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1 day ago

Backpacked to Jasper Lake 5/4-5/5. Awesome trail but difficult due to the amount of snow. Winter warning advisory was in full force. Def a snowshoe territory that week. Trail was difficult to find but AllTrails def helped a lot. Lake was frozen almost 100% . Not a soul in sight which made it so much more attractive. The route to the lake was for us traversing a few hair trails but made it finally and went home after two nights.

6 days ago

I decided to do this trail because it’s dog friendly and fairly close to foco. The trail was really clean and I was the only one on it the entire time! It is pretty steep, so bring a lot of water especially on a hot day, but the view is nice the whole way up! There’s also more trails at the base and the park where you park is really nice as well.

8 days ago

Awesome trail! Hiked to Jasper Lake on 5/13. Pretty difficult hike as about the last three miles to the lake still have quite a bit of snow and the trail is hard to find or stay on and there was a lot of postholing, the lake was still frozen but beautiful. Definitely recommend a map until the snow melts. One of my favorite hikes in Indian Peaks

definitely need spikes and snowshoes. made it up with spikes and post-holed all the way down. packed snow and pretty easy until the roger's pass/crater lake split where trail gets more difficult. arrived around 11:30 and finished before 3. lake is still frozen over, a good trail for wind protection for most of it is in the trees

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18 days ago

Great ride...only did this trail once, but one of my favorites. Beautiful views.

Still a lot of snow. Glad I had both microspikes and snowshoes. Others were really struggling without.

28 days ago

A great place to picnic, enjoy scenery, fish and spend a nice family day away from it all.

More like a path going around the lake halfway than a "hike".

Areas to set up camp for the night or so.

Snow is still falling up there as of today 4/21. Due to all of the fresh snow I wasn't able to keep to the trail itself, instead just cut my own way up all of the way to the lakes. Snowshoes are necessary until a defined trail is made again. Excellent ski snow today!

I drove a big Jeep-like truck up to this trail, if you have a little car you might have trouble. Other than that, this is a very easy trail once you get there. My 4 month old puppy and I hiked this and it’s pretty - aspen trees, alpine flowers, boulders and of course the lake. He had a blast splashing around and I laid a blanket out and laid on the shore. I’d go back anytime!

1 month ago

Great views along the way! The trail is definitely a bit more on the rigorous side as there were many steep inclines. However, it gets easier along the way. :)

We decided to come here for a relaxing picnic by the lake. The hike itself was very short, but the view at the lake definitely made up for it.
On a side note, going back up the dirt path was very difficult and I do not recommend it if you don’t have a 4Wd. We drove there in our front wheel drive Ford Fiesta and we ended up stuck and unable to get up the incline. My boyfriend had to literally push the car up over the mud and ice.
Otherwise, I enjoyed the lake and the scenery :)

3/24/18 - Only made it to the lower lake but a beautiful hike! The forest of pines in the beginning is scenic and the view from the lake is awesome.

Wore only mircospikes and we post holes the last half mile - Would heavily recommend snow shoes.

Road is closed!

Hiked 3/14. Made it all the way up with boots and poles. Poles were a must or at least spikes as it's steep and slippery. The last mile I was sinking in the snow quite a bit so I actually put snowshoes on to get back down to the river bottom. Awesome winter hike!

Lots of snow. Need microspikes and snowshoes. It is a great workout as it is steep.

Spikes were sufficient until about a mile before the lakes

Snowed all morning, but no wind. It was awesome. Most of the trail is good enough to walk on with hiking boots, snowshoes would have been extremely helpful, skis would have also been nice. I have neither snowshoes or skis so I didnt make it to the lakes, started post holing every step about 3/4 mile to the lakes so I turned back. Hey it was worth a shot.

Very windy day, which wasn't too bad in the forest. The snow was pretty firmly packed on the trail. I used hiking boots most of the way without a problem, then switched to spikes about a mile - mile and half from the lakes, and then snowshoes for the last stretch. Unfortunately, the wind made hanging out by the lakes pretty miserable, so the trip was cut pretty short. Still gorgeous, though. Lots of skiers!

Completed 1/14, made it all the way up to the first lake with yaktrax/hiking boots. Last mile was definitely slow-going. Beautiful day, no wind. The trail was pretty obvious to follow.

Early morning hike. Surprisingly, the trail was well traveled and easily followed unlike other times. Once making the turn from Rollins Pass, snowshoes are a must. Always a great hike and take the time on some of the steep climbs.

***Get there early as the parking lot was 1/3 full at 8:30 and was full at 11:30. About 75% of people were skiers.

Wife picked this trail on the way up, without telling me it was rated hard/difficult haha. Got there, and only after the first mile or so I asked what the rating was, since the inclines were no joke, especially using snowshoes with 2-4ft snow the entire way. Finally got to the lakes, much too windy to actually see them, but still an accomplishment to get there. The trek down was fast and a ton of fun though.

Note: The snowshoes were a must to make it all the way to the lakes; the trail was not very packed down for the last mile and you would post hole the whole way if just wearing boots!

Made it to the lower lakes easily- the last push to upper crater lake was no joke with deep, soft snow and we turned around at about 10,800ft. Used spikes until the last mile up then switched to snow shoes for the rest. Perfect day with no wind!

Windy but beautiful. The trails are perfect for snowshoeing. It isn't for beginners.

4 months ago

We hiked this as part of a three-day trip with Buchanan Pass in late August. it was awesome, but get an early start. Cliuds roll in and you will wouldn't want to he is there in the rain.

Don't let the lack of snow on the drive in fool you. We went up today 1/9/18. The first 1.6ish miles you can get away with microspikes, yax or even just boots honestly. But if you go up the actual crater lakes trail, it gets pretty deep & steep once it splits off from the Rogers Pass trail. We were confused because two people we passed said they made it to the lakes in just spikes/yax, but we never saw their tracks. The snowshoe tracks eventually went off trail and eventually just dead-ended at an overlook. So we cut our own trail and it may not have been the best route, but we eventually wound up at the southwest most lake and circled back to the land between the two lower ones. Sorry if anyone is scratching their heads when they follow our footsteps. But also, you're welcome for us breaking trail. ;) haha. Never saw any tracks near the lakes so I have no idea where those other people went. It was a beautiful view & pretty snow, but slow going and challenging for sure.

Lost keys on trail today - Nissan key. A bit snowy for just boots. Would’ve been better with snowshoes. If anyone finds them please give me a call. 7272496099

Excellent hike. BEAUTIFUL views at the lake. Well worth the elevation gain. In the snow, definitely falls into the hard category, but seems like a moderate hike in dry conditions. Lots of snow here today. Nothing fresh. Spikes were very helpful. Would highly recommend them. Lots of snowshoers, but didn’t find it necessary. One or two points where I would’ve preferred them, but overall don’t see them as necessary for the hike in current conditions. Lakes were totally frozen over. Walked across them. Would love to go back in the summer.

4 months ago

Great snowshoe hike and incredible views. Had the trail to ourselves despite bluebird skies and not so much wind. It is a doable hike for the snowshoe newbie but you will be tired after the 12+ mile out and back to the lake.

Took a group snowshoeing today! Cross country skiers have carved some pretty good tracks in the trail but snowshoes were still viable, especially about 2 miles in and beyond. Probably 15” of snow on the sides of the trail. Great hike for beginner winter hikers or those not looking for an intense hike. You can go as far as you want, and great views of the mtns and the backside of Eldora Ski Resort

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