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A bunch of moose, a bunch of lakes

Moderate to easy hike, Blue lake is gorgeous! Snow and ice on much of the trail now. Cold and windy at top, but worth the work.

Went on this hike back in 4/2017. It had a ton of snow which make it slippery and difficult but well worth it. The lake was frozen and beautiful! I highly suggest either going with no snow or wearing appropriate footwear! Would love to check it out again in the summer.

Solid hike, not too hard and great views.

It was overcast with snow flurries so we were basically the only ones on the trail. Beautiful and solitary.

9 days ago

Beautiful! Nice fall hike featuring some golden aspens and a couple waterfalls. In the early morning it was a misty hike through a cloud, which I thought made the whole experience even cooler.

This was a great hike!
I tried to reach little blue lake but I could not find the trail for the life of me. After about 1mile of pushing on towards little blue lake I gave up, my dog was not happy with all the small boulders and snow causing us to fall a lot.
Otherwise I would do it again in the spring when everything is green

Good hike, did it with my 3 kids (10/8/6). Some great waterfalls to check out on the trail up to Lost Lake. Would recommend parking at the shuttle lot as parking is limited at the trail head. Trail to Lost Lake gets a little steep but nothing too bad. Had lunch up at the lake before heading back down.

Trail had a large amount of traffic on a Tuesday afternoon and some liter, other than that pretty good.
Great scenery, but no vistas. Trail follows Creek most of the way. Just okay viewing of fall foliage.
Lots of dogs off leashes which I don't mind. Trail is really in between easy and moderate.
Given the 70 minute one way drive, I would only come back if I had dogs with me.

11 days ago

10-4-18 trail is blocked by a couple big trees that have fallen down. also right after the entrance somebody shot skeet and didnt bother to pick up at least 20 to 30 bright yellow shotgun shells. classy... :(

12 days ago

Went out along the trail and then went into the wilderness. I climbed the mountain and then returned along the mountain top. Perfect hike if you want solitude.

Beautiful trail, the Aspens were bright gold. Some of the trail was heavily trafficked but it was never a problem. I am not a very seasoned hiker but I would not rate this trail as Hard. The first two miles are nice wide paths with a slight incline. The last mile to the Crater Lakes is steep, but not difficult.

We went last week and this hike was perfect! It was sunny and cool, but still warm enough to be comfortable. The aspens are changing color - the perfect autumn scenery. We were lucky - all of the snow is fully melted!

Ah, this was a great hike. I went with my dog last Saturday and we had a blast. Arrived at the trailhead around 7am. It was pretty busy but still over 10 spots available. I started on Hessie Trail and went to Lost Lake. After Lost Lake, I hiked on Devils Thumb for a few miles. We turned around about 2miles from Jasper Lake because we were short on time. Wish I could’ve made it to the lake because the weather was perfect. My Fitbit said we went 12miles. Not sure how accurate it is though. We got back to my car around 11ish. Lots of cars waiting for parking and crowds of people on the trail. Again, so glad we got there early and hope to go back to hike to the lake soon.

overall this hike was very pretty, aspens were bright and the streams/lakes were great! the trail is all rocks, most smooth and loose so sometimes footing was sketchy (esp with excited dogs pulling!) but it was fine. It's kinda steep in spots, but took my time and did fine. My dachshund however did not appreciate steep rocky parts, but he was a trooper. It was extremely windy and chilly but it is definitely worth going all the way to the lake. Beautiful! not very crowded except for a few groups of people but mostly all to myself.
The best part of this hike was the descent! Almost walked past a moose and her calf next to the trail, they were so quiet. It was amazing!

Amazing trail with spectacular views. There is a spectacular glacial lake not on the map, but you have to climb to above 12,000 feet before you get a look at it. It was frozen when we got there. This trail is extremely difficult and mostly over large boulders. You must have excellent footwear, excellent balance, and ample cold weather clothing. If you're unsure if you can tackle this trail, take the easy hike to Lake Isabelle and make your decision once you're there. It took us 8 hours round trip from the long lake parking lot. Don't let the reasonable distance fool you! Watch for cairns, as most of this trail is across boulder fields.

