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We set out early on 05/19/2018. Parked at trailhead off road N 40 19.153. W 105 32.478. Very grey overcast day, trail a bit hard to follow at first for a couple of newbies, but made the trek with no problems. The fun was within 75 feet of the top, A bit of creative rock climbing involved, but we made the top even with inadequate footwear! Totally in the clouds today with no view but had the top to ourselves, with the exception of a couple of ground squirrels, for 40 minutes. Saw maybe a dozen hikers on the trail. Got back to vehicle just before a bit of rain.
Left with a sense of accomplishment !!!
(For most of the trek we had cell coverage unlike most of the trails in RMNP proper.)

Great hike with a variety of trails and many water features with the river, outlet from the dam, spillway and water fall. A real gem of an outing! Hike done on 5/12/18.

A beautiful and moderately challenging hike. Not the hardest in Estes, but well worth the view at the top.

One for the books. Take a good human with you for a guaranteed good time. Not many people during the weekday. Water was really nice. Good snacks a must.

Tough. But stunning once you are on the rocks.

Read the reviews - they give great directions for following the tail.

This is truly a hidden gem that has a great view at the top!

The View-
Along the first half of the trail you can spur off onto some outcroppings and get a nice view of highway 7 and the southern portion of Estes. At the top you can see for miles! Clear line of sight of Longs Peak and a full 360 view of other mountains in the area.

The Trail-
Dogs allowed on leash. No snow the entire way and it took about an hour one way. The trail isn’t very well maintained has large rocks and roots sticking out along the trail, so watch out! There’s a few times along the trail where it was hard to tell if you’re on the right path, so have a map or GPS. Towards the top you’ll need to climb over large boulders and it can be a little technical for some. There’s not a whole lot of room for big crowds at the top but the view is great!

There’s not a whole lot of parking available, it’s whatever you can find along the side of the road. If it’s packed you can find more parking downhill (north) from the trail head along the highway. During the warmer months there’s a lot of traffic along the road so be careful!

9 days ago

Snow packed majority of the time with some large snow drifts. Didn’t need traction but snowshoes might have helped as you get to the top. The lake is starting to melt ever so slightly but it was a beautiful day with minimal wind! Long hike but worth it!

Beautiful hike! Good variety of terrain. A large portion of the loop allows dogs off leash. The trail has good shade about 1/4 of the time, On a hot day, this one might be rough - wear sunscreen.

Hiked 5/11 excellent hike! Pretty challenging, but worth it. The end involves finding your own way up through some pretty steep rocks so be prepared. No snow on the trail and dry. The view is amazing, full 360 if RMNP one of the best views I’ve had short of 14er’s

A great trail to start the season. a great view of longs peak. very dog friendly.

12 days ago

I initially attempted to snowshoe this trail with my roommates back in January, but had to turn back due to poor visibility and 20 mph winds. Yesterday, Mother Nature was on my side, and I was rewarded with beautiful sunny skies all day long!

I started my trek around 10 am and got back to the Bear Lake parking lot around 2 pm. This was a decently challenging trail (especially in snowshoes), which is probably why I only saw 5 or 6 people total throughout my trek.

The snow was deep and slushy at times due to the recent snowfall and warm weather that followed (which added an extra level of difficulty to the trek). But the views upon reaching Two Rivers Lake and Lake Helene made this trip 110 percent worthwhile.

I will definitely be back to tackle this one again and explore a little further!

12 days ago

This is an excellent hike to take your in shape flat-land visitors. The hike is moderate with only a few slightly steep areas to get the blood pumping. This hike offers plenty of shade and rewards with lots of wildflowers and amazing views.

Very pretty hike. Well maintained trail with lots of wild flowers. Good amount of parking spots

A challenging time in the snow with some narrow crossings over creek flow and on the trail just before Chasm Lake. The frozen lake is very clear and the boulders in the lake are like sculptures glimmering under the crystal clear lake surface!

I hiked this trail with a 48lb vest... it was fairly easy. Probably a lot easier without the extra weight.... dogs are welcome on this trail!!

Hiked yesterday. The trails had patches of snow at the top. The views were amazing. Dog enjoyed the hike.

For first time visitors: departing from Estes, if you hit Lily Lake you have gone too far. The entrance is not clearly marked but is on the west side of the highway.

I wish there was a way to remove the graffiti near the creek.

Overall, a good hike.

Great trail!! Pretty easy and dogs loved it!! Amazing views!! ❤️

15 days ago

Love this trail

Great hike, large portion of the hike allows for dogs to be off leash. Very pretty views of the lake as well. Make sure to plan extra time if you think you want to go to the lake, you have to climb up from the bottom of the dam to see the lake and its a bit of a hike!

21 days ago

About 0.5 miles in, snow and ice almost completely cover the trail still. Micro spikes and poles are advisable. About 2ish miles in, you summit to the cirque (not a pretty area), which strangely has little ice and snow. At the summit of the cirque you have a nice view of Peacock pool. From there you’ll hike the ridge, which is just snow. It’s sketchy at points so poles are highly useful at this point. After, dropping down, you’ll hike a little further until you summit up to Chasm Lake. Beautiful view of the lake.

Love this hike. Overall pretty easy with beautiful views. Plan some extra time to go to the lake and maybe take a lunch

Great trail for running.

No snow or ice. Half the trail is a dirt road but trail is very pretty and full of great views!
Do not have to pay to park.
Bathrooms at trailhead.
I’d rate this as moderate to difficult as there are some steep inclines. There’s a huge damn which is also really cool.

A favorite semi challenging trail.

Nice views on a hike pretty much anyone could do. Decent climb when you come off the fire road for a bit, eventually turns into a wide smooth path for the descent. Probably about half the hike is on wide, smooth dirt path, some of that is fire road. Good scenery and low traffic. Good amount of the trail is off leash for dogs. Tons of water features which adds a lot to the fire road parts.

Was really good minus people having their dogs off leash in non designated areas

28 days ago

I did this trail on 4/22/18 with no spikes and a walking stick. Parts of this trail got really sketchy without spikes. I got through it but would definitely not recommend going with just hiking boots, it got real dangerous but the view at the top is really amazing. Took me 4hrs to go there and back

28 days ago

Did this today. Perfectly clear, warm morning which was wonderful. The first 2 miles were great with hiking boots and micro spikes, but the last .75 had lots of post-holing and wet socks. Can be done without snowshoes, but I would recommend them if you're looking for a trouble free hike. Super easy (no hard climbs or switchbacks) and lots of fresh mountain air!

1 month ago

Hiked on 4/17/2018. Left Long's Peak Ranger station at 9:15am and reached Chasm Lake at 12:00pm. Did the whole trail with micro-spikes only. Trail is well traveled and well packed. Micro spikes a must. Weather was perfect on the way up, clear and a little windy. On the way back around 1:30pm it got really windy and started snowing. I made a hustle to get back to the treeline as fast as possible. Made it back to the Ranger station at 2:15pm.

Love it. Amazing views!

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