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1 day ago

Not too exciting of a trail, and just a ridiculous amount of stream crossings, some that seemed unnecessary. Seemed like a great trail for dogs though, we were some of the only people without a dog. Nice enough if you just feel like getting out and hiking, but nothing too special in my opinion.

This is a great trail trail that remains fairly flat throughout. There is a waterfall half way in which is really nice and a couple meadows you walk through with the mountains in the background. We went early in the day and saw few people. Good hike with dogs as well!

This trail is a lot of fun but a lot of rental traffic that have no trail courtesy for other riders.

Not a busy trail even on Saturday. Water is streaming in many parts of the trail, it's a good idea to have waterproof boots. A lot of snow is still left close to Woodland lake and Skyscraper reservoir but manageable without spikes.

2 days ago

My husband and I backpacked into Cirque Meadows late Tuesday afternoon with our three year old daughter and our dog. We camped at one of the campsites there and it was beautiful with easy access to water. It was about a three mile hike from where we parked our car on the jeep trail to Cirque Meadows. We were slow letting our daughter get in and out of the carrier it took us about an hour and a half to get to camp. We hiked up to Cirque Lake and Emmaline Lake the next morning. The trail was fun to navigate with lots of trees to jump over and river crossings in the beginning. Closer to the lakes there is quite a bit of snow we put our microspikes on at one section as an extra precaution and lost the trail a couple of times due to the snow. Keep an eye out for the cairns marking the trail at the end its easy to get off in some spots on the way up. We did end up making it to both lakes and it was well worth the adventure and snow. We camped a second night too although it would have been doable for us to head back to the car and home. Right after dinner our second night we had a female moose come right into our camp site! Luckily one low bark from our dog sent her in the other direction. We ran into another group of campers who had a similar experience so be alert and aware of what to do if a moose charges especially this time of year as we saw a mother and her baby grazing in the meadow. Beautiful to watch from a far but they are not shy up there and will get too close for comfort. We had a wonderful time and want to go back later in the season.

3 days ago

Done on 6/15. This is a great trail! Excellent scenery and not too strenuous. The first 2/3 on the way in has several streams to cross, and there were several snow drifts the last 1/3 as you got closer to the lake, but packed down for the most part so extra equipment wasn’t needed. Would definitely recommend having a high clearance vehicle to access the trailhead as the road is quite bumpy. All in all, a great trip and would strongly recommend.

A awesome little hike! With some pretty good fishing at reservoir!

Trail was super fun, would highly recommend it. Be advised that there were still several snow drifts (6/13/18) that needed to be traversed, especially the last half mile or so leading up to the lake. I used trekking poles and that helped a lot, but still slipped, fell, got wet and made it to the car with wet socks and shoes. Was it worth it? Well I went back the next day to do another trail, so, I’d say so!

Beautiful hike; trail is in good condition. There are a few patches of snow as well as some stream crossings, so waterproof boots are a good choice. Windy up on the ridge, so bring your layers.

hubby and i enjoyed the view that we saw the snow block path up neither of us had spikes and grandson enjoyed the hike

This was spectacular trail! Highly recommend. We arrived 10 mins before 9 and parking was full so we had to park on the side of the road. A popular area. The trail climbs steeply. Dry at first. Then muddy past waterfalls. Dry again until reaching the tundra with intermittent packed snow for half a mile maybe. Then a climb to a WINDY saddle. Being 95 in Denver, we debated packing puffies as we were in shorts and a T-shirt and I'm glad we did. The views are tremendous and the lake still frozen. For more details and pics visit https://etbtravelphotography.com/2018/06/13/roadtrip-to-the-rockies-lake-dorothy/

5 days ago

6/13/18: Beautiful trail with river access in the first half, lots of wildflowers, meadows, aspen groves, and pine forests. Most of the trail has dense ground vegetation with pretty grasses and wildflowers on each side. Some exposed areas but lots of shade. There's a short initial descent right at the beginning, then overall a very gradual incline. Went with my dog mid day, mid week, and came across 4 other small groups in 8 miles. The last mile or so enters RMNP so turned around here (dog). No big scenic vistas or mountain views, but great nonetheless and a different experience than subalpine/alpine hikes. Consider this easy if you hike often.

It is a nice trial; shaded, terrain varying but easy, short & sweet. The waterfall leaves a lot to be desired. After the waterfall the trail is not well marked. It appears you must scale rocks to get a decent view of reservoir. On another note, the drive up from Boulder is exhilarating!

Great Memorial Day hike. The first mile and the last 1/2 mile are a steep workout but well worth it. It was a quiet trail and only crossed paths with 4 other small groups. My wife, dog and I enjoyed this trail immensely and will hike it again.

