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2 days ago

7 days ago

We walked up the dirt road because we were told that our Dodge Charger would not make it. It would have but the views were nice. To reach the falls, you have to balance yourself on a rock face just above flowing water which is ice cold. Eventually, you have to wade in the water which is like having an ice cream headache in your feet. The falls is in a cave so to speak and the constant mist provides a rainbow. This very short trail is for the young and agile, but not children as it would be very easy to slip and get injured.

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16 days ago

A hassle to get to the trailhead on the unpaved road, and the trail gets very crowded. The falls are worth seeing - especially when still partially frozen! - but not much of a hike.

24 days ago

I hiked this 5/27/17. For an asthmatic Floridian who lacks cardio, it took me about 2 and a half hours to reach the lakes. As it was threatening to rain after I'd chilled for over an hour, I got back to the trailhead in just over an hour.

The trail is practically entirely uphill going out. Towards the very start, there are two creeks to cross--the first one is fairly deep and got the insides of my half-ankle-high boots wet. You can likely avoid getting wet on the second one. It's a gorgeous hike with two small meadows. You're primarily in a mix of aspen and pine. There's many fallen trees around, but only one obstructed the trail. Towards the beginning of the trail, you can hear a waterfall to your right (if going out) and walk on a sort of obvious trail to see part of it and a beaver dam.

When I was at the lakes, a pair of hunters in a jeep entered the area from the opposite side and shot some ducks. I don't think they saw me (I was at the tree line), but they left quickly. Certainly watch yourself out there, but I doubt they meant harm except to ducks.

The trail is fairly rocky at times, and there's a few mud spots towards the end from snowmelt, but you should be fine if you watch your footing. It's gorgeous out there.

Also, be weary as there is no cell service in this part of the forest. It doesn't matter to some, but someone was worried for me since I hadn't replied all day since letting them know I had left.

24 days ago

The hike ended up being 8 miles and that included going to the falls which is off to the side of the main trail. There are some fallen trees in the middle of the trail, a horse wouldn't be able to get around. If you're looking for your prince there's tons of frogs to choose from at the lake. Watch out for wood ticks along the way, I found 2 on my clothes on my way up. The GPS doesn't take you to the trail, if you look to the right just before turning on old bridge road there's a sign that points you in the right direction.

28 days ago

Our three year old needed very little assistance (mostly crossing the bridges) the first 1/4 mile goes through private property so stick to the trail(and lock gates where posted) The trail winds through beautiful lush forest and follows a small creek (mostly run off I believe) I highly suggest it to anyone with kids. No biking! but horseback is allowed and would be so fun there.

off road driving
29 days ago

Great road with a lot of history. Recommend a 4 wheel drive. Pick up a book at the Chamber of Commerce for 3.00 to follow along on your drive

1 month ago

Super easy hike in, anyone can do it. Bring water socks, your feet will freeze in the water that is no lie!

1 month ago

Pretty cool for a short walk, lots of people not that it was a problem.

1 month ago

Been here for over a week and dont plan on leaving yet

Really fun