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Came to do the heart lake via Roger’s pass trail today 5/26/18 but there was too much snow and potholing. Turned back and did crater lake instead. A beautiful hike- we lost the trail, as did three other couples ahead of us who had turned back, but using GPS on our phones we were able to find the lake. Still mostly frozen but beautiful nonetheless. By the time we finished lunch by the lake more people had arrived and we followed their MUCH easier and more clear trail down. By this time much of the snow from our trek up had melted and the trail was basically a creek. A beautiful hike and we will be back again after the lake thaws.

19 hours ago

June 26, 2018.
I been to this area before but never got the chance to see diamond lake. Today I started at 7:40 AM. The first half of the trail is the easiest part of the trail. Although I did end up getting lost for about 40 mins or so until I finally found the bridge in the middle of the river. After that, I followed a few tracks but I end up making my own tracks instead and went straight up the mountain until I reach the lake. Mind you that during the incline, I have sunk in the snow about half of my body a half of a dozen times. I’m 5”9 btw. Anyways, I actually made it at the lake around 10:30ish. After that I went back down. I didn’t follow back my own tracks because I had no where it was so I went straight down until I hit the river. I turn left and made it to the bridge. Yes, I had a good amount of bruises and scratches since some parts of the snow was really soft. I made back to my car around 12:40. Note once you get to that bridge, it’s the only time you have to ask yourself will you do it or turn back? I saw most if not all the people on this trail turn back without question or asked me about it but rather not deal the brutal incline. I was the first and probably the only person out of 50 or more of people that actually made it to the trail on this day. I only used yak taks, water proof boots. I had hiking sticks but never bother to use them because I have to be constantly on my phone and my watch to navigate back.

So in the end, it is possible to do this hike. But it’ll cost you a lot of pain and sweat to get here. And possible chance that’ll you get lost because you followed some guy tracks. Gotta have a strong mindset and determination for this trail. If not, it’s probably best to wait until July or August for this trail. This is my 29th hike and a journey I will always remember. Follow me on insta if you like: ed_hikes

Good luck and be safe!

20 hours ago

Moderately crowded, but there are enough turn offs that overcrowding was not an issue. My son loved the scenery.

1 day ago

Well marked trail. Not sure why this is rated difficult; it’s a good hike but the only challenging part was the amount of snow still here. Ended up here due to a road closure, no summit but a very secluded & quiet trail.

off road driving
1 day ago

Trail was closed to vehicles when we arrived.

1 day ago

The plus: Stunning views of wild forest, charming brooks, small waterfalls and snowy peaks, and the hike is not too difficult. That said:

The path isn’t marked at all and deep snow covers the upper trail this time of year (end of May). After about an hour of a pleasant hike the only real way to follow the path is to look for previous people’s tracks. Which, mind you, might be yours and you’re just walking in circles... it’s easy to lose the path and begin back tracking.

I came alone, and progress became less and less certain as the trail went deeper into the mountain. At some point after crossing the creek, about two thirds of the way to the lake, I found myself in a snowy forest with absolutely no way of knowing which way to go, and no tracks to follow as I guess most people would have abandoned the trail by now, and the late afternoon sun beginning to dim. Luckily the Alltrails map was loaded on my iPhone and I could watch my exact location - no cell reception, but the GPS still worked.

Add that to the fact I was totally ill prepared: let’s just say shorts and running shoes are sub optimal as in certain parts of the trail your foot will sink all the way in... and you can understand why I had to cut it short about a mile before reaching the lake. It was still quite an adventure.

Bottom line: amazing track and unbelievable view in spring time if you come well prepared for a snowy hike. And as a general advice, read past reviews - I only did AFTER going :)

I had a great day with my 7 year old.! We took a couple detours due to felled trees and it was difficult to keep socks dry with all of the run off so the child decided to not care, but it was fun the whole way. Light traffic on a Friday morning.

1 day ago

Brainard Lake Rd is closed until June, no access to trailhead
SPRING & SUMMER 2018 – FULL CLOSURE (24/7) – March 12 through June 28, 2018

nice walk along the Creek, flowers are blooming and the trees are leaving, springtime in the Rockies

when does the road open for the summer?

Beautiful ascent along a creek to an open meadow with aspens. Large rock outcroppings add dramatic views.