Great hike!!! This says it’s 8.3 miles but I tracked it at 9.5 miles. Great views on the way up but none on top.

6 days ago

Great trail for intermediate backpackers and hikers.

Once you get passed the firing range and into the valley, it's a beautiful trail. Unfortunately most of the Creeks are dried up and you will not come across moving water until about a mile in.

I would do this trail again in a heartbeat.
PS- Getting out of the valley is what makes this an intermediate trail;)

6 days ago

Love this trail. Camped along the creek Sunday night and a mountain lion entered our camp and chewed the strap off my friend’s backpack. Be alert!

Awesome hike. Many flowers on the side of the trail and superb views. When you reach the Arapaho Glacier trail from the Arapaho pass trail there will be lots of snow/water/mud for about 500m. After that it's all dry. I didn't make it to the peak as it was too much of a scramble for me, but the views from the ridge are stunning.

I lots the trail on my way down in the snow covered section, I was happy to have downloaded the Alltrails map...

I loved the trail, but though it was more on the hard side. My three kids (12, 10 and 6) all did it too, but it was super hard for them a lot of the way. Beautiful views and lots of creek crossing. The four mile road up to the trailhead took some time. Tons of large rocks and huge potholes.

The end is just kinda scaling rocks, the trail ends. But if you are comfortable doing that you'll be rewarded with a beautiful large lake :)

7 days ago

Loved this Trail! Only Hiked a few miles in on Sunday. Weather was amazing and trail was nice. Rangers were knowledgeable and pleasant. Walking along the river with all the flowers and butterflies was very peaceful. Parking lot was full but did not see very many people on the trail . Definitely a new favorite. Will hike further in next time.

Great Family hike! Loved that the trails down to the base of the waterfall and around the waterline of the lake were challenging but not so much that my 6yr old daughter couldn’t keep up. Shady most of the way- great way to spend a Monday afternoon!

7 days ago

Went in 3 miles, stopped for lunch and and hiked back. We had done Storm Pass the previous day, so a pretty hike with an overall 280 gain was easy on the knees. A real nice break from the crowded trails in RMNP.

Hiked this in the evening (5/9) and it was beautiful! The waterfall was flowing pretty nicely, and it was a very quick and easy hike.

paddle sports
7 days ago

They don’t allow dogs to swim in the lake, which is odd to me... but you can have your dog, they just can’t swim. They’re allowed to get in for a “cool down,” which is like one minute. Otherwise, good paddling. Won’t be back if my dog can’t swim though (he has a PDF).

We backpacked this trail 6-9-18. We chose not to bring snowshoes and were glad we didn’t. There’s still a decent amount of snow for the last half mile. It is useful to have a GPS map, since finding the trail before the big river crossing and again right by the lake is difficult. I’d recommend bringing crampons if you have them and if they’re easy to put on to help you from sliding on the snow, especially on the way down. You’ll be fine in hiking boots if you’re ok getting a little snow in your shoes. Bring an extra pair of socks. The lake is beautiful and worth it.

Wow. This hike tops out at 12,000 feet and crosses the Continental Divide. Wow, personal best for me. I started early, hiking solo with my dog, on a leash. It was a slow steady climb up the side of Arapaho Pass. I was headed to Lake Dorothy but I veered right instead of left and I wound up in the most incredible basin overlooking an emerald blue green lake. I would’ve kept going but encountered deep snow fields and I took a bit of a tumble and decided to turn back. I had spikes and poles but in spite of it I fell and got a little scraped up from the snow and ice. So then I headed back to Lake Dorothy and it was really beautiful too. It was one of the most glorious hikes I’ve taken in a very long time.

off road driving
8 days ago

The main Switzerland trail is easy and could possibly be done in any suv or outback. Done spectacular views once around the backside. Once you get to the end of you go left it takes to back towards the start on Pennsylvania gulch. This part was really fun and my 15 stock Rubicon did fine. But there was two different vehicles that got stuck due to clearance (stock Tacoma and a Lexus land cruiser) it’s an uphill climb on a narrow trail with no room to let someone by. Overall it was fun and challenging and kept me on my toes the whole time.

8 days ago

Once you cross the bridge it’s a short walk to the trail head. Your calves will get a work out on this short hike. You’ll come to a fork where you can go to the left up to the summit or to the right for a tiny hike with pretty views. Go up to the summit first and save the shady short trail for last. On a hot day, this place is super hot with no real shade so bring extra water. I agree with other reviewers, there are a lot butterflies on this trail and wildflowers. Kept my eyes peeled for snakes and it took awhile to recognize the buzz was all from insects next to the trail. The view from the top is amazing.

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