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23 hours ago

We had a great time today hiking this trail. It seemed like the 1st 1.5 miles was the most difficult, as it was a steady incline. The rest was easy breezy. The waterfall was beautiful

3 days ago

Great hike on a beautiful sunny slightly windy day. Trail had some snow in the shady parts along the first half of the hike along the first lake. Easily traversable. Awesome views of the lakes. The upper lake had whitecaps due to the wind. The InterLaken historic site is really cool. Totally recommend this hike!

Nice hike. Beautiful views. Trail well groomed. A lot of horse poop. Gradual incline on the way up but not too difficult . Falls are worth the hike! Trail head has restrooms . Several foot bridges to cross great variety !

11 days ago

Not really a hike but for sure something to see! A sight you will remember for the rest of your life. Would not advise for small children

12 days ago

Nice infrequently used trail, maybe only 2-3 people per week so you'll probably have it to yourself! I hiked it 11/2017, very few down trees until the last half mile, even then it wasn't bad. It's a steady climb but trail conditions are good, not too muck rock, steepest section is the first half mile. At about 0.75 mile stay left, there's another trail/road that could be confusing. No water anywhere on the trail until you turn around, nice creek there. There is a dirt floor cabin, no door but a good roof in case you wanted to camp and it was rainy, at the trail end. Lots of wildlife in the evening, good birds and a few mile deer. Just a couple ok views, not great for that. Could be confusing if there was much snow, it's not blazed.

I made it to the top today 11-5-17, it was really windy above tree line, I used micro spikes, gaiters, and trecking poles and had no problems. I would recommend a face mask, the wind and snow gave me an ice beard. I parked about 1/2 mile up the 4x4 road, started at 7:30am made it to the top at 11:30am and back to my truck at 3:45pm. The trail was easy to follow all the way to the top, below tree line there was about 1-2 inches, above the tree line on average it was ankle deep, some spots were wind swept clean other spots were mid shin drifts.

Nice hike today with the kids (7 and 9). We didn't all have necessary gear so we stopped a little over half way to the lake. Just a couple of inches of snow toward the bottom and closer to 6" where we turned around.

Beautiful falls. Great hike in the snow yesterday.

17 days ago

18 days ago

Completed this hike in the middle of September. Arrived at the trailhead around 5:00am and enjoyed stunning views of the open night sky and heavy silence all around. To be clear, I parked my car about a half mile away from the official trailhead. I think I may be too cautious with my vehicle as I noticed other cars with lower clearance at the trailhead upon my return, but parts of the road about are pretty gnarly so use your discretion. Hiking up the road in the dark was great- a family a deer revealed themselves as glowing eyes and then rather quietly and quickly bounced away. The trailhead begins in the woods and offers beautiful and lush pine growth. It climbs steadily for some time before emerging from the tree line. Once past the tree line, there is a brief reprieve from the climb as the trail flattens out and offers great view as you look back towards the direction you came. Good spot to take a break. The wind was really kicking up at this point without any shelter from the trees and even though the sun had risen, overcast skies and below freezing temperatures made this a bitterly cold ascent at times. The final hump is more steep travel as you can imagine, and from the shoulder is probably another hour or so to the summit. Patches of snow and ice dotted the trail on the way up. The summit is absolutely beautiful offering views of many ranges all around you. The wind was quite intense up there, so be prepared. The whole trip took me about 7 hours.