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The Roosevelt National Forest is a national forest located in north central Colorado. It is contiguous with the Colorado State Forest as well as the Arapaho National Forest. The forest is administered jointly with the Arapaho National Forest and the Pawnee National Grassland from offices in Fort Collins.

Great and dogs can explore off leash!

7 days ago

Went on a snowy, but calm morning and it was beautiful. So quiet and peaceful. There is a couple of inches of snow on the trail, no a big deal. Just be careful because I came across multiple spots of ice hiding under the snow cover and wiped out once, almost a couple other times, because of it. Beautiful trail and not too strenuous. I saw nobody until I was almost done. Traction and walking pole would be helpful but not necessary.

8 days ago

No one on the trail! Deep deep snow. It was a quick hike but gorgeous. Oh and a bunch of powdery goodness.

Snowed all morning, but no wind. It was awesome. Most of the trail is good enough to walk on with hiking boots, snowshoes would have been extremely helpful, skis would have also been nice. I have neither snowshoes or skis so I didnt make it to the lakes, started post holing every step about 3/4 mile to the lakes so I turned back. Hey it was worth a shot.

off road driving
9 days ago

Very easy to get to the resivor when the trail is open. First time had a lot of ruts but they got filled. Got there in a little Mazda car the second time.

11 days ago

I got here early and was the only person on the hill all morning. Still a few feet of snow on the ground so the snowshoeing was really good.

Such a gem of a place. Lost my Tripod head for my camera so if you see it it’s mine. I have to go to work otherwise I’d find it.

Very windy day, which wasn't too bad in the forest. The snow was pretty firmly packed on the trail. I used hiking boots most of the way without a problem, then switched to spikes about a mile - mile and half from the lakes, and then snowshoes for the last stretch. Unfortunately, the wind made hanging out by the lakes pretty miserable, so the trip was cut pretty short. Still gorgeous, though. Lots of skiers!

Completed 1/14, made it all the way up to the first lake with yaktrax/hiking boots. Last mile was definitely slow-going. Beautiful day, no wind. The trail was pretty obvious to follow.

21 days ago

Great snow for snow shoeing. Very visible at night by moonlight.

Early morning hike. Surprisingly, the trail was well traveled and easily followed unlike other times. Once making the turn from Rollins Pass, snowshoes are a must. Always a great hike and take the time on some of the steep climbs.

***Get there early as the parking lot was 1/3 full at 8:30 and was full at 11:30. About 75% of people were skiers.

Hiked this last week. lots of snow, but fairly well packed along the trail. no snowshoe necessary. beautiful as always. only went as far as grass creek.

Wife picked this trail on the way up, without telling me it was rated hard/difficult haha. Got there, and only after the first mile or so I asked what the rating was, since the inclines were no joke, especially using snowshoes with 2-4ft snow the entire way. Finally got to the lakes, much too windy to actually see them, but still an accomplishment to get there. The trek down was fast and a ton of fun though.

Note: The snowshoes were a must to make it all the way to the lakes; the trail was not very packed down for the last mile and you would post hole the whole way if just wearing boots!

Know when going to see homesteads that you still will need to hike a minimum of 2-4 miles MORE to actually see a homestead. Sarah Walker homestead is the closest, only 1/4 mile longer but is burned to the ground in the 2002 fires.

26 days ago

We took the dogs out Friday for a warm-up hike before snowshoeing. The trail isn't well marked in some places but is a fairly easy hike. The down side is the lazy hikers who leave their dog poop bags on the side of the trail. At the moment is has some beautiful tiny waterfalls and ice formations.

You will need snowshoes if you want to make it to Blue Lake.

28 days ago

Fun winter hike! There’s snowpack on the trail but not enough that we needed special equipment. Snow boots worked fine. We started at South Sourdough trailhead and hiked around 1.5 hours, then turned back. There were people doing off trail skiing and snowshoeing. The portion of the trail we did was fairly easy. Uphill but at a low grade.

Made it to the lower lakes easily- the last push to upper crater lake was no joke with deep, soft snow and we turned around at about 10,800ft. Used spikes until the last mile up then switched to snow shoes for the rest. Perfect day with no wind!

off road driving
1 month ago

I have a previous review but I went back and redid the trail. I'd say I was probably angry this wasn't rated easy, and I'm not sure if i did the whole thing last time. I have a full video up if you'd like to take a look:


07 ranger manual
no lift
no locker
no sway bar

youtube trail channel: b roll offroad

have fun!

1 month ago

Fun little hike with great views. A great place to go if you don’t have much time but want to see a good view of ranges.

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