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14 hours ago

Absolutely beautiful moderate hike to Upper Fish Creek Falls.

Did this hike on June 20. So beautiful! I would classify it as more of a moderate hike. Towards the top, there was some water and snow that required slight diversions around the path. I'm not entirely sure that we made it completely to the end of the trail, but at least most of the way. Incredible views! Lots of wildflowers, and should be even more in the coming weeks! There were some mosquitoes the weekend we were there due to all the snowmelt, but not too bad.

The best hike near steamboat!! 2 lakes and great views❤️

Made it 4 miles to gold creek which was too high to cross. I ended up wading across the creek, which was a loss since the trail was covered up by snow the rest of the way to gilpin lake (1/2 mile left). I ran into park rangers who said the snow generally lasts until mid-July, so would recommend doing this hike later in the summer!

All the hikes off seedhouse road are worth it!

21 hours ago

Beautiful trail with a moderate grade all the way. Wildflowers are beginning to come out and views are wonderful. A lot of trees across the trail right now but we met some Forest Service volunteers who were making a survey, so maybe the tress will be gone soon. We got in about 4.5 miles and had to stop at a stream we couldn't cross. A woman we met waded across (probably not a very good idea considering how swift the current was ) but the snow was so deep on the other side that she couldn't continue. Look forward to doing this again later in the season.

We went on June 20 and were not able to make it all the way to the lake. About 2 miles in, enough snow had melted to make the stream impassable with our dog. We saw several people who were on their way back after making the crossing who said they made it to ~.3 mile from he lake but couldn't ever find it due to losing the trail in the snow.

Still a beautiful hike! We ended up taking the fork left about 1.5 miles in to go to Mica Basin instead. Beautiful views!

I would imagine you'd be able to reach Gilpin Lake with no problem in maybe a couple weeks.

Amazing! The first falls is only a five minute hike and it gets all the glory (well deserved) however the second falls, which is a pretty grueling 2 miles later (2000 feet in elevation change) is the cream of the crop. When you cross the foot bridge- keep going. You will arrive at an area with falls to your right....keep going. The. You will be standing at the base of 2nd falls. A rock scramble puts you at the top. Beautiful views back to Steamboat and the canyon you stand in is unforgettable. We saw a golden eagle soaring above us and our hike out was at sunset, giving us an entirely new view. Make sure you have good shoes and pack water!

Beautiful trail, yes it is a difficult and from the parking lot to long lake and back is a via my garmin was 15.2 miles.... makes for a long day. but well worth the effort, the upper falls was just amazing. we stopped short with .08 left to the lake, due to a running creek on the trail, "just didn't want to get feet wet.

Fording the creek just below the Lake is a little risky this time of year. I turned around without crossing. Patches of deep snow higher up and muddy in many parts.

Was pretty muddy but fun for the sunset!

Still a good amount of snow on the north-facing portions, and blustery at the top, but a great hike overall.

magnificent falls. Short distance, easy for families.

6 days ago

Beautiful hike, left from Salvonia TH and went right onto Gold Creek Lake. You can hike the whole loop and make it to Gilpin Lake. Perfect weather right now.