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10 hours ago

June 26, 2018.
I been to this area before but never got the chance to see diamond lake. Today I started at 7:40 AM. The first half of the trail is the easiest part of the trail. Although I did end up getting lost for about 40 mins or so until I finally found the bridge in the middle of the river. After that, I followed a few tracks but I end up making my own tracks instead and went straight up the mountain until I reach the lake. Mind you that during the incline, I have sunk in the snow about half of my body a half of a dozen times. I’m 5”9 btw. Anyways, I actually made it at the lake around 10:30ish. After that I went back down. I didn’t follow back my own tracks because I had no where it was so I went straight down until I hit the river. I turn left and made it to the bridge. Yes, I had a good amount of bruises and scratches since some parts of the snow was really soft. I made back to my car around 12:40. Note once you get to that bridge, it’s the only time you have to ask yourself will you do it or turn back? I saw most if not all the people on this trail turn back without question or asked me about it but rather not deal the brutal incline. I was the first and probably the only person out of 50 or more of people that actually made it to the trail on this day. I only used yak taks, water proof boots. I had hiking sticks but never bother to use them because I have to be constantly on my phone and my watch to navigate back.

So in the end, it is possible to do this hike. But it’ll cost you a lot of pain and sweat to get here. And possible chance that’ll you get lost because you followed some guy tracks. Gotta have a strong mindset and determination for this trail. If not, it’s probably best to wait until July or August for this trail. This is my 29th hike and a journey I will always remember. Follow me on insta if you like: ed_hikes

Good luck and be safe!

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17 hours ago

Trail was closed to vehicles when we arrived.

18 hours ago

The plus: Stunning views of wild forest, charming brooks, small waterfalls and snowy peaks, and the hike is not too difficult. That said:

The path isn’t marked at all and deep snow covers the upper trail this time of year (end of May). After about an hour of a pleasant hike the only real way to follow the path is to look for previous people’s tracks. Which, mind you, might be yours and you’re just walking in circles... it’s easy to lose the path and begin back tracking.

I came alone, and progress became less and less certain as the trail went deeper into the mountain. At some point after crossing the creek, about two thirds of the way to the lake, I found myself in a snowy forest with absolutely no way of knowing which way to go, and no tracks to follow as I guess most people would have abandoned the trail by now, and the late afternoon sun beginning to dim. Luckily the Alltrails map was loaded on my iPhone and I could watch my exact location - no cell reception, but the GPS still worked.

Add that to the fact I was totally ill prepared: let’s just say shorts and running shoes are sub optimal as in certain parts of the trail your foot will sink all the way in... and you can understand why I had to cut it short about a mile before reaching the lake. It was still quite an adventure.

Bottom line: amazing track and unbelievable view in spring time if you come well prepared for a snowy hike. And as a general advice, read past reviews - I only did AFTER going :)

1 day ago

Brainard Lake Rd is closed until June, no access to trailhead
SPRING & SUMMER 2018 – FULL CLOSURE (24/7) – March 12 through June 28, 2018

nice walk along the Creek, flowers are blooming and the trees are leaving, springtime in the Rockies

when does the road open for the summer?

We drove out today and the road remains closed leading to the lake. We had to turn back. Just an FYI!

off road driving
4 days ago

Drove this yesterday. It was pretty awesome. It’s intense and not something I would recommend for beginners. Lots of pot holes and water holes still. I got about %60 the way up before I had to turn around. Not sure it’s completely passable yet. Very rocky and muddy in the middle of the pass. Fun though!

6 days ago

Backpacked to Jasper Lake 5/4-5/5. Awesome trail but difficult due to the amount of snow. Winter warning advisory was in full force. Def a snowshoe territory that week. Trail was difficult to find but AllTrails def helped a lot. Lake was frozen almost 100% . Not a soul in sight which made it so much more attractive. The route to the lake was for us traversing a few spine tingling traverse but made it to the 100% frozen lake finally and went home after two nights.

Love this trail! It’s an easy hike with lots of instant gratification via waterfalls, rushing waters, and a nice lake at the end. Did this on 5/18/18. Some snow and a little drizzle but so worth it.

8 days ago

Did this hike on 5/18, still a good bit of snow and would definitely recommend snowshoes. Lost the trail about 1mi from the lake, so be prepared to find your own way. Still a very beautiful hike.

