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13 hours ago

I logged 6.4 miles round-trip from trailhead to summit and back. It’s a steady climb, but doesn’t go above treeline so it isn’t too difficult. Beautiful views almost the entire distance.

14 hours ago

This trail did not disappoint. If you love hiking....just GO!

I actually intended to take the Fern Falls trail, but the signs were super misleading and I ended up doing this trek instead. Really nice hike! Cub Lake was a little dry, but still beautiful nonetheless. Would do again:)

I thought this was one of the prettiest hikes we have done to date outside of Yellowstone Park and Jackson Hole Grand Tetons. Beautiful vista , snow capped mountains. Pretty water and wildflowers. You come into a meadow and I felt like singing the Hills are Alive from the Sound of Music. Parking is ample and we passed 2 bathrooms on it. All good. The parking lot was full at 10:30 but it was also a sat morning and Memorial Day weekend. We made do on the side of the road. We started at 10:30 and got down around 1:30 or 2.

19 hours ago

Hiked this today. Great hike. Intermittent packed snow above Nymph, getting more frequent as you approach Emerald. The last .5 or so is all on packed snow. We slid around quite a bit in trail runners and hiking sticks and wouldn’t recommend going without sticks at a minimum. Saw a lot of people in running shoes buttsliding. Emerald Lake is still mostly frozen with some open water at the trail end. The views were amazing and worth the scramble.

19 hours ago

The hike to the first lake is really pretty easy. The hike to second lake had some tricky spots that were slick. The hike to third lake has enough challenges with the snow/ice covered path to add enough challenge to make this hike a BLAST! Loved it. All the lakes are gorgeous but emerald lake (with some ice covering and the snow-covered peaks directly behind it is awesome! Definitely worth the effort!

19 hours ago

Tough if you’re not used to the altitude but definitely worth it.

5/22 Nice little hike. Reservoir is very pretty, spring flowers, water fall and greenery. Super easy - good hike to acclimate to altitude. Only gave it a two due to some of the hike is really a dirt road. I will do this hike again with peeps from TX.

Smelled like spring! There are definitely a couple steep spots but there's plenty of easy to make up for the challenge too. We really enjoyed this trail.

23 hours ago

Amazing views. We hiked the whole trail on 5/25/18. Pretty easy hike up to Dream Lake. Between Dream Lake and Emerald Lake it was pretty much all snow/ice. Well packed in most places but a couple of sketchy areas. Overall still a wonderful hike when you're hiking in snow with shorts on.

Beautiful hike in the trees with nice vistas to the south and south east early in the hike and north to Longs Peak at the end. Made it to the parking lot about 6:15 am and didn’t see anyone on the trail until I was heading back from the lake. Looong line to get into Wild Basin by the time I got back about 10:45. Last tenth of a mile to the lake is still 2+ feet of snow, and it’s starting to soften.

Easy hike up to the Loch. Snow starts heavy just before the loch so im sure this could be easily done in trail runners.

No snow, did this in trail runners. Was a easy hike a little elevation but nothing bad. THe lake has a lot of lily pads on it right now and is a unique view. Lots of Elk, made for a nice surprise.

1 day ago

Very stunning lake, absolutely recommend this hike, snow is only at the actual lake, and pretty much completely avoidable, friend and I did this is trail runners and had dry feet throughout.

We took fern lake trail on the way out and cub lake on the way back, it was an excellent way to keep it fresh so it wouldent be a simple out and back. Doing it that way turned it to be around 11 miles round trip.

Best place ive ever eaten a lunch, would absolutely do this again.

Snow started just before the Loch and was present the entire way after and to Sky Pond. Lot of places to fall through the snow, was slick and slower going but definitely doable. Did this with another friend and we both just wore boots, no spikes or pole and did it just fine.

Very pretty, albeit windy, on both Mirror and Sky pond, worth the effort for sure.

Great views & not difficult if you turn back before the descent.

5/25. Nice walk with beautiful views. We saw a moose which was a wonderful surprise! We walked up to the old village but did not walk around the village.

5/25. Nice flat walk. The scenery was beautiful. Just a nice relaxing walk. Picnic tables at the beginning of the trail, which would have been nice if we were ready to have lunch.

1 day ago

Great hike! First time in the Rocky’s and at this high elevation so was perfect first hike to get use to the climate and elevation. Great views, and not too busy which was a shock.

1 day ago

Fun hike! Definitely start before 8am to get to the top before noon as you’ll notice the weather starts to change quickly most days. I lost the trail a fair amount of times thanks to the snow and other peoples foot prints, but the map and some common sense helped to fix that! Don’t give up when you get to the top of Flattop Mtn, go the extra distance to Hallett, it’s definitely worth the extra push though it looks daunting in the moment! Lastly, still 3-4 feet of snow below tree line- I brought micro spikes but barely used them. Snow shoes might’ve helped, but it’s more that slushy annoying snow that you’ll be dealing with. Definitely wish I had brought my gaiters though! Happy hiking!

Wonderful views of Longs Peak. Nice steady climb. (~2000’ in three miles) Views at the top are very nice! Also, you can access it from Lilly lake or the ranger station.

Great hike

Excellent trail! Be wary of arriving any later than 6:30AM on the weekend - parking lot was full just shy of 7:00AM and the trail was packed on the way down due to all the tours.

Still remains my favorite hike in Estes! Get all sorts of scenery from streams, waterfalls, cliff views, ponds, and usually always some snow (except around late July).
Did the hike today, took us a little longer due to the amount of snow from loch up to sky pond, but it’s definitely do able. But I HIGHLY recommend having a ski pole/walking stick for support in the snow. We had regular Nike sneakers on and managed just fine, but wouldn’t have without the ski stick.
Would absolutely recommend some hiking boots and/or snow latch on spikes. Loved doing the hike with all the snow though.

Hiked/climbed Longs Peak back in 2013 and it was by far the best 14’er accomplishment for me so far. It’s a long day hike of some 15 miles RT and we started at 2:30 a.m. to get up and back down before the afternoon storms hit. I’m planning to do this again soon. An epic hike for sure.

Tried to reach the top yesterday (May 23, 2018), got to about 2.2 miles on the alltrails map and couldn't make it past the snow pack, kept falling through snow and the trail goes missing under snow for portions. Lots of melting snow up there now so the trail should be visible all the way in a few weeks if the sunny days keep up. Great views from where i got stopped (about 10,500 ft)

2 days ago

Beautiful trail.

A bit exhausting, but worth it. Say hi to the frogs!

Love this hike for the 360 degree view at the top. We did it Day 1 after coming from little altitude. It was tough - would’ve like to acclimate more beforehand. Definitely worth it though.

Moderate intensity hike with great payoff at the top. The last half mile is a real butt burner but worth it for the view. Tip: don’t stop at the lake but go around and scramble up the boulders. The climbing is easy on those rocks and the view is even better.

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