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17 hours ago

Me and my gf camped out a couple miles past the Missouri Gulch Trailhead the night before. The dirt road up is washboardy, but we made it just fine in a 2010 Grand Caravan. This hike was a breath of fresh air after climbing Democrat the week before, which was nothing but rocks. The trail to Belford is steep and beautiful. Winding through the changing aspens on our way to the upper switch backs was awesome. it was incredibly windy, which made the exposure areas a bit menacing, but all and all, a great, physical hike with extremely rewarding views.

on Midland Bike Trail

mountain biking
3 days ago

A beautiful clear late summer day with good friends, gold Aspens dotting the surrounding mountainsides and the constant music of a running creek along the well defined path. A moderately demanding hike for 60 something's amateurs trying out their new hiking shoes! The pristine 30-40 acre lake at the end of the trail made it more than worthwhile! Round trip was 3 hrs and 30 mins with lots of stops for water and photos along the way!

I would rate this trail as moderate. Right amount of sun and shade. Pretty steep right before you get to the lake. There is a nice stream crossing. The trail is very wide in most places. The lake is very large and is worth the hike. The drive up to the trailhead was very scenic since you go past Turquoise Lake.

off road driving
4 days ago

I did this trail in a Stock 2017 GMC Canyon Diesel 4x4. I'm not that experienced but I was able to get through without any issue. Its definitely not easy but not difficult. Took a little less than 2 hours. I was not trying to rush at all. The air dam on the front of the bumper scraped once, but other than that, my clearance was fine when going slow. There is a pretty long stretch of rocks. The other review said 300 feet, but I remember thinking "no way" but maybe I was concerned for my wheels haha. it took the most amount of time. There is also a large sandy stretch where its kind of deep and loose but easy with 4WD. A few steep inclines/declines but nothing crazy. This was mid sept 2017. Going pretty slow, only one ATV passed me. Coming the opposite direction a couple trucks and a group of ATVs. Mostly was just me the whole time.

5 days ago

Awesome, challenging hike. Can do either out & back or a full loop back to Lake Isabel. I'd recommend the full loop but was pressed for time the last trip and just went out & back. Great views from the summit!

Make sure you find the summit sign-in (look for a peanut butter jar in the rock pile)!

5 days ago

Beautiful area and gorgeous hike. First 2 miles are pretty easy, not too steep. When you break off the Wahatoya Trail for the East Peak trail it gets pretty steep.

The trail started off pretty challenging, really steep. However, the views once you got past that were amazing! We went in the fall and it was beautiful
with the Aspens. The trail was really enjoyable, not too difficult the rest of the way. Once you get to the lakes, plan so spend some time so that you can enjoy the scenery for a bit. I always like trails with a pay off, this was one of those hikes. There are some camp sites off the same road as the trailhead. We really enjoyed some easy camping after our hike.

Lovely falls at the end, did'nt mind the early elevation gain, not busy early afternoon during the week, but over half the trail not shaded, and sun was intense, mostly the walk away from the stream, occasionally see and hear it at the start , then further on. No views till about half way in when Mt Antero before you for a bit, then into cool pleasant forest walking, and a left for the falls. Vistas of the valley on the steep descent back to the parking lot. Saw pineys , a 2ft long prob garter snake , and 2 pairs of black Angus about 3/4 way in along the trail.

Very nice hike with aspens turning gold today. Almost park like at the lakes. Hike was on the easy side of moderate and I am 61 years old and chubby but I do live at 9300 feet. You don't need an extreme vehicle for the road but wouldn't take a passenger car. My Toyota Tundra did fine. Definitely worth the time.