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Beautiful hike! We didn’t see another hiker at all until we reached the Glen Haven trail intersection. Very secluded for a hike so close to Estes Park. The trail is pretty steep for the first mile and then again for the last half mile to the summit. The views at the top are absolutely beautiful, one of my favorite hikes in the area!

Very pleasant trail! A forewarning if your car is old and doesn't have wonderful brakes I wouldn't recommend this trail because you need to drive up a steep incline for about 6 miles. Drive at your own risk if your car is older, just a tip! The hike had various terrain but nothing too crazy. Once you get to the end of the trail you need to scale up some rocks to make it down to the waterfall and reservoir. Those rocks kind of intimidated me at first but its much easier than it looks. Also there are a good amount of creepy crawlies but thankfully none of us got bit! Great family hike for the day!

Great workout hike. Another one of my local favorites. The first time I did this trail I did the whole loop and did the hiker shuffle back to my car. I went up the nighthawk way and looped back down. Was a solid 9+ miles and I don’t even think I stopped. Oops. The views and scenery are amazing and I really liked the switch backs. Views are breathtaking.

Does anyone know if the road is still closed?

Really lovely! The end is definitely a little more difficult to see which way the trail goes, but with the roses blooming, you won’t really care!

2 days ago

Open and already busy - easy hike and pretty; fishing was mediocre from shore with not great access, would be better wading.

Awesome beginner's trail with scenic views. Highly recommend!

Really stunning views. I went around 6-9pm on weekday. I was literally the only person on the trail. But campers were around. The road leading up is half dirt and sketchy in places for low cars. My prius was fine tho. Drive slow. The creek is pretty dry until half way in. When you get to the huge open field, keep going, until you see the trail split at the end, and go left into the next meadow. You will have to cross a broken path over the water, so you will know. Just more stunning views in the 2nd meadow too. Absolutely lovely.

5 days ago

it was beautiful!!! if you go in June though, bring snow shoes and gaters! or of your super sure footed, micro spikes and gaters

Great hike to the falls, but even better if you keep going! Timberline Falls was raging with water from all the snow melt. It is a great place to stop and hangout. It takes about an hour to arrive at the falls. If you continue on the trail you will head up towards Buchanan Pass and St Vrain Glacier. You can go to many sky lakes as well. The trail was fairly easy, but very rocky. Incline and decline were very gradual. Trail runs by the river all the way up. A few flowery meadows along the way. I will definitely do this hike again.

gorgeous, although there are several parts without actual trails. There was never a single sign that said "diamond peaks", so definitely read the reviews below for more on that. My GPS wasn't working as I was coming down from diamond peaks, so I had to just walk in the direction of the road, which left me pretty muddy. At the top of north diamond peaks, you can continue to the South diamond peaks, then retrace to the path., but if you're pressed for time, the views aren't much different :) . Some snow was blocking the paths here and there today, June 15, but I had good boots on so I was fine. Again, gorgeous views and worth the trip.

8 days ago

Done on 6/15. This is a great trail! Excellent scenery and not too strenuous. The first 2/3 on the way in has several streams to cross, and there were several snow drifts the last 1/3 as you got closer to the lake, but packed down for the most part so extra equipment wasn’t needed. Would definitely recommend having a high clearance vehicle to access the trailhead as the road is quite bumpy. All in all, a great trip and would strongly recommend.

A awesome little hike! With some pretty good fishing at reservoir!

Trail was super fun, would highly recommend it. Be advised that there were still several snow drifts (6/13/18) that needed to be traversed, especially the last half mile or so leading up to the lake. I used trekking poles and that helped a lot, but still slipped, fell, got wet and made it to the car with wet socks and shoes. Was it worth it? Well I went back the next day to do another trail, so, I’d say so!

It is a nice trial; shaded, terrain varying but easy, short & sweet. The waterfall leaves a lot to be desired. After the waterfall the trail is not well marked. It appears you must scale rocks to get a decent view of reservoir. On another note, the drive up from Boulder is exhilarating!

Great Memorial Day hike. The first mile and the last 1/2 mile are a steep workout but well worth it. It was a quiet trail and only crossed paths with 4 other small groups. My wife, dog and I enjoyed this trail immensely and will hike it again.

11 days ago

Great trail for intermediate backpackers and hikers.

Once you get passed the firing range and into the valley, it's a beautiful trail. Unfortunately most of the Creeks are dried up and you will not come across moving water until about a mile in.

I would do this trail again in a heartbeat.
PS- Getting out of the valley is what makes this an intermediate trail;)

11 days ago

Love this trail. Camped along the creek Sunday night and a mountain lion entered our camp and chewed the strap off my friend’s backpack. Be alert!

The end is just kinda scaling rocks, the trail ends. But if you are comfortable doing that you'll be rewarded with a beautiful large lake :)

Great Family hike! Loved that the trails down to the base of the waterfall and around the waterline of the lake were challenging but not so much that my 6yr old daughter couldn’t keep up. Shady most of the way- great way to spend a Monday afternoon!

Hiked this in the evening (5/9) and it was beautiful! The waterfall was flowing pretty nicely, and it was a very quick and easy hike.

13 days ago

Excellent views. Spotted an elk at the top!

We backpacked this trail 6-9-18. We chose not to bring snowshoes and were glad we didn’t. There’s still a decent amount of snow for the last half mile. It is useful to have a GPS map, since finding the trail before the big river crossing and again right by the lake is difficult. I’d recommend bringing crampons if you have them and if they’re easy to put on to help you from sliding on the snow, especially on the way down. You’ll be fine in hiking boots if you’re ok getting a little snow in your shoes. Bring an extra pair of socks. The lake is beautiful and worth it.

River was full and cool. Friendly dogs and great flowers.

14 days ago

trail is closed April-July1st for wildlife conservation.

Great short hike. We could not find where the trail led down to the base of the falls so we only saw it from above.

Nice little hike- a bit crowded but Saturday afternoon that’s to be expected!

Still closed as of 6/8.

This is hands down one of the most amazing hikes in Colorado. I went in late August last year and I definitely plan to return when the road opens back up! I got to the Mitchell Lake parking lot around 7am on a Saturday or Sunday and there were still quite a few spots left. The views are incredible throughout (including moose, so bring binoculars!) and the trail leading up to Blue Lake is easy to find. One of my favorites!!!!!!!!

Is this open for summer yet?

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