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Super easy hike in, anyone can do it. Bring water socks, your feet will freeze in the water that is no lie!

9 days ago

Pretty cool for a short walk, lots of people not that it was a problem.

12 days ago

Been here for over a week and dont plan on leaving yet

Really fun

28 days ago

Love this area! Hiked it a couple of years ago. The trail is absolutely beautiful until you reach the last mile or two when it coincides with the four-wheeler road (I had no idea ruts could possibly run that deep) - it was INCREDIBLY muddy. Also, it you plan on making this a day hike, I would suggest going really early to avoid potential rain in the summer months. Lots of wildflowers in the high alpine meadow near the top, and it would be ridiculous for me to fail to mention the obviously stunning hoodoos in the mountains thing. Pretty unique. Four stars ONLY because I wish the walking trail remained separate from the road the entire way up.

Short, the falls aren't all that impressive and it's a tourist hike so expect to see and pickup a ton of trash.

1 month ago

1 month ago

Really short and fun hike

1 month ago

Crazy cool hike!! This is a very unique spot in Colorado. The hike is long, but mainly flat. The hike mainly goes across a flat mesa that is around 10,000 feet. The geologic area is out of this world beautiful. Check it out

This is was first national monument is the US but was designated a wilderness because so few people could make the difficult trek to the remote area. It is so cool to see how the unique geologic history of the area manifested itself.

3 months ago

Very rocky trail, first couple of miles to Lake Como are rough. After that a very easy climb.
Bears are present so make sure to hang your food.
Views are unbeatable.
Note: This is one of the most challenging off road trails in all of Colorado. Do not push your vehicles. You will know when its time to quit, and it will be very challenging to turn around if you go too far.

3 months ago

I cannot get over how incredible this hike was. We wore YakTrax but could have gone without traction and would have been fine. Get there early so you can have the cave to yourself.

Short hike with a beautiful ending at the falls.

4 months ago

6 months ago

The hike is moderate to difficult. The thing that makes it hard is the length. You also climb the last two miles back to the trailhead at the end and that was tough for me. The hoodoos were very cool and no one else around!