Beautiful easy hike

Close to home and cell service the entire time were pluses. I'm glad I read the reviews and followed the pro tip left by someone else on taking the right (or upper) red rocks trails when coming off the Morrison Slide portion (when you go clockwise). Both the trails are labeled Ref Rocks trail and I would have guessed wrong had I not read that. Good mix of challenging rocky steep sections and flatter walker sections. I quite liked the hike. On the way out was warned by the great hikers of CO that there was a rattle snake just off the trail in a bush. Definitely freaked me out but folks were able to describe where it was and that it wasn't on the path or looking to strike so it was easy to get by (and noisy and made itself known!). Glad the hiking community sticks together and shares the info to keep hikers and dogs safe! Hope I don't run into another anytime soon. On the plus side though I now know exactly what one sounds like it real life!

mountain biking
15 days ago

Been here multiple times & always enjoy my hikes here. It's close to home when I need a quick hike & can't venture off too far. On this cold, foggy, wet & muddy morning, only ran into a handful of people. Definately less crowded during the week!

This was a great hike if you are limited on time or distance. It's close to Denver, easy to get to, and only took a couple hours.
There are some great views of the valley surrounding Red Rocks, and of Denver from the top.
I recommend this hike.

This was a great trail and it was beautiful even -- or especially -- on a foggy morning. I might even rate this one easy instead of moderate. But the trails weren't marked super well. We took the wrong trail at the switch from the morrison slide to the red rocks trail, even though it was labeled red rocks trail (pro-tip, take the path to the right) and went on a 45 minute detour. Would definitely do this again now that I know which trail to take, but was pretty disappointed in the lack of clear signage.