not as popular as Belford/oxford, so I had the summit to myself for a while on a Tuesday morning. Fair amount of dispersed camping possibilities in the area- plenty on the road to the trailhead, and some in the basin/gulch area near the stream!

This hike was absolutely beautiful! The falls and the views were totally worth the above moderate climb.

One of my favorite hikes. It does have a bit of a steep start and it's exposed so the sun can feel really intense. After it levels out it's a great hike through rocks and trees, over a few small streams. You come to a small meadow with amazing views then the waterfall...so gorgeous!
We timed it right and had it too ourselves for about 20 minutes. The water was cold and refreshing.
We have horses and don't care that there's poop on the trail.
We also don't mind people because they're just out enjoying it too.

ok, I clicked on directions and it took us to a trailhead but nowhere did it say Doorman's Delight Trail. We ended up hiking a trail listed as 6.2 miles called Gentleman's Half Loop which was not marked on the trail...at all and was less than 6 miles. The trail is great though, easy rolling terrain. Not much tree cover but a few shady spots. Popular with mountain bikers.

Did partial of this trail catching it at 290 and hiking up and over to 273 intersection. It was the day after a heavy rain so the trail was a bit washed out and definitely moderate steep. Views from the high point back towards Tin Cup Pass beautiful. And the hike down to 273 easily trail run-able. Great time w/ my 78 year old dad!

6 days ago

So, the trail head on this one is misleading as there are 2. We parked at the LOWER TH and this will add 2 miles each way to your hike. The lower trail/road is not marked very well, we only saw 1 arrow pointing the way. The upper TH is apparently 2 miles or so up the road, we never got that far. The road is a 4X4 trail and looked a bit rough. We saw a newer Ford Explorer go up but I would not venture up this one in my truck. We came across a very nice guy in a jeep (at our turn around point) who said we were half way to the upper TH, even though we were 2.5 in?? We did decide to return to the car as we had some time constraints. This was a beautiful hike none the less. We are hoping to head back up on 4 wheelers and find the upper TH and the true trail. The elevation gain and distance listed are most likely from the upper TH and not the lower one. The climb up the first leg has steep areas and will make the heart pump but is not bad. There is a restroom at the lower TH and is clean for the most part.

My husband climbed West Spanish Peak July 28; he started at 6am and reached the summit by 9am. Approx the first 3 miles (which took us ~90 min) were a nice, gradual climb on a good, often wide trail alternating between woods and meadows with views of the West Spanish Peak. Once reaching the rocky base of the climb at treeline, the trail immediately got down to business, climbing nearly 2,000 feet in elevation in the last 1 - 1 1/2 miles. While the first part could be rated easy, the rocky and steep climb was definitely moderate+ for an average hiker. From this point, it was another 90 min to the summit. The trail is rocky and hard to follow in spots, but aim upward and look for the many cairns. At the summit, there are great views of the natural dikes below and nearby East Spanish Peak. Spent 90 min at the summit and was back to the TH by 1pm (this included lots of stops to chat with folks). There is a nice campground with a clean restroom at the TH if you want to spend the night before there.

Awesome short/easy hike with amazing views. Some road noise in areas. Great hike for kids. We did it counter-clockwise and would do it this direction again.

8 days ago

Nice little hike, easy to do quickly. The roads to get to the trailhead can be a bit confusing, but the AllTrails map has the location right and got us there. This drive was also doable in a 2wd minivan, so don't get nervous about the road. Loved the various historic buildings, including going in Dexters house! Excited to check back in a few years on how the restoration is going.

On the other side of the lakes is a canoe/kayak rental that offers a nice view of the buildings from the water, check that out as well! Guy goes by Johnny Canoe, so you know it'll be a good time.

On the drive here make sure you pay attention to private property/no park access signs. Apple maps sent us driving through a private development that does not connect, and we had to retrace our steps and follow the signs on the road.

The hike itself was fairly dry and scrubby for the first mile or so, before getting more woodsy. The waterfall is beautiful! Make sure you don't miss the left turn to the falls, we accidentally continued on towards the lake for a few minutes before realizing we had passed the falls. The hike was fairly busy, we saw several groups of people, particularly around the falls.

The perfect acclimation hike. The hike itself is at high elevation, but generally flat the whole way so you can become comfortable moving around at high elevation. We loved all he different historic sites from the boom town up there. You could step off the trail and wander through old wooden house frames and find metal cans, rings from barrels, bricks, etc. We also did the little side loop towards the end around mile 5. The way out was nice, but the way back was essentially non-existent. You could either walk out to the end of the rail line there and then turn back, or just be ready for a bit of bushwhacking.

Beautiful hike!! Not too hard and goes through several types of terrain.

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