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3 days ago

Steady incline the whole way. I was by myself with two dogs and we all made it fine. A few hours in I noticed some mountain lion poop and got a little nervous. All in all it was a nice quiet hike up the mountain...bring good shoes (lots of snow, ice, rocks). I went middle of January and it wasn’t too bad.

Challenging and breathtaking. One of the most beautiful trails I’ve ever hiked. HIGHLY recommend

off road driving
14 days ago

What a fun, super easy trail to do during the off season. The last 3rd of the trail was closed do to reclamation projects. Great views and lots of great hiking trails along the way as well.

21 days ago

Beautiful trail that gets challenging above the tree line. It was cold and VERY windy, but very little snow or ice.

Pretty tough and cold day. Microspikes were required.

1 month ago

nice trail near 14 day camping
party on wayne

1 month ago

awesome views, lots of animals, had a blast

1 month ago

1 month ago

The The trail is actually not a down and back trail, but connects the top of Cordova Pass with the county road south that eventually leads to Aguilar.

From the Cordova Pass, it follows the West Peak Trail before splitting off from the WPT and traversing across the south side of the West Peak. It then descends through a series of switch backs to the connection with the Wahatoya Trail. (The Wahatoya Trail will take you through the saddle between the East and West Spanish Peaks and connects to a county road that goes to La Veta.) The Apishipa goes south at this junction and follows the creek of the same name for about a 1.8 miles and comes out on the county Road.

This is not a terribly difficult hike from the top of the pass, but if you go from the county road, it is steep in places and has many switch backs.
Either way, not an “easy 1ish mike there and back hike” as advertised on this page.

I’ll map it next time I go.

this trail is the old trail. it closed summer 2017. visit 14ers.com.for the new trail.

Very hard to find! And don't count on GPS. I followed another reviews directions and I passed it a few times before finding it. Great uphill hike!! great views, and a beautiful lake at the top. That and the creeks were all frozen over. (12/6)

A really beautiful trail in a really pretty part of Colorado. Easy trail til the tree line then pretty much straight up. Snow on the trail but not too bad. Above treeline no snow at all. Really windy as a storm front was pushing in from the west.

hiking the steam engine at the end is awesome

Is there enough snow on the trail for snowshoeing?

1 month ago

We snowshoed this trail on 11/25/17. The hike is pleasant and protected from wind most of the time and the lake at the top is beautiful, although windy.

The trail had some snow and snowshoes were welcome (especially downhill), but if it were more packed you could potentially just hike in with boots. We followed other people’s tracks most of the way, but had to do a little GPS navigating when their tracks ran out near the top. Once we found the trail it’s pretty clear where to hike because it’s more cleared than the rest of the forest.

Note that the Turquoise Lake road to the trailhead is not plowed, so depending on the amount of snow present or temperatures or vehicle type could affect whether you’re able to drive to the trailhead.

1 month ago

Great trail, easy to follow. Steep for 1st mile or so, but rewarding views all throughout.

Very fun and moderately hard hike. Had a blast doing it as my first 14er!

We had a great time today hiking this trail. It seemed like the 1st 1.5 miles was the most difficult, as it was a steady incline. The rest was easy breezy. The waterfall was beautiful

Great hike on a beautiful sunny slightly windy day. Trail had some snow in the shady parts along the first half of the hike along the first lake. Easily traversable. Awesome views of the lakes. The upper lake had whitecaps due to the wind. The InterLaken historic site is really cool. Totally recommend this hike!

Nice hike. Beautiful views. Trail well groomed. A lot of horse poop. Gradual incline on the way up but not too difficult . Falls are worth the hike! Trail head has restrooms . Several foot bridges to cross great variety !

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