I nice and easy hike dog and kid friendly. So going back this summer.

Follow the trail up to the left and over the rocks to get to the bottom of the waterfall. Pretty hike. Easy. My friends 3 year old hiked most of it on his own.

13 days ago

Awesome trail! Hiked to Jasper Lake on 5/13. Pretty difficult hike as about the last three miles to the lake still have quite a bit of snow and the trail is hard to find or stay on and there was a lot of postholing, the lake was still frozen but beautiful. Definitely recommend a map until the snow melts. One of my favorite hikes in Indian Peaks

13 days ago

Easy hike. Went today 5/13/18 and there was minimal packed snow up to the lake. We had on hiking boots and tennis shoes. There is some water to walked through, but our friends with tennis shoes manage just fine walking on logs/rock to pass by. Pretty lake up top and campsites.

off road driving
13 days ago

I went this past weekend in April, lots of snow somewhat slushy, if you have a built viechle and are in a group, it is fun, but make sure all vehicles have winches if u go this time of year. only got 60% of way up before it became impassable.

the best parts were the giant puddles I got to drive through. with 35 tire body n suspension lift it was up to top of radiator . lots of fun and definitely plan on going again.

13 days ago

Hiked mid-May. Great trail. Great views. Very rocky the first mile and then flattens our pretty nicely. An easy day hike up to the beautiful Lost Lake (with camping sites). About a mile in from the trailhead the snow pack starts to get thicker (but it’s nicely packed down from hikers) so spikes are nice but not necessary. However, after the Devils Thumb split,the snow is really deep and I still somewhat recommend snow shoes if you don’t want to sink.

definitely need spikes and snowshoes. made it up with spikes and post-holed all the way down. packed snow and pretty easy until the roger's pass/crater lake split where trail gets more difficult. arrived around 11:30 and finished before 3. lake is still frozen over, a good trail for wind protection for most of it is in the trees

Beautiful hike with a lake at the top! We hiked this last spring. Road driving up is pretty rocky. We meant to hike the 4th of July trail lower down on the road but couldn’t find parking anywhere so kept driving up the road and there was nowhere to turn around until you get to the parking lot at the trailhead. So we ended up hiking this trail instead. Was a pretty hike. Would do again.

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23 days ago

Great ride...only did this trail once, but one of my favorites. Beautiful views.

24 days ago

Snow covered on most of the track. Had to return from the middle but few were doing it completely. Good luck

This was a easy trail to do with children until the trail ended by the waterfall. We weren’t sure which way to go but was able to follow a path up and over. My 2.5 year old needed assistance climbing up but with help we got to the other side and even made it to the reservoir as well. Very pretty, short, and easy.

Still a lot of snow. Glad I had both microspikes and snowshoes. Others were really struggling without.

beautiful waterfall and our dog had a blast playing in the reservoir. pretty easy hike, bring some beers. take a left before the waterfall after you go check it out.

28 days ago

Was a decent hike. A majority of the trail has a tree line on both sides so there aren't to many views. This would definitely be a summer hike. The last three to four miles to the "lake" has around three to five foot of snow on the trail. Most of it is hard packed, but it is beginning to become soft since it's warming up.

29 days ago

Wonderful trail, went up to lost lake. It was very snowy but well packed. Had to like in a bit from the main road.

1 month ago

Great camping spots, but it does get busy during the summer. No facilities at all! Pack it all in and out. You can kayak on the lake, but I would suggest driving back around to the boat ramp to do so. I tried carrying two small kayaks up and down the hill leading from the campgrounds and it was really rough. Fishing isn't great unless you go all the way down to the south-west corner of the reservoir where south boulder creek dumps in, which is a long paddle.

Here is a PDF listing all the camp designated campsites.

off road driving
1 month ago

Went snow Offroading, GIant puddles alot of fun, only made it a portion of the way before I had to turn back

1 month ago

A great place to picnic, enjoy scenery, fish and spend a nice family day away from it all.

More like a path going around the lake halfway than a "hike".

Areas to set up camp for the night or so.

Really wanted to do this trail but the road all the way up (st Bernard lake trail) is closed due to construction tell late June.
Trailhead 4 miles away from road closer.

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