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21 hours ago

Best views I've ever seen! We camped in a gorgeous valley and saw deer. The lakes were beautiful and icy cold. There was plenty of creek crossings with clear, cold water. The altitude change got to me though...

Nice trail, but the regular access is under construction for the gondola, so it detours on a dirt road for about 1/4 mile.

Absolutely beautiful hike!

Just a handful of other hikers. Moderate hike with a fair amount of shade along the way and just enough creeks and water access for the dogs along the way.

For a group of flatlanders (MN) this was a tough hike. Altitude played a bit of an issue. There are some streams you will have to cross, so be prepared to possibly get wet.

Also, the last 1/2 mile is the steepest.

Good time, but I clocked more like 9.5, so plan accordingly

1 day ago

The loop going counter clockwise had some amazing views! Swam in both Gilpin Lake and Gold Creek Lake. Camped in this gorgeous valley. Plenty of water the whole way.

This is gorgeous. 10/10 as good as it gets. Incredible views and amazing wildflowers and scenery. Be warned it is steep and hot! Bring plenty of water ( more than you'll think you need). The second falls is gorgeous and the perfect way to cool down in icy mountain water. We turned around after the second falls but the hike was so worth it. You will have to rock scramble a bit

2 days ago

Gorgeous in every direction. Easy access to views but also more strenuous options up from there.

Gentle climb up the to hot springs. The spring was beautiful, expensive but beautiful. The hike was pretty tame, not much to see apart from very long grasses. Following the creek was nice as that gave a slightly open view every now and again