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Beautiful ascent along a creek to an open meadow with aspens. Large rock outcroppings add dramatic views.

I went with my 4 year old daughter. It was wonderful! Until the loop. If you are going with young children I would recommend turning around at the loop. It gets pretty hard after that. We saw more butterflies than I have seen at one place and they were everywhere for the whole hike.
There was a very angry rattle snake on trail so watch out and listen out! All and all this was a great trail. There is a bathroom at the trail head but no water. We brought 3.5 liters of water with us and finished it all before the end. If you bring a filter there is plenty of places to get more water (before the loop)

Hiked this trail today with my 2 year old. I carry her in the backpack, and this trail was perfect for that! Not too strenuous, but still worked up a little sweat carrying 40 lbs of toddler and snacks. Beautiful views, densely wooded and next to a stream the whole way. We only ran into a few other people, which made the drive worth it in overpopulated Colorado!

off road driving
2 days ago

had a blast, first time there, definitely going back once the snow clears.
about 3 miles in there was still a 4 ft drift across the road...
nice obstacles!!

98 xj
4.5 inch lift
33's open diffs

3 days ago

Road was closed to 4x4 traffic. Tough/steep hike for first 2 miles. Dogs enjoyed the hike and we saw turkeys and a young male moose. Saw a few mountain bike tracks but had the trail to ourselves.

Pretty hike along the water. went early in the morning and no one around.

We wanted to try some off roading for the first time in Colorado and we are glad we went to Bunce. I drive a Tacoma with a ToyTec 3” lift on 33’s. We wanted to go during the week since we heard weekends can be crazy with people on ATV’s and quads. The trail was dry minus puddles and we only used 4 Low a couple times. The ride down 105 was rough going towards the lake area (which is closed to off roading). When I say rough, we made it just fine, didn’t need a spotter, but it was a lot of rocking back and forth on the rocks. I honestly could have done this trail in a stock height Tacoma with no problems. I was happy to get to put my Taco to good use! I would recommend this for anyone wanting to have some fun.

Oh we even saw a Moose! I upload pics. And I took a video on my GoPro of most the trail and will upload the link.

T-33 crash trail is still closed as of 5/13/18 but Ironclads was fun. The little bit of rain we've had made for a few mud puddles here and there. Good day of wheeling!
2000 4Runner, 3" lift on 33"s

10 days ago

Easy hike. Went today 5/13/18 and there was minimal packed snow up to the lake. We had on hiking boots and tennis shoes. There is some water to walked through, but our friends with tennis shoes manage just fine walking on logs/rock to pass by. Pretty lake up top and campsites.

Road closed when coming from the Mountain Research Station side.

great trail with lots of places to relax by the water

Went hiking yesterday 5-7-2018 the entire route. Glad I brought a sandwich, snacks and 3 liters of water, The mileage recorded on my Garmin device (satellite tracking) starting and finishing at the parking lot was a total of 8.5 miles. Flowers were in bloom. Butterflies at water crossings. A group of 9 Bighorn Sheep (males) were on the hillside about two miles into the walk. And no snakes seen. Recommend going in the early AM. And if walking the entire loop, I suggest wearing sturdy shoes.

Easy hike, shaded.

17 days ago

Great trial. Just went out and back with Boy Scouts backpacking. Some felled trees, but took care of two of the three of them. The ice is now gone except at one creek passage (you can go around). Super fun and easy hike to get you out of the day-to-day.

Only disappointment is the number of people who think they can camp between the water and the trail. Enforcement would be nice.

Love this shady trail. It’s perfect for summer days and hiking with your dog. There is access to water the whole trail:)

25 days ago

Was a decent hike. A majority of the trail has a tree line on both sides so there aren't to many views. This would definitely be a summer hike. The last three to four miles to the "lake" has around three to five foot of snow on the trail. Most of it is hard packed, but it is beginning to become soft since it's warming up.

