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Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) in north-central Colorado contains some of the most popular hiking trails in North America. Situated between the towns of Estes Park and Grand Lake, the park hosts 76 mountains over 10 thousand feet high within its 412 square miles. The national park service runs five visitor centers with the headquarters at Beaver Meadows Visitor Center— just off highway 36 in Estes Park. In addition to amazing hikes, the park has some great scenic drives, including Trail Ridge Road, which takes visitors along the continental divide on the highest paved road in the country, and Old Fall River Road, a challenging dirt road that takes you to the Alpine Visitor Center at Fall River Pass - the highest national park visitor center in the United States at almost 11,800 ft. The park has four distinct ecosystems: montane, subalpine, alpine tundra, and riparian where lucky visitors can see wildlife such as mule deer, bighorn sheep and cougars. The high country of the park features many crystal clear alpine lakes, fantastic summits, and stunning views. The Estes Park Shuttle provides service from Denver International Airport to downtown Estes Park, and many shuttles run between the various trailheads, the Moraine Park Visitor Center and even the Glacier Basin Campgrounds. Many visitors use Bear Lake or Glacier Gorge as their starting point into the park.

Good with the kids.

Awesome fall colors and all around gorgeous hike!

Good hike. Cold and windy at sky pond, so be sure to pack a jacket

11 hours ago

Nice hike with great views. Fun rock scramble at the end right before chasm lake.

Go early on a weekday to avoid crowds and be sure to do the Lake Hiyaha trail if you don’t mind an extra few miles! (Its worth it). Fairly easy trail with amazing views throughout.

You couldn’t ask for much more for a scenic drive. There is pretty heavy traffic, but usually doesn’t cause much for a slowdown unless there are animals off the side of the road. The Alpine Visitors Center gets very busy and the parking lot is often full, so be prepared if you plan to stop there.

Great incline after the river, we saw a moose! BEAUTIFUL

Amazing trail! My favorite hike I have done in Colorado. We did this hike mid September and got a late start due to a delayed flight but still made it back to the trailhead before sunset. We started around noon and took our time with plenty of picture and snack breaks to accommodate the out of towner not used to the elevation. In total it took us about 6 hours. We passed a lot of people that were heading back so when we got up to Glass Lake and Sky Pond we had the place mostly to ourselves. Climb up to a higher vantage point at Sky Pond to get some great views/photos. From Lake of Glass, follow the cairns and you should find the path to Sky Pond just fine. It does get chilly and windy - I wore a tank, flannel and wind breaker and bandanna to cover my ears and felt comfortable. The scramble up to and down from Lake of Glass wasn't too bad...if you are active and in decent shape you can do it no problem. Just be cautious and take your time!

Parking was difficult because we arrived so late. Shuttle parking lot to trail heads was full at 11:30. They closed the main road to thru traffic around 11:45 so I would not recommend getting there any later than that. We just made it.

16 hours ago

Sept 20th: Beautiful but definitely a crowded spot in RMNP. Lots of people and groups around by the afternoon. Great views as always; the leaves were a mixed bag. Some aspens were still green and some didn't have any leaves left. Seems like it's a odd year. Seeing all the elk by the road on the drive in was a highlight too.

I almost made it to Sky pond but was unprepared for the wind and couldn't quite tell where the trail went along Glass Lake. (it was super windy, maybe 45 degrees; I just had a sweatshirt and shorts on) Next time I will make it all the way to Sky but Loch is a great spot.

9/18/18 fantastic hike that just keeps getting better as you go. Variety in the trail and hiking to the base of the Keyboard of the Winds and Longs worth it then throw in the magnificent Spearhead. Hard to beat, and Frozen Lake too! (Minus 1/10 star for wind).

Sky Pond’s picturesque scenery and unique challenges made it the highlight of my six-day hiking trip to Colorado. My three key takeaways:

1) YOU HAVE TO SCRAMBLE UP A WATERFALL. You’ll thank me later. I must have glanced over that important detail in my research, so I – along with others – was a bit bewildered upon arriving at the obstacle just before the Lake of Glass. It’s easier than it looks, but I would discourage kids from attempting it.

