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17 hours ago

Great place to go for a enjoyable hike in the Valley. Easy trail through wide, shallow canyons and red rock cliffs.

20 hours ago

It is very steep and rocky. The hike is hard and the only water source was 1.5 miles from the lake. A great lake and very quiet and beautiful, but HHHHHAAARD if you ware backpacking. At least I know I can backpack now but it was brutal in the sun before the monsoon season.

1 day ago

Just hiked this trail with my 6 year old son and he had a blast! We saw some wildlife driving in as well as while on the hike. There is a lot of beetle kill timber all around the lake and I did not see but a few fish make a splash. It is a pretty hike with lots of flowers and is great for young children. Just be sure and watch out for all the dead timber.

This is an awesome short hike with great payoff. A few tips:
-the road up to the trailhead gets a bad rap, but I didn't find it to be too bad. I managed fine in my 2WD Ford Fusion. Just go slowly (5-10 mph max) and choose your line carefully. The road is plenty wide, so you have a lot of options to avoid the larger rocks. There are a few ruts in the road, but we didn't bottom out. Low and slow!
-The hike up to the river isn't difficult, but note that you do have to wade in the river to reach the falls; you can't see them from the trail. Tevas, Chacos, or similar might be better than shoes/boots. My water proof boots were great until I had to wade in water up to my mid-calf!
-If you feel like extending the hike, you could take the turn off to South Zapata Lake. The hike to the lake is long, but there are some old mining cabin ruins about 1 mile above the falls. The sign for this portion of the trail turnoff is misplaced (it must have fallen over), but the well-defined trail is on the right just before you reach the river crossing.


Elusive Native cut throats ♥

beautiful trail, long views, varied landscapes and plenty of interesting flora/fauna to look at along the way.

We went hiking with our three young daughters and we had a fantastic time!!
The drive to the trail was beautiful and the trails were well marked. Flowers were beautiful!!! Views were outstanding!!!

Suggest a SUV, AWD vehicle for ride up to trailhead. Once there, nice little rocky hike to falls. Wear the appropriate shoes (sandals) to make it into the inner walls of the cave/falls. Sweet little adventure. Highly recommend

3 days ago

most beautiful backpacking trip ive ever done. would do it again. spend an extra day at lake como, its worth it just soaking in its beauty.

4 days ago

Uphill, rocky hike. Pretty quick trip, took a while to drive up the rocky mountain in our scion tc but we made it. Waded through the ice cold creek to the falls. Definitely wear hiking boots or Teva’s if planning to go all the way to the falls (you can’t see it from dry land)

8 days ago

Agree with the last poster that the first 2/3rds are very hot with little shade if you park at the base of the mountain. Next time I will rent a jeep and go up further up to the larger tree area. Hiked up and saw multiple shallow lakes all the way to Blanca Peak and Ellingwood Point. Beautiful. Little Bear peak is also in the same vicinity, but more technical. Camped out with perfect weather with low pressure system keeping the smoke out. Did not run into bears but saw big horn sheep and the usual suspects (marmots, deer, etc.). Definitely do this trip, but if you can start a bit higher than I did from the base.

11 days ago

Very easy hike, but the road getting there is extremely rough.

15 days ago

Did this hike with a heavy pack. I am not going to lie this trail challenged all my strength to get to the top. Keep in mind that I also hiked out from another lake the same morning that I made this hike. If you are a fan of fishing and I am, a fly-fisher who loves it.This was some of the best alpine lake fishing I have done so far.

15 days ago

Great hike with all kinds of terrain and vegetation. Was able to hike without issues with my 14 yo and 8 yo daughters. They both did great. Be prepared for jumping over quite a few downed trees. We only came across one other couple so this is a nice quiet hike and no animal sightings. My Apple Watch registered 4.53 miles and an elevation gain of 622 ft. I agree with Alexis below that this is not entirely easy and does require some gps use. Also, it’s closer to South Fork (about 5 miles away vs Creede which is more like 20-25 miles from the head).

Excellent hike... the mapping of the trail here, though, is only very approximately correct. Don't follow the route given here. Either find a better map or just kind of walk where it looks like a reasonable person might have put a trail.

horseback riding
17 days ago

It was a beautiful trail but about 3 miles in the trail became very muddy with trees down. We were unable to continue because of a very large tree that our horses could not get over and there was no clear way around it. I was disappointed because I had heard that there was a beautiful meadow with great views to see. It would be an excellent hiking trail but not so much for horses.

Beautiful views but top part of trail is narrow and should take this rating to moderate. End of trail had been re-routed and we had to use gps to get to car because trail disappears. More like 6 miles also, not 4.

