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Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) in north-central Colorado contains some of the most popular hiking trails in North America. Situated between the towns of Estes Park and Grand Lake, the park hosts 76 mountains over 10 thousand feet high within its 412 square miles. The national park service runs five visitor centers with the headquarters at Beaver Meadows Visitor Center— just off highway 36 in Estes Park. In addition to amazing hikes, the park has some great scenic drives, including Trail Ridge Road, which takes visitors along the continental divide on the highest paved road in the country, and Old Fall River Road, a challenging dirt road that takes you to the Alpine Visitor Center at Fall River Pass - the highest national park visitor center in the United States at almost 11,800 ft. The park has four distinct ecosystems: montane, subalpine, alpine tundra, and riparian where lucky visitors can see wildlife such as mule deer, bighorn sheep and cougars. The high country of the park features many crystal clear alpine lakes, fantastic summits, and stunning views. The Estes Park Shuttle provides service from Denver International Airport to downtown Estes Park, and many shuttles run between the various trailheads, the Moraine Park Visitor Center and even the Glacier Basin Campgrounds. Many visitors use Bear Lake or Glacier Gorge as their starting point into the park.

5 hours ago

Hiked on Saturday 6/23. Didn’t get to Longs Peak Road until 8:20 - had to park a ways down the road. The trail is amazing, especially onward from the point with a sign notifying you that you’re entering the alpine tundra area (stay on the trail!). You’ll soon be climbing through gorgeous green tundra with wildflowers starting to pop up and the diamond of Longs Peak in the distance. This stretch becomes a somewhat challenging climb. Once at the top, it largely levels off for a while as you pass Peacock Pool and Columbine falls (one of the most beautiful views in the park, in my opinion). Near the falls, there was still a small snow traverse. Very manageable, but might be unnerving for some. Once past the falls, there’s a bit of scrambling to the lake. Again, very manageable. The lake is amazing with Longs Peak towering above you. Lots of marmots running about. Round trip, the hike took just under 4 hours (and that includes plenty of time at the lake).

such a great hike one of my favorites... my third time up for the month really big fat Marmot at the top of the East Peak... started my hike at 6 a.m. was back down in the parking lot by 9:45.... it is tourist season so if you want a Solitude trip up to the peak get started early Trail get super busy at about 7:30 to 8 o'clock

6 hours ago

Hiked 6/22. Beautiful trail. Follows the rushing creek for the first couple of miles. Very lush and green. You’ll see Copeland Falls and Calypso Cascades (the latter was especially amazing - pictures don’t do it justice). Continues on to Ouzel Falls - be sure to take the side trail and get right up next to the falls. The water is absolutely gushing right now. Trail later opens up to great mountain views and is lined with wildflowers. You’ll come to a stretch that’s almost like a foresty meadow with lots of downed trees (maybe from a microburst?). This area is so green and beautiful. Lots of wildflowers Saw some deer and marmots here. Trail then climbs into some woods, crosses streams, etc. You’ll come out of the woods and have the last uphill push to the lake. There was still a small uphill snowfield to cross, but I had no trouble without poles or traction. The lake itself was stunning - again, pictures don’t do it justice. In all, the hike took around 5.5 hours. One of the prettiest hikes I’ve done in the park.

Simply beautiful!

6 hours ago

This lake was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. If you do all the lakes, Haiyaha, Dream, nymph, and emerald like we did it’s like 6 miles. Fairly moderate minus some inclined along the way up to Haiyaha but totally worth it. The scenery is absolutely stunning the entire way up. There’s waterfalls and creeks and walkways over the water. The view of the valley and the mountains across the way just keep getting better and better the closer you get. I wish I would have gotten a camping permit so I could stay here for longer. By far the most beautiful lake I have seen thus far. I’m a beginner, this is only my 3rd hike and I took some breaks but made it just fine. The only caution I would give is the area surrounding the lake is filled with giant boulders so there is quite a bit of rock climbing to get to the actual lake. I’m a beginner at that so that was difficult for me personally but completely worth it. Just take your time on the rocks so you can keep your balance. And no it isn’t photoshop. The water really is that blue! Completely floored by the beauty of this place.

7 hours ago

Nice hike with beautiful views and a great finale

12 hours ago

We wanted to go all the way to Emerald, but became super lazy and stopped at Dream. We played on the rocks and at the use of a little water fall. The boys had fun trying t catch the fish 9with their bare hands, lol). Beautiful hike.

One of the best Trailheads in the RMNP

Beautiful trail, not too strenuous. If your looking for less people, probably not your trail. But knowing how busy this area is, I was not surprised and really loved all the lakes along the trail.