2) Wear/bring a long-sleeve shirt or jacket. Like a fool, I opted for a T-shirt and left my jacket at the hotel to cut down on weight. It’s not an exaggerating when I say the winds at the top were of hurricane force. People, including myself, were struggling just to remain upright. This was probably an anomaly, but you should be prepared nonetheless.

3) Sky Pond is beyond the Lake of Glass. I spoke to a couple that made the mistake of turning around at the Lake of Glass before realizing Sky Pond is a bit farther down the trail. They had to tackle the scramble a second time to visit Sky Pond.

beautiful trail, and an easy hike for all skill levels.

20 hours ago

21 hours ago

The trail was well marked most of the way, there’s a bathroom about halfway to gem lake. Great scenery and wildlife on the hike up. Gem lake is more like a small lake/pond, the mountains reflected in the water and we thought it was pretty up there. Lots of brave chipmunks coming right up to you once at gem lake too! We thought it was a good hike with nice views on the way up. I would recommend hiking shoes/boots for this trail.

Beautiful! Pretty easy hike with some incredible views.

Walked this on 9/20. We hadn’t researched it so we didn’t know what to expect, but it was probably the highlight of our day on the Trail Ridge. It was incredibly windy and cold. We got to the top and enjoyed climbing over the rocks up to the Memorial index. On the way down we saw a snow storm roll in. I thought it was rain coming towards us but it was snow pellets. Near white out conditions for about 15 mins. On our way back down a coyote crossed the path in front us, which was a surprise. We waited out the snow storm in the car. Really recommend, but prepare for the wind!!

1 day ago

Take two. We hiked this trail Saturday morning. Incredible views! SPF!!! you are being blasted by the sun on this hike (weather permitting). I would not want to try this hike in early/mid-summer with afternoon thunderstorms because there is no protection once above treeline. I did post pics too. We saw a Ptarmigan as well as pika's, marrmots.

Loved it. Had to take the shuttle to the trailhead due to crowds. Definitely had some people on the trail but it didn’t impede the hike. Emerald Lake felt good on tired feet!

Great hike. We did it with a toddler in the carrier. Definitely a workout but doable. Beautiful up top but high winds!

1 day ago

Easy hike with great views both in summer and winter!

My wife and I arrived about 2:20 pm and found parking that Sunday at the trail head (9/16/18). It was a little packed on the trail, but as the hike continued the crowds thinned out. I think dream lake would be a better place to sit and have lunch rather than at nymph lake or emerald lake. Nymph lake had a lot of people while emerald lake didn’t have much room. This is a great fast hike with a very well built trail.

Great views. Good trail to acclimate to altitude gradually.

Gorgeous trail once you get past Nymph Lake.

first hike in RMNP and it did not dissapoint

awesome! tough in the winter in March. lots of ice and snow. can't wait to do in summer again.

Nice quick walk...some nice places to sit n have a pic a nic basket...also nice places to get away...---...

een prachtige wandeling. geweldige vergezichten. wel veel klimmen maar het is het zeker waard.

2 days ago

This trail was pretty amazing! It was tough, 90% uphill battle. First mile was switch backs to the actual trail head, a beautiful foot bridge over a once roaring river, then uphill for about 3.5 miles. There were many awesome vantage points for water breaks and picture opportunities. You cross a ridge for what feels like forever, then head further upwards, until you finally start to come down to a beautiful pond. Don’t be fooled, keep going to the actual lake. It’s worth the strenuous hike. Everyone you pass on the way down will ask you how much further to the lake! 

A great 1 day endurance hike. I pieced this particular hike together to include my favorite hiking objectives; RMNP, loop hikes, getting above tree-line, waterfalls, alpine lakes, mileage and great views in 1 hike!

For more details read my description on the trail main page!

Absolutely beautiful hike! Recommend going early to beat the crowd. Would definitely do it again

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