The description on the AllTrails app doesn’t do it justice. If you head left at the fork in the road you can wind your way down to the creek floor and then you’re in for a treat. It’s full of small waterfalls, chutes, hollowed our coves, and even some trout. It’s a scramble to get down there and back out but with good shoes you’re good to go. My 8 year old loved it so it’s definitely kid friendly. She was ready to push on when we were ready to head back.

Beautiful scenery. We went a bit beyond Lake Como and turned back at Blue lake. Be advised that the "road" leading to the lake can be a bit treacherous due to the loose rocks and gravel. If you are doing this hike in the summer, go early because the first two thirds have very little cover and it is very hot.

Beautiful view of the falls if you’re willing to get cold feet and have a good mosquito repellent.

Beautiful! Be prepared for a very bumpy/rocky drive up(my Fitbit counted it as steps and stairs.) To actually see the falls you have to walk in the creek- fairly hard to accomplish without stepping in the water. Quick easy hike with a beautiful destination.

Wide canyons. Pretty rocks

Awesome view! Definitely worth the huh ike and drive.

This is a great waterfall but to actually see the falls you have to walk in and out of the creek for about .2 if a mile. Worth it, but you definitely need water shoes or at least water resistant hiking boots. Great views of the Sand Dunes and San Isabel range on the way down. I measured 1.8 miles round trip. The road to the trailhead is fairly rough.

1 month ago

Done this 3 times and love the climb, great views of the dunes

1 month ago

The road to the trail is in good shape and easy to find. We went clockwise around the trail. The first two miles are pretty well maintained and easy to distinguish the trail. The climb up to the top, going in that direction, can be strenuous as the trail is very narrow in parts and is loose. I’d say it would be a challenge to descend that way, too. Once to the top the trail is all but non-existent for about a mile or so as the tall grass and downed trees have obliterated in parts. We ended up having to use the gps from this app to ensure we were maintaining the right course. After we got back on track it was a nice hike down the mountain. There is a point near the end of the loop that the trail itself clearly goes off the marked route from this map. We didn’t know where that went so we actually stuck to the course and had some trouble with downed trees and the disappearing trail again. The trail doesn’t fork in real life like it does on this map. I suspect the trail has been relocated and the map doesn’t keep up. All that being said, the scenery was beautiful and I’d do it again with my kids this time.

1 month ago

Great little hike through the trees to the lake. Occasional log and mud puddle obstacle. My 2yo sons hiked it on their own!

This review is for the hiking trail.

The directions in a previous report are accurate. Take Pool Table Road 600 from CO 149 about halfway between Creede and South Fork. At the end of the road is a parking lot, bathrooms and a small campground. From their to the bench with the best views of the Wheeler Geologic Area is 7.9 miles per a GPS watch. We decided to mountain bike the first two miles to save time and walking until we got to the wilderness area where no biking is allowed - at the stream crossing. There were a ton of down trees in this first two miles which made biking pretty tough. Had to carry it over probably 30 downed dead trees killed by the pine beetles. So because of all the dead trees in the area I don’t expect this to get any better for the next 60 years or so. After you get to the parking area for Wheeler - you’ll meet up with the Jeep road about a mile before getting there - it’s another 0.9 miles to the actual Wheeler site. You’ll follow a path that will come to a sigh where you can go straight or left to Wheeler. We went straight first which takes you to the bottom with some cool formations and perspectives but it dead ends in about a half mile. We backtracked to the left hand turn and that takes you to the bench with the awesome views of Wheeler. Very unique and worth the almost 16 mile round trip. Biking the first two miles in saves some time and effort but with the downed trees it’s probably a wash. Round trip was about 8 hours.

1 month ago

Rocky terrain and not that far of a hike to falls from the TH. Hiked it on a Thursday early afternoon and decent foot traffic. Popular stop.

1 month ago

As the others said already, the Lake Como road is horrible. It is basically destroyed by the off-road vehicles, there are loose rocks everywhere, so it is difficult to walk. It is also very dusty hence unpleasant. The trees along the road are damaged by the vehicles too which is very sad. Why to destroy the nature??? There is a marker at 4.0 mile to the lake. The next marker is only at 1.5 miles to the lake (so don't get discouraged). Hiking in the morning is quite pleasant as the road is in a shade, however when descending in the afternoon you will have sun directly in your face (bring a ton of sunscreen). Lake Como itself offers epic views on Little Bear Peak, but the surroundings don't look particularly appealing. There are pieces of burnt wood scattered everywhere... Off-road vehicles continue to drive all the way to the waterfalls under Blanca Peak destroying the trail and the surrounding nature (I am not getting that....). Wildflowers are awesome in this time of the year :-)

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