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I made the drive up the trail head in my Toyota Camry. Took awhile, but was worth it. I was the first person there - and had it to myself. Passed a few couples on my way down. Beautiful Views of the area and would be a great place to primitive camp - they only have vault toilets (which are kinda ewww). There is camping with showers and a store closer to the Great Sand Dunes Ntl. Park - which the park was still closed today :(

Trail has been very well maintained since winter. A lot of trees had to be cut and removed from the trail. Great job! There are many parts of the trail covered with rocks that slip and slide underfoot. Wear your best boots for hiking.

This place is amazing. I try to visit every year. Being your water shoes and be prepared for a COLD wade upstream to the falls. It's worth every frosbitten toe though! Road up is very bumpy but your car WILL make it up. We've driven up in an Avalon and I've seen tons of little hondas and other small cars do just fine. Go slow and let the kids unbuckle so you bounce them into the ceiling.

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Drive to the top is very bumpy but the trek through the creek to see the fall is very nice and short

Great hike. It’s hard to follow the trail above Willow Lake to the upper lake. Still some snow. Upper lake was frozen. The lower lake is worth the hike and is beautiful. Many animals encountered along the trail.

over grown
7 days ago

Great trail to hike with the kiddos! The road up to the campground where the trail begins is a bit rough as others mentioned, not not extreme at all, just rocky and slow. It’s nothing that requires heavy duty 4x4, I watched some Subarus do it, and even a Honda Civic. It’s a great and easy hike after that, get your feet wet just a smidge (up to your ankles), but really wasn’t bad. We had a great time, it’s worth it! Very easy, and the road really isn’t as bad as others say.

Beautiful trail. Loved the up and down. Walked to the creek and back. A few mtb’ers.

on Hunters Lake Loop

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Trail Head still closed at Shaw Lake - May 2020

Basically summer conditions. Great trail, great views. There are quite a few downed trees on the latter portion of the trail; some, apparently, have been down for some time as trails have been established around them.

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Hiked this July 3rd, 2019. Great trail, but definitely not for the faint at heart! Lots of switchbacks in the beginning with GREAT views and look out points throughout. BRING BUG SPRAY- we’re considering bringing a netted mask next time for some of the more wooded areas at the beginning. Got engaged at the lake!

As most people have mentioned the road to get up to the area is pretty bad. 35 minutes to go 3 miles. If you're willing to walk through some chilly water to the actual falls I would recommend bringing some decent water shoes to change into.

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13 days ago

Looks like a nice hiking trail, tried mountain biking as the discerption said you could, trails really aren’t for that.

Road was horrible, trail leading to the falls wasn’t great (the views of the dunes were nice on the way back down though) but the falls themselves were amazing

17 days ago

Just exploring today. We only had time to hike the first 2.5 miles, which is most of switchback part of the trail. Excellent conditions. Trail is in great shape. Forest is beautiful. Now we're planning to come back and give this trail the time it deserves.

Most of the snow is gone now. A little bit above 11000 feet. The lake is still frozen. Absolutely beautiful and worth the tough hike.

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Elk Highway! A beautiful trail. We saw tons of signs of Elk in the area and heard a bugle. The creek away full of ice melt. Very low trail traffic. The forest was full of birds and squirrels playing the day away. @thegratefulhikers

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Obscure start- the road leading up to the trail is pretty rough but decent if your vehicle has high clearance. You come to a fork and have to take a right and drive a few miles to an open space where you can park. You'll have about a mile hike on an ATV trail until you get to the trailhead. Make sure to use a map because trailmarkers are obscure along the entire loop. If you've not been before you'll get confused and probably will get lost a few times. Regardless, this loop is full of beautiful views and overall a great way to get your blood pumping.

25 days ago

It was incredible! Yes the road is pretty trash, really needs to be paved. But once you make it up, which will take about 45mins going 5 miles and hour, the view is incredible! You can really see the depth of the sand dunes and admire its entirety. The waterfall was not frozen, only a sheet of ice to the left of it illuminated the cave. It’s really such a view!! The little creek you have to go through isn’t a creek at all. It’s more like a bit of a low level stream that is easy to maneuver. If you have any kids with you, use them as a brace on the way up to the cave! Overall an amazing waterfall!!

Slippery rocks

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27 days ago

Great trail— Rocky and rough up to the falls. It has several spots to stop and rest and admire the view. Once you reach the stream, walking into the cave into the falls is always beautiful. At this time it was still frozen. Beautiful view and hike for family’s with kids as well. Enjoy.

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