An enjoyable, easy hike. Some parts of the trail were closed, but regardless, a nice day outing.

Niced scenic trail in February & easy to access. The trails west of Horsetooth were closed. Some fairly steep areas for beginners but doable. Overall enjoyable.

2 months ago

Kind of a boring little hike. Very narrow and busy.

This was a fairly easy and mostly level hike. There were small sections of it that had lots of small rocks and moved under foot. Other than that a good hike.

Saw quite a few people on the farm access road leading to main trail; kind of petered out after that. Great views of Horsetooth and the eastward sprawl from the top with easy access to continue on the foothills trail.

Great little hike but don't let the photos deceive you! There is no access to water (only one little wetland stream towards the beginning). This hike overlooks the resevoir but does not touch water. Very flat to start (first mile and a half) until you reach the foothills. Steady incline with a couple of flat areas. The great views are seen on the other side of the ridge starting by the interpretive signs. Some shady spots but very sparse. There is also a very scenic part of the ridge in the middle of the loop where some of that sandstone sticks out of the ridge. Little less than 5 miles took me 3 hours with plenty of stops in between.

7 months ago

Large section at the start of the trail is flat and goes through the meadows with much of the same view. The loops section was pretty rocky so we unfortunately had to watch our step more than the view, but overall a pleasant hike for being so close to town. I probably wouldn't go out of my way to do this hike again though.

Moderately easy hike. Long flat stretch going in and coming back to the parking lot. The foothills were nice though, nice terrain change and outlooks on the far side of the loop. I'd go again for a not-too-challenging hike.

trail running
7 months ago

mountain biking
9 months ago

Hard trail for mountain biking. Lots of rocks not for beginners. Cool views though!

absolutely stunning at sunset