Hiked this trail today with my 2 year old. I carry her in the backpack, and this trail was perfect for that! Not too strenuous, but still worked up a little sweat carrying 40 lbs of toddler and snacks. Beautiful views, densely wooded and next to a stream the whole way. We only ran into a few other people, which made the drive worth it in overpopulated Colorado!

off road driving
5 days ago

had a blast, first time there, definitely going back once the snow clears.
about 3 miles in there was still a 4 ft drift across the road...
nice obstacles!!

98 xj
4.5 inch lift
33's open diffs

6 days ago

Road was closed to 4x4 traffic. Tough/steep hike for first 2 miles. Dogs enjoyed the hike and we saw turkeys and a young male moose. Saw a few mountain bike tracks but had the trail to ourselves.

6 days ago

Backpacked to Jasper Lake 5/4-5/5. Awesome trail but difficult due to the amount of snow. Winter warning advisory was in full force. Def a snowshoe territory that week. Trail was difficult to find but AllTrails def helped a lot. Lake was frozen almost 100% . Not a soul in sight which made it so much more attractive. The route to the lake was for us traversing a few spine tingling traverse but made it to the 100% frozen lake finally and went home after two nights.

off road driving
6 days ago

07 Toyota 4Runner Sr5 4wd stock: Just did this after a heavy rain. Very fun and not too bad. I made it and a Subaru did too. Rocky but 1ft clearance and good aim you’ll be fine. The section of puddles was great.

Love this trail! It’s an easy hike with lots of instant gratification via waterfalls, rushing waters, and a nice lake at the end. Did this on 5/18/18. Some snow and a little drizzle but so worth it.

9 days ago

Beautiful hike! You hike alone the river most of the time. A lot of water on the trail and a tiny bit of snow, but definitely easy to maneuver. Right before the end of the Big South Trail a waterfall washes out the trail. It’s probably doable to cross but I was alone and figured it was safer to turn back. But seriously beautiful!

This trail is beautiful!! Amazing views. I’d recommend doing the whole thing, including the OT trail. If you start to the left on the trailhead it has more of a steep decline. And then if you come up on the right side of the triple trail, it is a service road. Not hard at all, I will definitely be back for trail running.

Pretty hike along the water. went early in the morning and no one around.

We wanted to try some off roading for the first time in Colorado and we are glad we went to Bunce. I drive a Tacoma with a ToyTec 3” lift on 33’s. We wanted to go during the week since we heard weekends can be crazy with people on ATV’s and quads. The trail was dry minus puddles and we only used 4 Low a couple times. The ride down 105 was rough going towards the lake area (which is closed to off roading). When I say rough, we made it just fine, didn’t need a spotter, but it was a lot of rocking back and forth on the rocks. I honestly could have done this trail in a stock height Tacoma with no problems. I was happy to get to put my Taco to good use! I would recommend this for anyone wanting to have some fun.

Oh we even saw a Moose! I upload pics. And I took a video on my GoPro of most the trail and will upload the link.

I nice and easy hike dog and kid friendly. So going back this summer.

11 days ago

I decided to do this trail because it’s dog friendly and fairly close to foco. The trail was really clean and I was the only one on it the entire time! It is pretty steep, so bring a lot of water especially on a hot day, but the view is nice the whole way up! There’s also more trails at the base and the park where you park is really nice as well.

Follow the trail up to the left and over the rocks to get to the bottom of the waterfall. Pretty hike. Easy. My friends 3 year old hiked most of it on his own.

T-33 crash trail is still closed as of 5/13/18 but Ironclads was fun. The little bit of rain we've had made for a few mud puddles here and there. Good day of wheeling!
2000 4Runner, 3" lift on 33"s

13 days ago

Awesome trail! Hiked to Jasper Lake on 5/13. Pretty difficult hike as about the last three miles to the lake still have quite a bit of snow and the trail is hard to find or stay on and there was a lot of postholing, the lake was still frozen but beautiful. Definitely recommend a map until the snow melts. One of my favorite hikes in Indian Peaks

14 days ago

Went on 5/8. We were aiming for Rainbow Lakes but the road was closed so we opted for this trail instead. Much of the trail was still packed with thick snow. i didnt have snowshoes so a couple parts of it were a struggle, and I had to carry my little dog, lol, but it was a laughable and doable challenge. We only made it to the first creek then turned back. Trail is well marked which was much appreciated with all the snow cover.
There were two sections that opened up so you get a nice view of the snow caped mountain across the way.
Oh and there's a teepee!

Road closed when coming from the Mountain Research Station side.

Good hike. Only ran into two other couples hiking on the trail and a few horseback riders.

great trail with lots of places to relax by the water

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