Fantastic hike. Definitely closer to 10 miles than 8. Beautiful views throughout and the scramble up the waterfall to Lake of Glass and the subsequent Sky Pond was thrilling. The wife and I were worried it would be too much for our 7-and -12-year-old, but they climbed up with little issue.

19 hours ago

Beautiful hike with views, lake, waterfalls, and lots of wildlife flowers at this time of the year.

Clear trails all the way through. Rocky and rough in spots but overall a very enjoyable and beautiful hike.

This is definitely more than 8.1 miles roundtrip. I believe RMNP now has it listed just shy of 10 miles. It gains in elevation relatively consistently until you hit Timberline Falls. Some of my fellow hikers stuck waiting to complete the scramble said that while the water was certainly running strong today, it's been known to be worse. My (potentially unpopular) opinion is that Lake of Glass is better than Sky Pond, but I think that's more a result of you hitting Lake of Glass first. Sky Pond on its own is beautiful, especially with the better view of the Sharkstooth, but I enjoyed Lake of Glass more. There's also a little stopping point along the side of Loch Vale that is gorgeous as well (and a little removed from the crowds right when you first hit the loch). Overall, it's as fantastic as everyone says. Bring some waterproof hiking shoes and a windbreaker, and you'll be in for a great hike.

Beautiful moderate hike. Certainly a long one. Bring lots of water and snacks. Traverse through marshy meadows, forest, by rivers, past pristine lakes. Absolutely lovely!!

Very easy and beautiful hike. You could see lots of crowd in the trail.

Black lake is one of the gorgeous hike I have done in Colorado. We started early in the morning even we got parking only in park and ride area. We have done alberta, mills lake and black lake together. Again extremely good views at the top.

Beautiful but windy! Full of marmots!!

This is a classic RMNP hike and it shows with the hordes of hikers on the trail. Pretty easy hike till the rock stairs right before Timberland Falls. The rock scramble up to the top of the falls is only difficult by the numerous people trying come down and climb up, but once up the views are well worth it. If you don’t like a crowd, I’d recommend a very early weekday morning trip.

Amazing hike. It can’t be said enough to be prepared though. Only a few spots today where the trail was slushy and or still had snow on it. Wildlife abounds. Took our time and really enjoyed it. Started at 05:20 with a mostly empty parking lot. Finished and it was crazy busy. Clear skies and beat the crowds.

Doesn’t get much better! Wildflowers are out in full force, the water is rushing through the waterfalls and creek. Parking lot at glacier gorge trailhead was full by 6am, couple snow fields easily avoidable. Love this hike!!

1 day ago

One of the best hikes I’ve ever done. As said over and over, get there early! By 7:30 the first lot fills up. I got there at 8:45 and I was parked 1.5 miles from the trailhead. The trail and scenery is absolutely stunning.

Fun hike. Feels a little longer than 4.4. A bit of a smaller lake, if you’re bold enough to climb up the rock formation surrounding it you will be rewarded with a fantastic view.

Hiked it yesterday to black lake, unreal. Family of elk (I counted 9) at the base of the waterfall by black lake. They were friendly to me but others got charged. They are bedding about 20’ from the trail so be mindful. Only a couple patches of snow but mostly just waterfalls everywhere. It’s 11-12 Miles in and out depending on where u start but is probably one of the most beautiful hikes in the state. I’ve also done this hike in early spring and used snow shows to get past mills lake, snow was still 4’+. It’s a magical hike any season and worth doing.

Wonderful little hike for people new to Colorado and/or new to hiking! I took some friends here on several occasions for their first visits to Rocky Mountain National Park and they loved it. Amazing views of Glacier Gorge, Hallett Peak, and Flattop Mountain. Highly recommend!

1 day ago

This hike offers incredible views. Go slow, take breaks, drink water, you should be fine!

Beautiful hike, very crowded though. I suggest starting early. Saw several elk along the trail. Surprised by the amount of people getting so close though. Saw a guy get charged at while trying to get a momma off the trail. So many neat places to stop and look around. Loved this hike!

1 day ago

Nice trail we started at 1:00 pm and not a lot of people

1 day ago

Nice walk. But it’s 1.8 miles each way

1 day ago

There was only one snow field to skirt around as of 6/20. Started just after 6 am and was back at the car by 11:30. Hiked a brisk pace, but stopped frequently for pictures and water. Bring layers! I had a fashion show on the trail! First shedding and then adding bit by bit. Gloves, warm hat, windbreaker strongly recommended. Highly recommend this hike.

Really enjoyed this hike and was very challenging!! Once I reached the base of Andrews it was hard to find the trail!! I went up the middle which was not the best route but it was tracked by others. Many boulders and very difficult to find the beaten path so pick a line and go!! Made it to the Glacier it was pretty amazing and thank god there were a few experienced hikers of this trail on top top show me the best way down. Would like to try again and summit Ottis!!

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