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The Roosevelt National Forest is a national forest located in north central Colorado. It is contiguous with the Colorado State Forest as well as the Arapaho National Forest. The forest is administered jointly with the Arapaho National Forest and the Pawnee National Grassland from offices in Fort Collins.

Vehicle used to access the trail:
Kia sorrento front-wheel drive
Nike running shoe's
Child carrier:
ErgoBaby 360° backpack 22lb
Fee: Free...unless you use the restroom. $7 daily use for users who are not camping.

Firstly, if you do not have a high-clearance all-terrain 4X4 vehicle do not fret. You can still access the trail by parking at the lot and walking the rocky road to the trail head. It isn't far.
The parking lot requires that you drive through two camp grounds. We kept thinking we were going the wrong way but got there eventually.

We arrived on a Sunday in mid-September and started at 10:30am. There was still many spots available and the trail wasn't too busy. We took a bit over 2.5hours to complete the trail with a little break.
The trail itself was great! Not difficult at all. The trail begins with a bit of a climb but levels out. It follows along side a stream that is beautiful and has a number of little off shoots to get right to the water. We crossed a few pretty small areas that opened up to grassy meadows with some aspen trees that were beginning to change which was very pretty to see.

Overall it was a great out and back trail, not many people on it, and good for our leashed dogs. There was the daily use fee which the restrooms notified US of upon leaving which threw us off. $7 daily use fee for those who were not there as campers was a bit extreme but the restrooms are well kept and very clean. We were stopped while heading from the restrooms to the pay box and asked if we had paid before using them. Which we hadn't but the pay box isn't near the restrooms. So be aware of this fee.

Vehicle used to access the trail:
Kia sorrento front-wheel drive
Nike running shoe's
Child carrier:
ErgoBaby 360° backpack 22lb
Fee: Free!!! as the trail starts at the parking lot to the right before the pay station.

This was a lovely trail, in our favourite area to hike. We started the hike at 8:45am on a Saturday at the end of August. There were plenty of parking spots available and the trail was not very busy at all. For the first half of the trail we saw probably 2-3 groups of people however, as the day went on and we were finishing the trail close to 10:30 we saw at least 5-6 groups of people who had started the trail clockwise.

There is no main attraction on this hike like others in the area that provide lake views or peak mountain views but this is a beautiful loop with much to see, streams and a few water crossings on well maintained bridges, wild flowers, a small meadow, and dense forest. We took our dogs with us and they did great, a few small mud patches but nothing to really worry about. I would imagine as the weather cools and the rain comes more frequently you would need hiking boots but during the summer regular Nike running shoe's would be fine.
Remember to pack it in, pack it out and take your trash with you. There are no trash cans that we saw but that's good. It's much better to dispose of your trash elsewhere.
Finally, this is a LEASHED pet trail.

We would recommend this rail and will be heading back again.

Such a wonderful experience even with the lake mostly drained. Don't rush the trail; take the time to look around. Didn't quite make it to the glacier because of incoming weather.

This is a great spot on a hot summer day. There is a Creek that runs along the trail. Bug spray is a necessity. Mosquitos are fierce on this trail! It's very confusing to find the waterfall and reservoir because the trail seems to just end and there are no signs. You have to look for a little trail that leads up and over rocks. You have to climb down to the falls or keep going to the reservoir. There is just a small access spot to the water and no swimming allowed. My dog ( Labrador) had some problems getting over the rocks to get up to the trail leading to the water. Not sure how that would be with kids.

Good, easy hike through the forest. This hikes let's you avoid waiting to get into the Indian Peaks Wilderness area and avoid having to pay $11. It is a great hike but it is a bummer when you feel like you earned your views and then everyone at the lake (the final spot of the hike before turning back) just drove in and parked.

2 days ago

Pretty falls. Long way back to the trail head and very poor signage. Would have hiked longer if we knew we were heading in the right direction.

Pretty trail, fairly easy but we didn't get to finish due to thunderstorm.

Hiked last Saturday- beautiful trail and great for energetic dogs. Also saw a moose which was pretty cool!

very gradual uphill. rewarding view

off road driving
3 days ago

Amazing views of Estes Park!