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10 hours ago

Absolutely beautiful lake and hike! make sure you go when the weather is clear so you can see the amazing views.

11 hours ago

My journey began with a quick saunter through Lodgepole Pine trees, which were intertwined with Aspen’s still holding onto their brilliant orange and golden hues before I crossed Beaver Creek about 3/4 of a mile from the trailhead. Another 3/4 mile up the trail there are two large boulders, a great spot for a quick respite on the way up or backdown from the lake. From the boulders it is about another mile to the landslide. Once I had reached the landslide, I had two options: a) climb through the landslide and risk it shifting (very unlikely) b) climb a steep vertical pitch over the topside of landslide and descend an even steeper pitch on the opposite side. Read more at my blog: www.basecampgrandlake.com

Absolutely stunning end view! A great place to have a little bite to eat and head back down!

22 hours ago

The trail is beautiful. The day we went, it had snowed earlier in the week, then partially melted, then absolutely deep-freeze froze, then it was super slippery. Our group could not continue to Emerald due to the slow ascent and descent. Those who had some sort of trail traction blazed past us, safely and not really impacted. Do yourself a favor and go get yourself 1 pair for you and 1 for your ill-prepared friend, so that you both can blaze up and down the trail. You don't have to get them from Amazon; buy locally if you want, but they are less than $20/pair and essentially make a difference of whether or not you can hike that day. https://www.amazon.com/Yaktrax-Walk-Traction-Cleats-Walking/dp/B01LJ6FX3C And each of my kids is getting a pair for Chrismas this year. Lesson learned.

Simple, Easy, trail for anyone to do!
Peaceful views on the lake.

Loved the winter wonderland walk today, everything was snow covered. I'd recommend Microspikes for the boots, but you can easily do it without.

2 days ago

Striking views of shear rock faces, a true mountain lake

Great hike with varying elevation gains and flats. As of 10/13/2018... I would recommend yak tracks. It’s very slippery and icy in the shade which is the majority of this hike

Stunning views. It's rated moderate, and had it not been for the snow and ice, it might have been. Us noob hikers didn't anticipate the conditions well (it had snowed lightly a few days prior), and it was difficult. With that said, it was worth the effort and we were afforded a view that you wouldn't get during the summer. Would love to do it again sans snow.

Beautiful. Even with deep snow, the entirety of the hike was wonderful. Moose, Steller’s Jay and lost of views. Scrambled up the frozen waterfall to Lake of Glass, but the trail disappeared into chest-deep snow. Loch Vale was lovely too. Truly, we loved it all.

Steady climb. The views half-way up exceeded the actual lake view, but it was a nice hike with some icy stairs.

3 days ago

Really enjoyed this hike. Great blend of flat terrain at the beginning, lots of woods in the middle, and a great view at the top. Well worth it.

3 days ago

It's a pretty trail that I'm sure is nicer during the summer months. More than half the trail is now iced over towards the higher elevation. Made for an interesting trip up and down. Once you arrive, its very nice view but I'm partial to others in RMNP like Sky Pond, Emerald, etc. PS: The actual hike is more like 4 miles each way if my Suunto is correct.

My son and I arrived today from Cleveland. The hike was wonderful and challenging. As we climbed the wind picked up and temp dropped. We didn’t start till 2:30 and made it above tree line and to the final push to Hallett but happily turned back. It was wonderful but the weather reminded us to have respect for Mother Nature. What a beautiful hike.

I did this trail and tracked it on my Fitbit, I knew my Fitbit would track the distance a little less than what the distance really is from my experience but it was a little more than six miles one way to Lake Verna from the East trailhead. It was totally worth it but I’m not sure what everyone is smoking to think it’s 12.9 round trip. I was tracking at least 15 Miles total. The sign at the trailhead can not be accurate unless it’s tracking the river that comes from the lake, before you actually get to the huge lake. We didn’t see any wild life and we were the only ones on the trail for a few hours. We started around 8:30am and arrived at 1:30pm. We headed back at 2:00pm and got to the parking lot around 5:30pm. It was beautiful but don’t underestimate the distance and the amount of hills that are required to climb to get to the lake.

[See my photos marked "October 12, 2018"]
Idled on road for 20 minutes waiting to get into parking lot. VERY crowded today. Five stars is for restroom facilities, trailhead area, and railing on trail. Unfortunately the trail itself was so slick with ice that we didn't make it to the lake. One member of our party slipped and fell almost immediately on the trail, so we turned around and went back to our car. Trekking poles and/or Yaktrax (microspikes, not chain) would help immeasurably on this trail under the current conditions. It might not be so bad at noontime when the top layer is softened up a bit. Our attempt was at 5 p.m. and the trail was iced over.

beautiful views on this hike. forests kept us cool.

