Great trail. Slippery rim trail before you get to the lake.

great out and back..decent climbs for a surprising workout. cant wait till the summer to hike it

3 days ago

Easy terrain, beautiful views. Trail is mostly off leash for pups and the reserve is a perfect spot for them to drink and cool down.

Easy hike, and close to home (Longmont). Great place to get away, sit at the lake, have lunch, read a book, and relax. Let the dog go swimming too. Love it here.

6 days ago

great trail. hiked it yesterday. no need for snowshoes, but need traction such as microspikes. trail is hard packed snow.

Don't do the road. The 2 mile trail is the best

One of my favorites, great views and close to Boulder.

A great little hike along sleepy lion trail. worth the little detour to see the top of the dam too.

12 days ago

13 days ago

Gorgeous hike throughout. Make sure you hike early to avoid crowds and potential storms at the peak.

Considered part of RMNP but did not have to pay for any parking or entry since this is outside of Estes Park.

When people say it's not a real trail it's bc they didn't look at the map available where you park. To get a more scenic trip, hike half a mile in and, on the left hand side of the road, you'll see a steep incline and signs saying "sleepy lion trail" - this is the trail listed here. Gorgeous and diverse scenery, loved it for a good trail run - near the dam I took Dam Crest Path up to see the dam which was well worth the trip. I would recommend to everyone.

Very nice and scenic. Make sure to take a right onto the sleepy lion trail not just walk down on the gravel road