Lovely hike. Good incline.

22 days ago

Good hike...loved it!

trail running
28 days ago

I did this hike in the opposite direction shown here and started from Waterton Canyon Road. It is about 6 miles of dirt road before connecting with the Colorado Trail. Wonderful for running- very slight uphill if you're going from east to west and lots of room on the dirt road to avoid others. Follows the river the entire way and feels safe. There are bathrooms almost every mile. Once it hits the Colorado Trail it gets steeper and was difficult to run. Very exposed- bring water! Saw TONS of big horn sheep!

Nice large parking lot - had no issues getting there around 9am on a Saturday. Pretty steep incline, but view at the top of Eagle's is worth it.

7-30-17 slight incline but great hike. Note: This trail multi use, i.e. used by horses too. It has a trail called eagle view that connects which is worth doing. Nearby is a frisbee golf course for those interested in doing a little hike and play with family too.

1 month ago

It's a 3 star hike for sure. it's great to be out in nature. there aren't any spectacular views, although there are some cool peaks in the distance. It's long, so you can decide how long of a day you want to make it. We turned around probably 3.5 miles in to make it a fairly short day. it's easy to get to and close to Denver.