Also be very careful about altitude sickness and understand the signs. I live at 1000 ft and was able to climb to the end of the trail, but had symptoms of altitude sickness into the next day.

There is a bull moose, cow, and a calf living just above the lake. We had the good fortune to see all three from a safe distance. Watch out, as both the bull and cow are known to chase and attack!

There are also ample Pika (endangered) and marmots living in the boulder fields. Keep your eyes open!

This was an awesome trail, be ready to climb. With an almost nonstop gain in elevation until you reach the lake this is definitely an awesome workout with views that make up for every step you climb. Check out my IG for pictures from the hike @alvarado_dan_

Beautiful hike up to the top. VERY Rocky trails so make sure you have good ankle support. Also it's a long one, definitely bring snacks and lots of water.
There is a male moose starting to make a home within the first mile of the trail, small blue and white flags to the right of the trail mark where a new trail is being created to avoid getting into his territory. The flags are difficult to see as you come up the trail but look carefully - they don't make the trail much longer and it keeps you safe from a defensive bull moose.

21 days ago

We only hiked about an hour into this trail but it was very pleasant. It was a Monday afternoon so there weren’t a lot of people on the trail. The trail itself was rocky at some points but was otherwise very easy, flat. We got to a fork and went left, that brought us to a waterfall and paths through the changing trees. I would definitely do this train again, and go a little farther to see what’s out there.

Beautiful little trail, moderate until the little bit of scrambling at the end. The lakes are lovely. And it was not crowded at all, only saw one group of 4 backpackers and a couple the entire day.

Nice walk through the woods along the creek. Aspens were changing but not peak yet. Well maintained trail with lots of spots to sit and enjoy nature. Easy to find.

Hiked this Sunday 9/16/18 when I parked in the lot before the entrance to Brainard. I was on the way to Mitchell Lake and thought I'd get some views along the Waldrop. It is really in the trees and shady. Didn't see much sky, let alone views. I was happy to get to Brainard Lake and on to Mitchell Lake and get out of the tree cover!

24 days ago

Beautiful, easy trail.

beautiful hike with gentle terrain.

Great trail, lovely lake. If you are planning to camp, beware of the bear! Resident bear is GREAT at ripping your bear hang out of the trees. Bring a bear can for your food. The night I camped out, every site lost their food as the bear visited us one at a time. Shy enough to leave campers alone, but took out the entire branch our food was hanging off of and ate everything.

Three of us hiked up to Blue Lake, then two of us made our way up to Little Blue Lake using the directions from AllTrails... Well we sort of lost the non-existent trail for a little bit...

The map, and the descriptions takes you through a fun but quite precarious boulder field. You would need to have great mobility to make that trip... Or perhaps there was an easier route we missed when we veered off course a tad.

On the return, we found a far easier way up/down following a cut-off which I will try to show in my labeled photo (the one with all the arrows). If you take the tiny trail up, you can zig-zag your way up and across terrain that is far easier to traverse than the boulder field.

It was magnificent, and while there were a fair few people on trail at 10am on that Saturday, it was far from crowded feeling. There was only one person that adventured all the way to Little Blue Lake while we were up there, so that was as serene as can be!

One moose was spotted nearish the trail towards the trailhead.

Loved this hike! Great workout, beautiful views. We went from brainard lake, to Mitchell lake, to blue lake. We even saw a moose family along the way!

Beautiful hike through dense, lush forest. The lakes are a lovely ending. The hike was enough to get the blood flowing, but certainly not strenuous.

29 days ago

I'm guessing the hard rating is based on the minor scrambling required to get to the upper lakes. Overall a great hike with 4 gorgeous lakes. Saw some people braving the cold water and had wished I packed some extra clothes to jump in as well. Even though there's a decent amount of traffic on the trail, it didn't feel overly crowded and everyone I encountered was friendly and courteous.

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