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The Roosevelt National Forest is a national forest located in north central Colorado. It is contiguous with the Colorado State Forest as well as the Arapaho National Forest. The forest is administered jointly with the Arapaho National Forest and the Pawnee National Grassland from offices in Fort Collins.

Has anyone done this recently? Want to know the trail conditions

Disappointed in the upkeep tons of poop bags lined the trail but I love this hike the beginning is super easy and the last bit is pretty hard but the view at the top is worth it :)

off road driving
1 day ago

My girlfriend and i did this trail yesterday afternoon. It was a lot of fun, definitely challenging in some areas, but a lot of the challenging areas have bypass trails. i chose the harder lines to add some more fun. We started at the entrance off Missouri Gluch Rd. i was hoping to be able to make over to the Moon/Gamble Gulch trail, as i wanted to make it up to the shaft house. Due to snow drifts we werent abe to make over there. We did however make it to the end of the Pickle Gulch trail off Apex Rd, although towards the Apex side the snow drifts were pretty big. It is memorial weekend, so its still pretty early in the season. That being said, the trail did have some muddy areas and like i said, snow. This is a very well kept trail with a lot to offer with great views. i was driving a jeep Cherokee with 31s and a 3in lift. i was able to do all the challenging parts of the trail, but i would advise taking the bypass areas if you have a stock height vehicle. I have posted some pics of our ride on this trail. Also check out my instagram for more pics, @mhysom. Enjoy!

Just a friendly word to all the people who say you can let your dog off-leash. Mine is always on a leash because he's sometimes anxious around new dogs. So while your little buddy may be friendly, he will have us all in a tizzy if he runs loose and comes up to our group. Also, I've met hikers who have lost their dogs letting them run off leash. They were devastated, and their dogs were at risk from predators. So please keep your dogs safely leashed. Thanks!

2 days ago

2 days ago

just wondering if the trail is open. thanks

3 days ago

needs better signage but if you use a map and compass you won't get lost. lots of downed trees by the falls

5 days ago

Does anyone know if this trail is open as of today 5/24/17?

6 days ago

Great hike but the runoff can make some people's shoes wet. so wear waterproof shoes with good traction. Great views and the waterfall is very then strong due to the runoff

off road driving
6 days ago

super cool trail lots of mud water crossing.

Jordyn and others, how thick was the snow on the road up to the upper trailhead?