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Red Rock Canyon Open Space is a 789-acre city park in Colorado Springs. It is situated on the west side of the city, adjacent to Manitou Springs and south of U.S. Route 24. The park consists of a series of parallel ridges (called "hogbacks") and eroded canyons, a continuation of the same sandstone rocks of the Fountain Formation that make up Garden of the Gods a few miles to the north.

well marked path, went there to hike and ended up getting out of the way of lots of mountain bikers, was some really nice places to see and take pix, but i'm sure I'll be going back to do this soon.

9 days ago

I really liked this trail. I have a weakness on my right side so I tried to take it easy but I still got to take great photos and experience the beauty!

Hot in summer. But beautiful

Nice views and not hard at all

My first visit to Colorado Springs. I was impressed with the cleanliness of the trail and accessibility. Beautiful!

1 month ago

I brought my 4 year old and my dog on this hike. They loved it. We did cut it short at the mesa trail loop though. The views were breathtaking.

Took a little over 1.5 hours - fun little spots.

Easy hike with lots of varied green views and close to the city!

Lots of variety on this hike. Great views of Garden of Gods, valleys, and the red rocks. I took the loop counter clockwise, but I think the other way would be better. It seems that the section 16 would be easier going down clockwise. Lot's of people on the trial, all very nice and respectful. I took my dog with me, and no problems.

Excellent. Variety of options to veer off. Beautiful terrain. Kids 9 and 13 handled it.

Fun hike, good views, fairly easy.

Overall a great place to hike; not too difficult and early in the morning it's not crowded. There are some people who don't keep their dogs on a leash and who don't pick up after them.

great trail,ride, views. just an fyi I'm new to mountain biking and a part of section 16 is listed as hard very accurately...I had to walk my bike down for a lot of the switchbacks and rockier parts. Even with that, highly recommend

Great Hike, good variations of climbs,rocks, scenery. A hidden gem .

Easy going trail perfect for a quick and close hike. All skill levels, nice pond to sit by, trails clearly marked and well maintained.

A good short hike, very dog friendly! Went on a Friday afternoon and it was moderately trafficked with kids, dogs, and humans!

Short and sweet then off to the bar for lunch.

Very nice trail, a little challenge for my 5 year old but super fun!! We always encounter wild geese and all kinds of birds!

A good family trail. First trail with our 4 month old in a front facing carrier and he tolerated one hour of hiking.

I wish i could give it more stars because we love this place for walking our dogs. It’s nicer in the late winter/ early spring because it gets too crowded in the summer with not many places left to park. It’s also very scenic once you go past the immediate area around the entrance and the lake. The only reason I give it so little stars is because someone we know had their car windows smashed and everything stolen out of it when he was there for roughly an hour during daytime. There were plenty of people around who could have called the police about it or something, but nobody seemed to care at all as it wasn’t their car or stuff... Needless to say, we won’t be going there anytime soon.

Gave it a 3 only compared to some of the other great trails in the area. But it’s a pretty area with a lake and some waterfoul. It has some interesting rock formations and distant views of the Garden of the Gods. Great walk and not very steep.

I like to take my kiddo here for long walks.

Great system within Colorado Springs.

Beautiful morning walk. For a lovely hour-long hike, I recommend taking the Mesa Trail to the Quarry Pass Trail to Red Canyon Path. This will allow beautiful views of the Garden of the Gods, a reservoir, and the quarry. Leave your car in the second parking lot and hike from the left (east) end of the first parking lot. This is the only hike we did at Red Rock Canyon, but we were amazed at the beauty so close to town.

Awesome trail system... Views are amazing... has some nice elevation change and really didn't see any other hikers once past a mile out. The hike I downloaded was a bit short so took some of the other available trails to add a bit of distance. shout-out to alltrails pro... makes altering a route on the fly easy!

Such a fun place to visit. The trails were not too challenging. This was the first hike I’ve done since coming to Colorado a couple days ago. Perfect for those who haven’t quite acclimated yet.

Really beautiful hike with great views from Mesa up at the mountains as well as down toward Garden of the Gods. Nice woodsy/low brush sections as well. We started to the right and returned on Mesa which was a nice way to do it, but we had some difficulty finding trail markings at the start and ended up following Contemplative and Sand Canyon at the beginning.

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