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My friend and I hiked this and it is a nice hike, but maybe not my favorite in this area. You spend most of the time plodding through deep forest with no good views. The last part is waist high plants with beautiful flowers, but once again, not much in the way of those "ahhhh" views. We stopped at the first lake with is pretty. There are some really steep parts with lots of loose rocks/gravel/sand which makes it treacherous coming back down. Lots and lots of ankle twisting fist sized rocks covering the trail from top to bottom. For the same exertion but far more payoff in prettier views, do the Venable hike instead of this one.

Mentally and physically demanding, but overall a great hike.

2 days ago

3 stars because: the last 1-2 miles of trail are heavily overgrown, if there has been rain or you are hiking in the a.m. get ready to be soaked from the waist down.

Secondly, the last mile is VERY steep, so steep that pack dockeys could not ascend!! we talked to people who had to rig up a pully system to get their donkey through some particularly steep/muddy sections...NEEDS SWITCHBACKS...they were very worried about the descent so warning to people with livestock!!!

Lastly, there is literally one legal fire pit near the lakes so if you like traditional camping with a fire, you may or may not get lucky. Real estate for backpackers is slim unless you're an ultralighter and dont need much space or you bring a hammock. Very steep walls lead into the lakes, it is exhausting getting from one to the other.

also, we had hail in the evening and lots of frost in the morning! woo hoo

2 days ago

only made it about 4 miles in. there's a good overlook. I would have loved to complete it the whole trail but the further up the trail the rockier it gets and it is more than a bit of a moderate trail. beautiful views. I did 8 miles total and didn't see anyone for almost 3 hours. I'll go back to try and finish another time.

2 days ago

We did Douglass City and Hagerman Tunnel from the Windsor Lake trailhead. Beautiful and very interesting hike. This route shortcuts the Hagerman Tunnel trailhead route by about 1 mile (at least 2 miles round trip) but includes all the good stuff. Once reaching Hagerman Tunnel you can return via the same route for about a 2.5 mile round trip, or proceed Northeast along the old railroad bed to Hagerman Lake. The loop will put you back on the trail you took up, just below Douglass City. The round trip for this option is about 4 miles. Check your route frequently as the trail signs are easy to miss.

Note: If you reference my route record there is a small gap on the old railroad bed going Northeast from Hagerman Tunnel toward Hagerman Lake because I forgot to un-pause after a break near the tunnel.

3 days ago

3 days ago

Super scenic! Took about 2 hours to summit, and got snowed on at the top! The skies parted and revealed the awesome view of the surrounding peaks.

3 days ago

4 days ago

Very beautiful falls, although due to a landslide the trail is damaged right now. You can still get to the falls if you climb down to the creek and follow it up.

5 days ago

it was awesome. We climbed with our kids, 9 and 7, out of shape Xbox boys.
The forest road leading to the trailhead is rough. We drove a Grand Cherokee 4x4 with suspension I can lift 11 inches and I had to put it in low 4x4 in many places. the road is not too steep but there are many big rocks you need to clear and two sharp switchback. overall 4x4 required but not too difficult if you have one.

thr trail itself is great. well marked and cleared. steep climb at the beginning, then eases up before boss lake. boss lake is beautiful and it was well worth it. it is actually a dam... how did they build it I cannot imagine. very cool. bring a fishing rod, I saw many fish jumping in August.

we continued the climb to Hunt lake l. easy at first and a bit harder later but not bad. We made it half way to the lake but turned around at 3pm out of concerns of having to drive down the road in the dark.

it took us 3 hours to climb and 1.5 hours to desend with the kids. deduct 60 min if you are in good shape.

we started the hike at noon. start earlier and you will make it.