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The Roosevelt National Forest is a national forest located in north central Colorado. It is contiguous with the Colorado State Forest as well as the Arapaho National Forest. The forest is administered jointly with the Arapaho National Forest and the Pawnee National Grassland from offices in Fort Collins.

Gate is now closed so budget a 3 mile walk to the trailhead. Well worth it. Beautiful trail.

super windy!!! nice, well marked trail. very chilly. no fall colors to see. crowded.

1 day ago

Snow today on the trail 2" in some parts with starting of drifts. Great trail tight towards the end when it just stops due to a land slide. awesome drive in the light snow

Hiked on a Saturday, started at 2PM. Great fall colors, and very limited traffic throughout the entirety of the hike. Pretty good views, but wouldn’t be my first choice if going purely for sightseeing. Overall a good exercise session in a great environment.

Great trail. Took our dog so turned around after 4 miles in. Not too difficult but some nice climbs. Jogged a lot of it.

off trail
2 days ago

had a great time will have to go again soon great 4x4 trail

Beautiful lakes! There is snow on a lot of the trail, but I didn’t need any traction (10/19). GPS said 13.6 miles.

Beautiful trail.

2 days ago

A little bit of snow on the ground and iced over waterfalls to cross but overall a great doable hike. Beautiful spots along the way to stop and soak up the views.

Great trail! Wasn’t too steep. Was able to do this with my brother who was visiting from the east coast. Took us 4.5 hours.

We hiked through Homestead Meadows to the Walker, Griffith, Irvin and Brown Homesteads and totaled about 12 mi/2,475' total elevation gain seeing them all, so it's a good day hike, never too hard, but interesting and enjoyable. Fall is probably the best time to avoid: snakes and stream xings, which were not an issue at all this time of year. Some tips here to augment what was already posted, because a lot of the area beyond Walker and Griffith homestead is NOT obvious, and the maps aren't too helpful. 1) At the first fork in the trail, BEAR RIGHT. Right now there is a diagonally-place log basically saying "don't go this way", but people still do, and it just peters out. You're going downhill right after this split so you should see the first bridge in maybe .25 mi from the trailhead. 2) Cross the first bridge and follow the obvious trail heading to the left then uphill snaking back to the right heading above the creek. There are some cute signs some dear soul put here and by the second bridge. Not sure if they'll survive the winter, but they're great. 3) Cross the second bridge, and it winds its way up from the stream via a switchback - pretty intuitive if you ask me. 4) Once at Homestead Meadows, there are signs for the further away homesteads to the left and closer ones (Walker, Griffith, Irvin and Brown) to the right. The first two are not terribly impressive, but there are some old artifacts to behold and signs documenting the hardy people, life and events. 5) If going to Irvin and/or Brown, see my pic which shows that you need to make a right just on the LEFT edge of the main Griffith remains rather than following the wider trail off to the left which goes straight. The latter will take you to a T if you miss the above, so go RIGHT/northeast, but hopefully you catch the little trail that hits the road diagonally and will save you time. 6) You'll get to a fork with a sign pointing out directions to the Brown or Irvin homesteads. The former is pretty much a few dilapidated buildings, so I'd recommend Irvin, which by far the gem of all these (and I have seen everyone). 7) If you want to hit Brown after Irvin, you can take the cutoff closer to Irvin, which loops around, but is not easy to figure out. Once you get to a V in the road (before the fence) make a hard left, and it will take you to Brown. Then you can take the little path to the south of the homestead back to the main road//trail you saw on the way up.

I had an amazing time on this trail today. I got to see quite a few deer, heard lots of birdsong and even saw a snake sunning itself on the trail. It was a popular spot for mountain bikers but all were courteous. I'll be back to do the night hawk section of this trail.

3 days ago

Nice walk. Not challenging. more on mild side. No dogs allowed past 4.4 miles as you enter RMNP.

10/17/19 We were looking for an easy kid friendly hike that we could take a jogging stroller on. We tried this one today before the next snow storm hits tonight. We did it stroller and all but I probably wouldn’t again with stroller. The hike in is elevation gain the whole way and felt a bit steeper than we expected. That being said we managed it and the payoff was totally worth it, our four year old made it on his own the whole way and the toddler slept in the stroller the whole way down so.... give it a go! I’d guess it will be snow covered starting with this snow storm until spring. Lots of snowy spots in the shade today. I can’t wait to snow shoe this one come winter!

nice trail with great views, any awd can handle this trail. today and for the near future a portion of boulder canyon road is closed due to rock scaling from 10a-4pm. a must stop is the old gold mining town of gold hill, population 239! oh yeah fine dining is available at the inn!!! who knew?

off road driving
4 days ago

Great trail for beginners with plenty of side trails to get a little more gnar. Epic scenery throughout. However, I did not make it to the end due to time restrictions. Had a blast the whole time though. I almost skipped it because of the “easy” rating. Glad I didn’t.

6 days ago

Enjoyed hiking this trail with my dog over the weekend! There were a couple spots where the trail was not well marked, so make sure you pay attention to where the trail is going and when there are trees laid down to guide you in a specific direction. Was a little snowy and icy, make sure you have good hiking boots or cramp-ons. Beautiful views!

no shade
over grown
6 days ago

Gate to crystal lake is closed. I took 44 out to avoid going down that crazy ledge towards the beginning of the trail. Got up it in my 2014 tundra w/2.5” lift on 33’s.

6 days ago

Only negative is a ton of horse shit. Great views early on. Very windy on the open parts, but decent coverage along the trail. Take a break by the intercession of flowers road.

First, great trail. It does have a fairly steady incline but it’s not bad. The logging road (last part before the meadows) is definitely a leg burner as someone else said. It’s an old road so it is broad but it’s a 1/2 mile moderately steep incline. I believe the mileage is only to the first cabin. Apparently there are several but they are spaced out. The one other individual out there went on and when we saw him later said the next cabin was about a mile and a half more. So if you want lots of cabins make a day of it. Pretty cool history. We also entered thru Hermit Park.

This was a great quick hike with the family. Not too easy or hard for my 10 and 12 year old boys. We enjoyed it, there are some great views, we did not see any wildlife.

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