26 days ago

As described it's heavily hiked allowing all age groups and abilities. The elevation gain is gradual allowing my 2 year old to walk along with us with ease. Parking lot is likely to be full and plan parking on the road. This is a very common place for dogs (leashed and unleashed) and do bring doggy bags to pick up their poop.

26 days ago

Wonderful trail, went up to lost lake. It was very snowy but well packed. Had to like in a bit from the main road.

Kind of boring for the first couple miles, but rises up to meet the peaks towards the end with some good views. Barely any snowpack even with this last weeks storms. Greening up with crocus out. Lots of jumping over the stream, my dog was a huge fan. Not too many people either. Beautiful meadows at the top.

Plane crash trail is closed as of last weekend. I don’t have much experience off-roading and thought Bunch school road was easy to moderate in my stock Tacoma TRD Off-road. Ironclads was challenging, and I was very glad to have a spotter with me. Very fun trail and definitely worth the drive from Denver.

Some slush and water on the trail right now as is appropriate in mud season. The trail up is rather unremarkable but still a beautiful walk in the woods. The summit view is wonderful.

1 month ago

Hiked this early on a Sunday morning. Only saw 2 other hikers the first 6 miles, and they were on their way out. Very quiet and peaceful with the early start. Saw one deer and a group of 7 mountain goats. Lots of pretty views, mostly looking up at ridges and peaks surrounding the gulch. Lots of stream crossings on the 2 miles prior to the fork. All are easily traversed with stepping stones without getting wet. Different types of views once you emerge up on the ridge at the north end of the hike. Saw lots of hikers the final 2 miles as I left (they were coming in). Only 3 other cars in the lot at 7am when I arrived. When I left at 10:20am, the lot was overflowing onto the road.

1 month ago

The trail is in great condition right now and all the stream crossings are super easy to manuever. There are a number of wild flowers blooming right now, and the weather was excellent! This trail is the best for wearing the dogs out, but I saw a number of folks leave their dogs poop behind. Please pick up after your dog so this trail will continue to be enjoyable for everyone.

1 month ago

I got to the trailhead about 11am on a Monday (04/16) and only crossed paths with a handful of people. I loved that the trail offered areas of dense tree coverage, enormous boulders and rock walls, and views of the creek from above and at ground level. There were only a few icy spots left.
*I used this app to pull up directions on Google Maps however it directed me to turn too soon at a place where there was no actual turn. So, if you use google maps drive past where it tells you to make the final turn, go right at the fork and you'll find the sign for the parking lot on your right about .5 mile from where Google told you to turn.*

You can only make it up about a mile and a half before the snow drifts become to deep to pass will deffinately be back when the snows gone

This is one of my favorite hikes in the Fort Collins area as pups are allowed unleashed. It’s fairly easy with great views and lots of streams. Parking is very limited and there’s no trash cans at the trailhead.

1 month ago

Very much enjoyed this hike! At the fork, headed to the right, definitely not as steep as an incline as when you go to the left. Very relaxing hike but a good workout. Some wild flowers already out. At a mild to moderate pace, take about 3 1/2 hours.

Hiked Lower Dadd several times throughout this past winter. Snow was never deep enough to require more than microspikes. This is not a “bang for your buck” kinda hike as far as views are concerned unless you head left on the dirt road once the trails ends. After about a half mile or so the view start to open up. Not so sure there will be much solitude on this trail in the summer. Moderate elevation gain on this trail but nothing too crazy. I also saw a moose here on one of my hikes and mountain lion tracks on another.

1 month ago

4/9- beautiful hike. Still some snow and ice in areas. We put on spikes after about a quarter mile and only needed them in some spots but were glad to have them! An easy walk through the woods. Mostly flat. The river goes along side the trail the whole way. The forest reminded me of hikes I’ve done in the PNW. A very peaceful setting. Saw lots of moose and bear tracks.

1 month ago

Great hike this afternoon. We brought both of our Golden Retrievers. They loved the stream crossing, which there were several of. Definitely would recommend this hike.

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