Enjoyable shortish day hike. Lake is SMALL. Views back over Estes Park and of RMNP and great!

This has taken the top spot for my favorite hike in RMNP.. We hiked it on Oct. 9th. The Ranger Station there has been closed for the season for several weeks now. Decent size parking lot but even with the cold, snowy, slushy conditions there were quite a few cars there and people on the trail. We did not need our spikes this time. The scenery is breathtaking under fresh snow. Copeland Falls is .4 miles in. Take the side trail to lower falls and follow it to upper Falls. There, you can connect back to the main trail. About another mile or so is Calypso Cascades. The trail gets a little steeper from here up to Ouzel. When you reach Ouzel, walk to the left side before the bridge down by the big rock and step out to the right to get a better view of the top of the Falls. You can’t see if from the bridge. We read about the trail up to the top of the Falls but weather conditions did not permit us to locate it. We took our time going up and MANY photo stops. Ascended in about 2 hrs 20 min. Hung at Ouzel long enough to eat a bite of lunch (it was really cold) then descended in about 50 min.
Loved every minute of it.

6 days ago

Great time hiking, camping, and fishing. Can get crowded during the summer but the father out you get, the less people you run in to.

7 days ago

This is a beautiful hike. It is flat to start out and then it eventually gains. The weather was beautiful and we went at a nice pace. Some in our party saw some bull and cow elk by the pond on the way to Cub Lake. The burned area is a contrast and is interesting in its own right. We could see a lot of new vegetation in the burn area. I like looking across the canyon to the sheer rock faces on the north side.

Really enjoyed this mod hike. Snow had just fallen with a low ceiling of clouds made it a good workout and super pretty! Totally recommend for a short mod hike

Did this trail a few days ago. Nice, easy trail. Got out there around 9a. Not too many people out there. Came across elk out in the Meadows. Trail is easy to follow. Four stars because unfortunately it's through an area hit with fire. Lots of dead trees :(

Amazing!! Good challenge but certainly not impossible. Tied in with lake hiyaya and made a nice 12 mile route. Really windy at sky pond.

Great hike, but beware, October brings unpredictable weather. We just hiked this in rain, sleet, and snow. Beautiful views, and amazing colors!

Beautiful. We were on our way up to Sky Pond and decided to stop here along the way thanks to fellow hikers.

One of the best trails I've ever been on in my life. All sorts of different scenic views and the grand finale of Sky Pond (after climbing a waterfall) to reward you for your hard work on the hike.

8 days ago

Simple hike but absolutely gorgeous views of the Rockies and a nice stream/waterfall. Trail is well kept and would totally do this again given the opportunity.

What an amazing hike! This is the second time I have done this hike, the first being in January where everything was covered in snow. We arrived at the Glacier Gorge trail head around 730am and got one of the last parking spots despite the weather being not ideal. Guess a little snow doesnt stop anyone here. There were a lot of low hanging clouds and fog but it started to snow lightly as we got to the Loch. The little snow fall, no wind, and cloudy skies made for amazing scenery! The waterfall was flowing and as beautiful as it is in the summer. The best part of the hike is the waterfall scramble you have to do to get up to the lake of Glass is not frozen which made it so much easier. The Lake of Glass was incredible but dont stop there! Sky Pond was and is one of the most gorgeous sites in the park and probably the rockies. The Shark Teeth are even better from the top of the lake. There was a little wind but nothing that should stop anyone from hanging out and taking it in.
We went through the trail seeing very few people starting off the day but on our way down, the crowds really picked up. Always start as early as you can to really enjoy the park.

9 days ago

Great trail. A lot of switch backs that make the climb fast yet steady. Elevation wise it got tough for me around the last mile. Very sluggish but worth it. Even had some snow which made it even prettier.

Beautiful way to see the Grand Lake entrance part of RMNP. We did this hike sept 28 and arrived around 7:15 to an empty trailhead and it took us 5 hours RT. The trail starts with switchbacks that get good incline but nothing unmanageable. The first section of the forest we saw multiple deer, dress warm as it’s entirely in the shade. 2 miles in you hit a landslide, an older couple was turning back, but climb it gradually and hold onto the debris and it’s not tricky. If anything, it’s absolutely fascinating to see! The trail continues on a ledge of the forest where you get great views of the valley below. The last mile and a half is pretty steep and rocky, but worth it for the lake at the end! Multiple meadows, so be on the lookout for moose and elk everywhere! VERY chilly at the top, but great rocks in the sun to stop and enjoy lunch. The downhill can be rough on the knees.

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